My First Haiku

2014-05-26 14.28.48

Stillness sits between

Beauty hides in the crevice

Green backdrop of life




I’m contemplating erasing this because I have “fear” trying a new form of poetry.  Admittedly,  this is brand new to me and I’m not even sure I am doing it any justice.  But I have decided that I won’t let fear rule my life.  So I will apologize if I have not done the form justice…and I welcome any comments as to why.

🙂 Lorrie

Ode to an Ex


My heart is broken

for it feels nothing

So many years and you were important

more that you weren’t

Years gone by with nary a thought of you

not even a glimpse into your world

a curiosity

I left when I left because I had to protect my baby

and in reality I had to protect myself too

I knew in my heart that we couldn’t exist in the same world

we weren’t alike and we were driving too fast in opposite directions

pull up the emergency brake and the car spins around

out of control

leaves rubber on the road

leaves scars on my heart

that though healed now

were very real at the time

Is the pain buried so deep that you don’t exist at all?

I’m not sure, but I think I should probably feel something

Two weeks they say

so that makes any action urgent

I evaluate whether forgiveness is necessary

and I can’t be sure if there is any pain that needs to be released

Touch my arm

with a piece of metal that was being shaved on a lathe

glowing red

never thought you would actually do it

arm burnt and blistering

curses from my mouth


there are scars

some are visible

others on my psyche

Jump out of a one and half story window

to get away from the beating

but it happened anyway

on the front lawn

call for help

betrayed by another

never make a man angry enough to want to hit you

There was never respect or loyalty

the lies were the only true constant

It wasn’t a surprise when I knew that I could never grow old with you

could never grow

I think I have now talked myself into feeling something

but in truth it’s not anything I want to feel

not anything that fits into my heart where I am now


I offer you peace as you make your journey home

I wish for you to find the miracle inside you

I hope you are surrounded in love

I forgive you for everything we shared

for I know you did the best you could do at that time with what you had in your heart

I hope you have more now some 30 years later

And I also forgive myself because I knew better back then

but chose to ignore it

so my hands are not clean in the fabric of our life together

May peace be with you

May you pass with love







Thank You!
Thank You!

All of my life

I give to you

You stood by me

While others ran

You held my hand

And warmed my heart

You taught me many things

Mainly by example

You stayed close and strong

Even when I pushed you away

You may not understand me

But you always allow me

To be me

You take care of me

In every possible way

You ask for nothing

But give everything

Do everything

Are everything

To me!




Written 3/13/12

Your Gift


We are so far away and yet our souls know no distance

Dance upon the water to a song made up in your mind

You are free…you are love…and you give inspiration to all you touch

My sister in heaven

My angel on earth

You live from a place of authenticity and your light shines a beacon straight to the heart of all

Be it known or a stranger – friendly or foe – your aura is clear and the angels surround you

You are free…you are love…and you give inspiration to all you touch

I see your wings flutter

Air lifts to the sky

They all long to be near you

To feel a magical transformation that starts in kindness

Surrounded by love

A love that has no barriers

No conditions

A love that is


Please take one

Offered to all

No matter what you extend back

No matter what you take

Dip into the empty well

And come back with clear beautiful water

Dance little butterfly

Dance upon the air

Feed the empty souls from your vast pool of angelic love

You are free…you are love…and you give inspiration to all you touch





This poem was inspired by a dear fellow blogger…Line!  She has been such a wonderful support to me and I truly believe she is an angel.  Her blog is The Inscrutable Paths of the Spirit, and if you don’t know her I strongly urge you to check her out!


I am posting this with my phone and it won’t allow me to add a link 😦  but here is her address…copy & paste into your browser…or type it in…you won’t be sorry 🙂



I Am Who I Am

Sunset on a Plane
Sunset on a Plane

If I yell as loud as I can and I only get laughed at – is that a reason to shut up?

If my voice isn’t heard because you can’t hear – is that a reason to quit trying?

If I tell you exactly what I am and you think I’m someone different – does that mean that I’m not who I think I am?

I am who I am, who I’ve been, who I’ll be,

I am who I am and that’s good enough for me

I walk these dusty roads and I’ve seen it all before

I meet the same people different towns, different names

They move their lips, same words come out nothing much has changed

They are who they are, who they’ve been, who they’ll be,

They are who they are and that’s good enough for me

The long journey home many miles many trials

Is it the same for every soul?

Learning to crawl, digging deeper, unleashing the truth, discarding the worthless, coming closer to perfect love

The road has been covered with ice, my heart has melted and the way home is clear

It’s warm, and toasty, and safe, and real.  Wish I had worked harder, sooner

We are who we are, who we’ve been, who we’ll be,

We are who we are…our destiny.



Written 8/31/12

A Shout out to “The Momma” –  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!   You are so loved!


I Want You to See Me


There was a time in my life when I felt so alone

There were walls I had built to keep you all out

But the time has come where I have liberated myself

Let the walls come crumbling down

Let them fall to the depths of a reality that no longer exists

I am here and I want you to see me this way

Exactly as I am

I am free thinking

And feeling what I want to feel

I am in control of the person I am creating

You are not what you are

You are who you want to be

And if that is not working for you

You can change it

Only you

Just as I did

I am who I want to be

And it is the most amazing feeling

To know it is real

You too can have this peace

This love

This freedom