Oh, Little orange beaked bird

I see you in all your glory

Thanks for showing us your beautiful soul


Yes!  I’m still here…looking at you!

(I have never seen this kind of bird before!  He is an American Oystercatcher.  I think he was a Happy Birthday Bird for a friend of mine!  He knows who he is 🙂  Love you!)


The air was clear and the rising sun

sparkled off the cold waters


And believe me

as each wave met my feet

it took my breath away


Catch a wave

and ride to shore

in rough and tumble surf

Feel the balance

as Mother Nature moves

to the rhythm of her soul


Peeking through pillars

the Light struck me

with a clarity

that went straight to my heart

2016-07-16 17.35.35

And then I saw a bridge

and I knew that LOVE

is the connection,





2016-07-16 17.32.53

That will bring us all TOGETHER!


Lorrie <3


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34 thoughts on “LOVE IS THE BRIDGE

  1. Love this Lorrie! Love is the connection between us, within us and surrounding us all.
    May we hold this message close to our hearts always ❤️

    1. Ah…Brad…Yes! I believe we can all send our love energy…our magnified love energy…and it IS magnified because it joins together…anyway…send it to the world. I pray for peace, Brad. Have a wonderful day ♡

    1. What a super present, Carol! Thank you!! I never heard the song before…wow…and the video was so powerful! Thanks my love, for touching my heart on this beautiful Sunday afternoon ♡♡ And thanks for spreading love!

  2. What a great post Lorrie!!! Pics and words are amazing…you are a beacon of Love my deart Friend!
    your wonderfully illustrated poem made me think of Francesca Michielin’s song “no degree of separation”
    “There is no degree of separation
    There is no degree of hesitation
    There is no degree of space between us
    live in love
    We are stars aligned together
    dancing through the sky, we are shining
    No degree of separation
    in this universe on the move”
    THANK YOU Lorrie ♥♥♥

    1. My loving friend♡ Thank you for the beautiful energy that is YOU…and the way you are able to express it touches my heart. What beautiful lyrics…they remind me of us…and the collaborations we have created together. Much love to you my dearest ♡♡

    1. Hi Paula! Thank you 🙂 I’m so excited and I feel very blessed to have won 🙂 Can’t wait to receive your beautiful book!!! And thanks for stopping by my home ♡

  3. I love how your common sense, which is so un-common, shines through your postings – and I have respect for the courage and exploration it takes to share your insight and honesty. Trust me, it is phenomenally grounding. Love, Harlon

    1. You make me laugh, Harlon…and did you know that a good daily dose of laughter can do wonders for our physical health? I love to laugh…the real hurt your belly…tears filling up…can’t catch your breath kind of laughter 🙂
      Thank you for seeing me…really seeing me. I didn’t always think it was a good thing to be seen…but I think it has a lot to do with being able to really see myself(which I am getting much better at)…and of course it has to do with who else is seeing me…and when that someone is you…I really like it 🙂
      Hope you spent some beautiful OPEN time in nature today…much love to you ♡♡

  4. Beautiful pictures and message. It just occurred to me that water unites us. We are all made mostly of water, our continents are joined by water. We all need water to survive.

    1. Yes..JoAnna!! Water is the essence of life…and I am connected spiritually especially when I am near or in water! Sending loving vibes for good creation 😉

  5. I love this, Lorrie and all the comments too. Love the We Are One video. Such love in this ever widening circle of friends. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart.
    Love, bridges and oneness

    1. Hi Mary ♡♡ I love the video too…I cried from my heart! This space is so important to me…to us! A dear one is having a very hard time with all the violence erupting in our world and asked for advice. I thought about it and I knew for one that not watching the news was paramount as it only instills fear. But then I thought about the wonderful souls I have met here and how I have come to lean on…and count on them. We perpetuate a beautiful energy when we join, Mary…and for that I am so grateful ♡♡♡

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