The Essence of Your Dreams


“In fertile soil

may the essence of your dreams

grow into magnificent blossoms.”

~ Blessitude

Listen.  Listen to your heart.

To the place inside that is yearning.

Is there a dream not realized…

Something that won’t go away?

Listen.  Listen to the longing.

Honor the truth

And make a plan.

Your destiny awaits.


I’m really beginning to realize that each and every one of us comes into this world to play a part, or role, that is integral to the whole of the story.

I believe that deep down, in that place that no one else hears, there is a voice that speaks to us and guides us to our destiny.

I also believe that we spend an awful lot of time edging that voice out with the thinking voice in our head.

Here’s to quieting the mind and allowing the essence of our dreams to speak in tones we can hear.  And then may we make plans to honor what we hear, that which we already know deep inside.


Lorrie ❤


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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

50 thoughts on “The Essence of Your Dreams

  1. Haha Lorrie, I love when you write about something that I am right in the middle of , but struggling with it, and then this perfectly timed message which simply put me back on the right track – brierfly there has been this undercurrent of having to be prepared for a life that’s disappointing. I wasn’t feeling well and know that’s not a good time to evaluate.
    Yes, I forgot about all the dreams that I could pursue, all the different ways I can choose to make my life to take a direction or to decide to have none, all in the pursuit of adventure and seeing this world. Thanks Lorrie! xo Harlon


    1. Love your response, Harlon! I think most people kind of get used to the status quo and get into a rhythm of life doing the things they NE ED to do…and so often forget about the things they dreamed of doing…just plain forgot their dreams. We all have the ability to make things happen…we really do.
      Wishing you dreams that tickle your fancy and sending healing love that you feel better ♡♡


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