With Grace & Ease



Oh…to move through life With Grace & Ease.  To understand there will be peaks and valleys and to move effortlessly whether we have resistance walking uphill, or have momentum walking down.

A few years ago I took a course called, “Beyond Limits,” which was based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes’, Science of Mind.  We learned how to write a ‘spiritual mind treatment’ which includes the components of:

Recognition * Unification * Realization * Thanksgiving * Release

In this time of giving I offer you the following blessing which comes from my soul.  May you feel the love and subsequently, move through life With Grace & Ease.

With Grace & Ease

A Spiritual Mind Treatment

I recognize The Magnificence of Creation, The Universal Mind, God.  This spirit is full of love and honor for all that it creates.  This Universal Mind is balanced, and flows With Grace & Ease, exhibiting all the qualities of perfect health and well-being.  This Magnificence of Creation is Love.

I was made by this Perfect Love and, therefore, it exists inside me.  I move through life in this energy with perfect grace and ease, knowing that which I came from joins me to it and we are one, forever.

Therefore, I see and I know that my body heals all things and I walk through life in love and in perfect health, With Grace & Ease.  The beautiful flow of life courses easily through my veins, and my muscles and joints are strong and flexible.  I honor my beautiful body as the temple of my soul and I communicate with it, freely.  I love, honor, and respect my temple, and I make perfect decisions for balance, well-being, and perfect health.

I am Blessitude, so blessed and full of gratitude for this healing, for this Truth that exists in my soul.  I accept this good with loving kindness to the core of the cells that make up my body, and to the essence of my soul.  I feel this creative word move through me for the highest and best manifestation.

I release this prayer, these words of creation, into the Universe, the wonderful law of God.  I let go with beautiful knowing that God will do the perfect work.

It is Done!

And So it Is!


Lorrie ❤


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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

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