Health and Well-being is a Decision


Health and well-being is a decision.  I see now the ways I contribute to my dis-ease and dysfunction.

I understand that the basic tenet of self-love is at the core of our emotional and physical pain, and I strive every day to shift this energy.

I would like to dedicate this post to my father.  Today would have been his 89th birthday, but sadly, he left this earthly plane on July 8 this year.  I’ve not been able to share this until now, and to be honest I’m not even sure I am ready now.

Grief is a funny thing.  It hits you at times when you least expect it.  The past couple days have been particularly hard.  I find that I am super emotional and it does not take much to make me cry.  He hated it when we cried so I know this wouldn’t please him.

What would please him is for me to share this silly photo of him wearing my niece’s ‘Merida’ wig…because that should make us all smile!


Here is another spiritual mind treatment, or blessing, offered in love from my soul to yours!


Health and Well-being is a Decision

Perfect God, beautiful Spirit, Creator of all.  Loving Spirit, full of honor and respect, peace and acceptance, you come from truth and knowingness and you communicate freely and gently, independent of other’s opinions, always for good.

I am one with this beautiful life force, created in Its likeness, and I reach into my soul and I see the gifts of my Creator live inside me.

Therefore, I see and I know that I make decisions that affect my health and well-being, with love and with conviction.  I trust that my intuitive soul communicates with ease, and I in turn freely and gently communicate those needs to others decisively.  I accept that I have a responsibility to care for myself first so that I am in perfect health, and then I can tend to the needs of others.  I feel peace and well-being, and I am full of strength and purpose.  I honor my temple, and I am steadfast in the love and kindness I extend to myself.

I am Blessitude, so blessed and full of gratitude.  The love of Spirit washes over me and through me, and I give great thanks for this truth, for the essence of the Magnificence of Creation that lives inside me.  My whole Being feels this love and I extend this state of being to everyone I meet.

I release this prayer, this gentle healing and love to the universe, knowing full well that Spirit has heard these words, and that God is doing the perfect work.  I let go and feel perfect love.

It is Done!

And so it is!


Lorrie ❤


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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

61 thoughts on “Health and Well-being is a Decision

  1. Dear Lorrie, yes, I am certain your Dad enjoyed the smile that photo gave everyone.. And I am also certain he wants you to be able to smile in his memory, rather than shed a tear..
    Grief takes its time to work its way through and out dear Lorrie, This is a beginning in the road of healing, though as with all grief it will come and go in waves..

    But I am so pleased that you are making great strides in understanding the responsibility for your own health and well being . And that we have to put ourselves first.. And we need to nurture ourselves more.
    I love your written affirmation to this..

    Keep doing what you are doing Lorrie.
    Love and Blessings my friend.. and take care of you..
    Have a Blessed 2018 and beyond.. and I send you so much love,, for you are well on your way to healing all aspects of your inner Being..

    Love Sue ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Touched my heart, Sue! For so many years I lived in a place of no awareness. Now it all becomes clear…one tiny piece at a time. I am working…actively…every day towards inner peace and well-being. It is really hard sometimes…that is when it gets really ‘real!’ 😉
      I’ve so much going on that I know you have already gone through. Each day represents new challenges…new awareness. And some of the things that have become clear are devastating in ways. I just try to be present in each moment.
      Thank you for being here…I truly appreciate your beautiful soul and the incredibly loving energy you extend. It is an amazing thing to come from pain and be able to turn it around to love the way you have! You are an inspiration to me…truly!
      Much love for this new year…may you see the light in all situations ❤ ❤

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      1. Dearest Lorrie, you could not have given me any better gift than these words.. If my thoughts, and comments just help one to open up to all they really are… My job on the earth plane is done.. So I am so very happy that i have helped in a small way bring open your heart to yourself..
        For that is the hardest of all, To learn to love ourselves.. and not criticise, or hold guilt, remorse, and all the emotions we shower down upon ourselves as burdens.. Until we are weighed down ‘De-pressed’ and heavy of heart.. We no longer can find our true selves..
        So in learning to take small steps, working as we do, in small ways, affirmations, positive thoughts, and allowing our hearts to open and just let be, and go with the flow as we learn to Let go of the shadows, emotions and the negativeness that often we have unintentionally held onto for comfort…
        Stepping outside our comfort blankets and seeing that we are Worthy.. 🙂 and we do shine..
        🙂 Makes my Heart shine Lorrie..
        Keep doing what you are doing… I am so proud you are at last shedding that which held you back,, As you embrace the New You, and allow her to become all she was ever meant to be.. ❤ .. ❤ ❤ xxx


        1. This connection of hearts…souls…AH! This is why we are here!! It gives me great happiness that you had this reaction to my words, Sue. And your words here touch upon the very reason of our true purpose here. Shedding the ego and the negative/false beliefs…coming into the understanding that we are made of Divine energy and all that goes with that!
          Thank you, Sue. May we continue to grow and stretch and always be there for each other!!
          ❤ ❤

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Sending healing hugs to you. Beautiful post dear friend. Let the tears flow. From heaven, he knows that they need to be released and he knows that you put up that adorable photo of him for the smile it elicits too. I don’t know why you don’t come into my reader on wordpress anymore so I was thrilled to see you on my blog. May the very best be yours in 2018 xo


  3. This is a beautiful post, dear Lorrie. I didn’t realize that we both lost our fathers almost on the same day. My dad died in the morning of July 9 (Finland time, which is 7 hours ahead). Grief is still present, and comes in waves. Some days are better than others. Thank you for the wonderful prayer ❤ Sending you much love and hugs.


    1. Hi Tiny 💜 Yes…I thought the date was very close to the same. And I know what you mean about the waves of grief…in fact I’m certain I wrote a poem titled just that (but did not share it here.)
      I think of you often. I hope that you are able to find pockets of joy…i will respond to your letter soon Sweet blessings my friend 💜


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