The Essence of Your Dreams


“In fertile soil may the essence of your dreams grow into magnificent blossoms.” ~ Blessitude Listen.  Listen to your heart. To the place inside that is yearning. Is there a dream not realized… Something that won’t go away? Listen.  Listen to the longing. Honor the truth And make a plan. Your destiny awaits.   I’m […]

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My mind plays a time when we were young and carefree We chased our dreams into the deadend that became my life The hollow abyss With no emotions No yearnings No feelings No thoughts of a better time Deeper and deeper I dug a hole in the consciousness of my evolution The deeper you fall […]

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Into the Blue

In the shadows and beyond is blue Life waits for you to decide to live it There may be struggle but you need to know that there is always a better place you can go to Go inside and listen intently for the answers are there – not hidden – you just need to decide […]

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