I Am Who I Am

Sunset on a Plane
Sunset on a Plane

If I yell as loud as I can and I only get laughed at – is that a reason to shut up?

If my voice isn’t heard because you can’t hear – is that a reason to quit trying?

If I tell you exactly what I am and you think I’m someone different – does that mean that I’m not who I think I am?

I am who I am, who I’ve been, who I’ll be,

I am who I am and that’s good enough for me

I walk these dusty roads and I’ve seen it all before

I meet the same people different towns, different names

They move their lips, same words come out nothing much has changed

They are who they are, who they’ve been, who they’ll be,

They are who they are and that’s good enough for me

The long journey home many miles many trials

Is it the same for every soul?

Learning to crawl, digging deeper, unleashing the truth, discarding the worthless, coming closer to perfect love

The road has been covered with ice, my heart has melted and the way home is clear

It’s warm, and toasty, and safe, and real.  Wish I had worked harder, sooner

We are who we are, who we’ve been, who we’ll be,

We are who we are…our destiny.



Written 8/31/12

A Shout out to “The Momma” –  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!   You are so loved!


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10 thoughts on “I Am Who I Am

  1. Happy happy birthday to The Momma!!! I too wish I had worked harder, sooner. But hey, at least I learned that “when you know better, you do better!”. Blessings to you both sweet soul.

    1. Yes! Lisa!! I do know better now 🙂 Thanks for Birthday wishes…on my way to The Mommy’s now. How are you dear friend…have you sorted out all of that beautiful spiritual energy you received last week? Can’t wait to hear more!! With love.. Lorrie

  2. Did I miss your Birthday?

    happy Birthday!

    The gift I see in you is love and peace and rippling rainbows of joy.
    The gift I see in you is a river of wisdom flowing freely, nourishing and nurturing all.
    The gift I see in you is friendship.

    PS — I love the questions at the beginning of your poem — and how you answer them to gently and beautifully at the end.

    1. You just brought beautiful tears to my eyes! Thank you Louise…for everything! You are a kindred spirit and I am so grateful for our friendship!! It was my Momma’s BD yesterday…so I will transfer the wishes!!! PS…I have cried many a time during yoga…it releases so much from your soul!! 🙂

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