Attached By Hope


For you are my brother,

my sister,

my friend

And we walk through this life

attached by hope

That we shall recognize a radiating life force

that was created by ONE!

We hold this power

in the palm of hands that long to grasp it,

but we gently release a grip of death

so that we can find the truth of the power,

the power of Creation,

extended to all,

through all,

inside us all!

I reach out my hand to touch you

I reach out my mind to connect to your beauty

and the colors of love wash through my being

And I know…

I know the Glory of Spirit

that courses through veins,


Powered by Love…

Held together by Faith

that we vibrate

in the energy of Creation…


We Are One!


Lorrie ❤



The Door


There is a door

I see it in my mind’s eye

I have seen it before

but I had fear then

This time the door only gives me peace

This time I feel that as soon as I reach it

I will be able to put my hand on the knob

and twist



walk through

What lies beyond the door is not known to me

but I do know that it has beauty

It has peace

It is light

and it is full of love

So I walk

with no particular destination

Because the door is always there

no matter which way I turn

The journey does not matter so much

because I will reach for the door

the door with the light that seeps through the cracks

the door that is now a place of comfort

yes…the comfort of home




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