I Want You to See Me


There was a time in my life when I felt so alone

There were walls I had built to keep you all out

But the time has come where I have liberated myself

Let the walls come crumbling down

Let them fall to the depths of a reality that no longer exists

I am here and I want you to see me this way

Exactly as I am

I am free thinking

And feeling what I want to feel

I am in control of the person I am creating

You are not what you are

You are who you want to be

And if that is not working for you

You can change it

Only you

Just as I did

I am who I want to be

And it is the most amazing feeling

To know it is real

You too can have this peace

This love

This freedom






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22 thoughts on “I Want You to See Me

    1. Hi Susan…Thank you for your heartfelt words. And thank you for seeing me in such a beautiful light! Many blessings and much love I wish for you!

  1. So very lovely and honest Lorrie! I love your authenticity! You are a beautiful person! 🙂 The whole world is a family! Really! Genes is just biology which is just body, in soul we are all one, one family 🙂 You are never alone. Never! None of us are! We need only open our eyes and reach out 🙂 Your poem speaks of such healing and strenght and new-found wisdom, and loving acceptance 🙂 I just adore it! I love your strenght Lorrie! You are becoming a healer!

    1. Oh!! Choking on my words…I couldn’t be more thrilled and appreciative of your comment Line! Words don’t seem enough to thank you for your wisdom that you add to the post…and your very beautiful compliment that I am becoming a healer! Thank you. I am humbled and touched very deeply. I wish to always strive to help every person that I can…for we all can be healed…we all can live the life we are meant to live. Much love to you dear friend 🙂

      1. You know Lorrie, I think many of us who have experineced missing something, or having something taken away from us when we were children, or in other times of our lives, we develop this empathy, this feeling of knowing what this is like and what it means, and we feel this need to prevent that from happening to others, or to help others get out of a similar situation. This is the good part, the love-part of having gone throug longing or loss. When we are higly sensitive, the chance of having experienced longing and loss is much bigger, but the chances of coming through it with a need to heal others is also much bigger. So we end up having these inviduals, like you and me, who wants to heal from a very deep empathy-level. This is a gift. This is beautiful. And what we have gone through before becomes a beautiful gift too, even though it was difficult, but it was not darkness, it might have been darkness outside, but not inside, we always carried a light, and now we can leave a path of light with our lives. We can become healers.

        1. I am so grateful for your words, for your understanding. I don’t know how or when this happened to me or what the circumstances were. I did go through a lot in childhood but for as long as I can remember I could “feel” other’s energies. I used to wonder if it was a coping mechanism so that I didn’t have to “feel” my own. There are times in public when I am bombarded with so much energy from others that I simply have to leave! I understand this better now, and I do believe it is a gift, Line. I am trying to figure it all out and use it to help others. Where it used to cause me fear I now embrace it and surround it with love. I am a work in progress. ..but I think the keys are to unlock the potential that lives in each of us and to recognize the gifts that God has given us. Even as I write this I have a better understanding that this ability to feel is my gift! And I will continue to pray daily that I am able to use this gift in the best possible way to benefit people who are in pain. Thank you…I will never forget this moment…or the living kindness that is you!! So much love to you Dearest Line! 🙂 ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Thanks Laurie! The “I am” is so important. I try to be very conscious of the words I put after it! Thanks for reading…have a great weekend! ♡♡

  2. Beautiful picture sweet Lorrie. Oh, if everyone could grab hold of at least the last nine lines you have posted and run with them, they would be in awe of how they feel. You amaze me how you can put feelings into words so well. You know just the right words and how to use them so that they come to life. Words can fall flat but yours never do. You are a real blessing sweet Lorrie and so talented. Hugs

    1. Hi Mags!! Thank you so much 🙂 The photo was taken while my Mom was in the hospital…we stopped to get her a chocolate milkshake from Carvel and the moon was so bright!! It gave me such a great feeling about her recovery. I am also amazed at the ability of my little (well it’s kind of large) phone to take such beautiful photos!!
      Now on to the part where I cry!! I am so honored by your lovely words…really! I hid my feelings for so long…tried not to feel anything actually. Now I know that I couldn’t stop them even if I wanted to….and believe me I do not want to!! So if my words truly convey feelings…and if this is a talent…I thank God for this ability. And I know that everything I ever experienced has brought me here….I am so blessed and full of gratitude. Thank you beautiful Mags…you are a blessing to me 🙂

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