On the water’s beauty

frolicking in the waves

jumping over imaginary hoops made of crystal

dear mammals of peace, love, and harmony

an escort to the joyful side of life

a symbol of protection

through my resurrection

a life examined

and idolized

I dig deep to my inner strength

and I bow in Grace

for the surprise visit

and the message that ALL

is exactly as it should be.


Lorrie ❤


Hi friends!  I drew this Zentangle”esque” picture to commemorate a super special day I had this summer.  My dear sister was in town we had not seen each other in a year.  We went to the boardwalk for a stroll and when we were done we sat on a bench and looked out to the ocean.

I grew up going to this beach and spent many a summer day looking out on this sea.  I had NEVER seen a dolphin here before.  On this special day, a day that was filled with much love and laughter (and let me tell you when the two of us start laughing you can hear us for miles!!) we saw a pod of dolphins frolicking in the sun…and we knew we were blessed!

I dedicate this post to my sister!  I love you so much and I thank you for being the beautiful person you are…God made us sisters and I am so grateful we are FRIENDS!! ❤ ❤

I decided to include another photo of the drawing.  I almost think I liked it better at this stage.  As in life, I sometimes go overboard 😉  I’m happy I took photos at various stages because I was able to capture it before my pens went to town.


Also just a little aside, this is my 300th post here on my blog!  I know it is not a lot compared to some, but I am amazed I have posted 300 times.  The reason it is easy, and something I love, is because of you guys!  Thank you for enriching my life…BLESSITUDE ❤ ❤

L’ETOILE DU BERGER (Shepherd’s Star)

Collaboration with my dear SoulMate, Fre’de’ric


L’ETOILE DU BERGER (Shepherd’s Star)
Looking for
my Sheperd’s Star
I noticed
there was one star
that appeared to shine brighter
than any other in the sky
that night
I walked
and each step brought me closer
to the light
that my soul was born of
out of time and space
pure sparkle
will ever dull
this brilliance
will be accessible
sublime to the touch
chime of Infinitude
transcendent and worldly
at the same time
as close
as you want it
to be
My journey cocooned
filled with a knowing
Celestial Grace
Lorrie & Fre’de’ric ❤

Haiku ~ 7/25/15 Ninja Crab


Happenstance meeting

Not sure who was more afraid

“Little Ninja Crab”



Lorrie ❤



I had my last injection in my knee on Tuesday.  I walked up to my door (sue me…I had my cell phone in my hand so I was not looking EXACTLY where I was going) and guess who I found at my front door?  Yes, Little Ninja Crab.  I screamed, much like my snake scream, mainly because I was startled (unlike my snake scream!)

Of course my first thought was, “I need a photo of him!”  He was content to oblige me, that is until I decided I needed to get a little closer…and WHAM!!  Ninja hands were up and ready with lightning fast speed.

I believe he is a “blue land crab.”  I think he is beautiful.  If you are interested, here is a Wikipedia link that will tell you more about him.

A friend shushed him away from the door.  I don’t know what I was thinking…I was still in the hallway (approximately a 12ft hallway).  Suddenly Ninja Crab started running right at me!!!  I turned on my newly injected knee, and ran down the hallway screaming!!  As luck would have it for my neighbor, he made a quick left turn just as she was coming around the corner.  Now all three of us were screaming!!  Well, I didn’t actually hear Ninja Crab, I just assume he was as frightened as the two of us! 😉

I looked on several sights for the meaning of being visited by a crab.  There were several interesting ideas:

The crab never takes a direct or forward path…most times it runs sideways…so it is a reminder that sometimes a problem can be solved by coming at it sideways as opposed to head on.  It is also a reminder that not all paths lead directly to a goal and that your inner voice may be trying to lead you in a different way.

And the meaning that seemed to make the most sense to me giving the events that ensued the following day, is that the crab reminds us we can wear our own protective armor when we need to.  You know the saying, “Hurt people hurt.”  I was the recipient of a loved one’s hurt, and it hurt really bad.  I visualized my pretty Ninja Crab and I duplicated an armor of blue, and I slid inside.  It didn’t take the hurt away, but it didn’t let any more in.  All in all, a very successful strategy I’d say!

I am grateful for my visit from the Blue Ninja Crab.  I am Blessitude! ❤

Double Helix


I see a double helix

rising higher and higher

reaching to the sky

riding on Angels wings

the perfect protection

the perfect inspiration

speak to me now

as my heart is so open

I have been plied

with beautiful gifts

and they have opened

my soul

I see you

I feel your beating heart

the heart we share with




I want to be a messenger

of truth

I want to bring the ideas

to the light of day

bring them to the forefront

of society’s mind

Fly on

Sweet Angels

I am so grateful

I am so receptive






Written 8/23/14


My Heart Blossoms

20140524_113018       20140524_113108

Directly to my heart

the arrow of love pierces my being

the feeling is strong and overwhelming

due to its long absence

but I accept it

I caress it

I honor it


Gone are the dark days

where my first thought was one of guilt

look back on a life

and be responsible for everyone


and the funny thing is that I WAS responsible

just not in the way I thought I was


Now it’s hard to believe the way I berated myself

mistreated myself

mistreated God

for how could I dishonor one of his children

it ran deep

deep in the veins of my soul

I did not even recognize the person who took over

the tyrant with a stick

to beat down anything that was beautiful

anything that was true


I can cry now

and see the wrongness of it all

and I can rejoice now

for all that is right

my heart blossoms

like a beautiful spring flower

bubbles over with love for all

with love for myself


It is new


but it is nice

and I want to hold on to it

and I want to grab it with both arms

in a death grip

with fear

so that it can never leave me again

panic rises in my throat

at the thought of losing it

at the thought of going back to the ugliness

the vile desecration





let it go



no fear

I look at the flower that closed so tightly

and I poke it

tap it gently

tap my heart

it’s okay

you are safe

you don’t have to protect yourself

for the act of protection is what closes you off from God


One by one

the petals of my heart loosen

and it is spring all over again

the beautiful flower blossoms

and the love flows freely

and this is where I want to be

this is where I want to stay

this is where I am meant to be







Barnacle, Oh Barnacle

Natural Protection?
Natural Protection?

Barnacle, oh Barnacle

Clinging to life

you grasp as hard as you can

leave sharp edges to fend for the truth that lies inside

does it help you to feel so protected

are your secrets safe

left unexposed


Barnacle, oh Barnacle

I see truth inside you

I see your truth inside me

I see the pain that has burrowed a hole in your body

cemented a wall around your heart

suffocated the secrets from being exposed

sharp edges prevent you from touching me

me from touching you


Barnacle, oh Barnacle

you are stranded on a beach

dried by the sun and lack of understanding

open your arms

let out your truth

feel from your soul

tear down your walls

drink from the wells of the earth

smile from the gates of Heaven


Barnacle, oh Barnacle


wet your lips with the words from your soul

live with honest truth and understanding

come from your center

and soften your edges

melt into eternity

Barnacle Oh!




Written 5/12/14