THE COPPER CORE OF STARS ~ Collaboration with F.G.M.




Riding atop a moonlit wave

reality appeared in a flash

that lit up the night sky


sudden illumination

moment of creation

in the pure light of love


it touched a place deep within

where I sensed trace elements

assemble and conceive


and I saw the face of my soul

in the birth of perfection

reflecting in a mirror of fire,


the copper core of stars.



Lorrie & Fre’de’ric <3 <3


My soul is forever connected with this dear man, Fre’de’ric, from Words In The Light.  From the first moment we met we knew that our souls had made a contract to find each other…no matter how far away our physical bodies could stray.  We come together in spirit and our words are our gifts.  I hope you enjoy!!

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52 thoughts on “THE COPPER CORE OF STARS ~ Collaboration with F.G.M.

  1. “…no matter how far away our physical bodies could stray…”,that’s true… thank you for this new collaboration and your beautiful and inspiring words! ♥♥♥

  2. Hey Lorrie how have u been. I was busy relocating so didn’t blog for the last 2 months. Saw your post today. Felt good 🙂

  3. Beautiful – and I came to the same observation Rivrvlogr – it is very musical, inspiring and ultimately triumphant. Love it – thanks for providing me with another happy moment today. Love, Harlon

    1. Hi Harlon!! Thanks so much…I love that it is “triumphant!” In fact, I think I like the sound of that word a whole lot…and as I have not chosen a word lately…I think it will be TRIUMPHANT!!
      Hope you are well dear friend. And I wish for you to have many happy moments. ..EVERY DAY!! ♡♡♡

    1. Hi Morgan!! Welcome to my home 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by…and for commenting. I look forward to exploring your blog. Blessitude ♡

    1. Oh…Genie 🙂 🙂 This is me smiling so big…thank you ♡ and I’m so happy that it touched you this way. Many blessings for the upcoming weekend.

  4. Beautiful collaboration 💕 I can hear the hum of the universe and see the sparkle of the copper core of stars in this poem!

    1. Hi Hariod…thank you so much. It is my sincere pleasure to collaborate with Fre’de’ric…it is so harmonious. I hope you are well…you have been on my mind lately so I was happy to see you here. Many blessings dear one ♡

    1. Hi Bela!! Thank you so much…I find it exceptionally satisfying to create WITH someone. Fre’de’ric and I have collaborated a few times…and it is always special to me! Blessitude dear soul ♡

  5. Beautiful work, Lorrie and Fre’de’ric! Or beautiful play I should say! Beautiful expression of the subtle and fiery conceptions growing within each of us… Thank you for the inspiration.


    1. Hello Michael…Thank you for your insight into our product of our “play” time 😉 It is like play…like running and jumping on the merry go round…or swinging from the monkey bars. Just pure fun…love…and carefree adventure 🙂 I hope you are well…I have been thinking of you…and sending good energy ♡

  6. Beautiful Both you and Fre’de’ric 🙂 I follow FGM and his poetry is beautiful.. And I can see why your souls entwine Lorrie.. Thank you.. We are part of the stars. 🙂

    1. Isn’t it something to celebrate, Sue!!!! Thank you so much…and I am happy you know Fre’de’ric…and your comment touched my heart ♡♡ Much Love and sweet blessings to you. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  7. That was too beautiful to just click like and go. But what could be left to say? It’s so true. We are all made of the stuff of stars. Each as valuable as the next. Lovely, lovely poem.

    1. Hi Marlene…thank you beautiful soul!! And yes, yes, YES to “Each as valuable as the next.” It feels like we should all have a better understanding of this. Much love dear sister!! ♡♡ Hope you are enjoying the summer…and that you are well!

    1. Aw…thank you Isabella!! Fre’de’ric was the first person I ever co-wrote with…and he is such a special friend of mine. He makes it easy to create 🙂 I hope you are super ♡

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