You held me as a baby when I cried, And you had no idea the roles would be reversed years later. Tears that never fell, Welled up for a near century, Wracking sobs, Indicative of the pain that was buried so deep, The pain that couldn’t be felt, Because there was too much to […]

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With Grace & Ease


  Oh…to move through life With Grace & Ease.  To understand there will be peaks and valleys and to move effortlessly whether we have resistance walking uphill, or have momentum walking down. A few years ago I took a course called, “Beyond Limits,” which was based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes’, Science of Mind.  […]

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Erupt in Flames of Passion

The voice that speaks from the depths of my being The love from the connection to the eternal Resides in my soul and whispers sweet secrets And paints fire in the sky!   I have a burning desire deep inside, smoldering embers left alone to warm the dark places. It exists.  It has always been […]

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CONSEQUENCES ~ The Continuum of Light

If indeed there is a piece of softness that I can find A piece of softness that can foster movement of my thoughts To a place inside my soul Where perfect love resides It would be that I honor the rights of all people To be And think And act The way they need to […]

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The Essence of Your Dreams


“In fertile soil may the essence of your dreams grow into magnificent blossoms.” ~ Blessitude Listen.  Listen to your heart. To the place inside that is yearning. Is there a dream not realized… Something that won’t go away? Listen.  Listen to the longing. Honor the truth And make a plan. Your destiny awaits.   I’m […]

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In two days’ time we get a fresh new year, a chance to wipe the slate clean, a chance to make changes. It is a time of renewal, a time to shake off what does not work, a time to step into new possibilities. I decided many years ago to not make RESOLUTIONS. I decided […]

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There Lives Inside

There lives inside A space created by pain Cultivated by love Sustained by perseverance There lives inside A will so strong That nothing can stop it Nothing can make it weak There lives inside A voice that has waited to speak To let me know the things I’ve been craving my whole life And I […]

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