On the water’s beauty

frolicking in the waves

jumping over imaginary hoops made of crystal

dear mammals of peace, love, and harmony

an escort to the joyful side of life

a symbol of protection

through my resurrection

a life examined

and idolized

I dig deep to my inner strength

and I bow in Grace

for the surprise visit

and the message that ALL

is exactly as it should be.


Lorrie <3


Hi friends!  I drew this Zentangle”esque” picture to commemorate a super special day I had this summer.  My dear sister was in town we had not seen each other in a year.  We went to the boardwalk for a stroll and when we were done we sat on a bench and looked out to the ocean.

I grew up going to this beach and spent many a summer day looking out on this sea.  I had NEVER seen a dolphin here before.  On this special day, a day that was filled with much love and laughter (and let me tell you when the two of us start laughing you can hear us for miles!!) we saw a pod of dolphins frolicking in the sun…and we knew we were blessed!

I dedicate this post to my sister!  I love you so much and I thank you for being the beautiful person you are…God made us sisters and I am so grateful we are FRIENDS!! <3 <3

I decided to include another photo of the drawing.  I almost think I liked it better at this stage.  As in life, I sometimes go overboard 😉  I’m happy I took photos at various stages because I was able to capture it before my pens went to town.


Also just a little aside, this is my 300th post here on my blog!  I know it is not a lot compared to some, but I am amazed I have posted 300 times.  The reason it is easy, and something I love, is because of you guys!  Thank you for enriching my life…BLESSITUDE <3 <3



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72 thoughts on “LOVE & PEACE & DOLPHINS!

  1. Lorrie, there are such beautiful drawings and haiku to commemorate your time with your sister!
    Congratulations on your 300th post … and sharing your abounding goodness and love 💕
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much, Val! I realized I was so full of information in this post! It was a fantastic time with my wonderful sister!! Much love for a super weekend, too! <3

  2. WOW!!!! What a beautiful post, zentangle, drawing and story. thank you Lorrie — every post you write is a reflection of the beauty of your heart and the blesstitude you bestow upon the world. Much love <3

    1. Awww…Louise!! Thank you my dear friend 🙂 You always bring a smile to my face. I’m so happy we met here and have such a beautiful connection. Have a wonderful weekend <3

    1. Hi Ka…thank you soooo much! Everybody here would LOVE my sister 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed both photos…and I am happy that I remembered to take photos during the process! Much love to you <3

  3. What a wonderful moment in time with your sister 💞 I love the hearts and peace in the Dolphins and feel the connections you had that day. Sometimes, life and lives line up perfectly and we are in awe 💕☀️

    1. What a beautiful response! And I am so happy you could feel the energy of that day! I was inspired immediately to draw the dolphins…it just took me a little while to complete 🙂 I love how you said that ‘sometimes life and lives line up perfectly’ it is so true and those special moments always give such pleasure! Have a fantastic weekend <3

    1. Oh…thank you!! And it warms my heart to hear that it made you smile 🙂 There’s not much better in life than to do that!! Blessings for a wonderful weekend ♡

  4. Thanks for bringing your boundless love and joy into this post and my morning. I feel dolphins swimming in my being, ready to play and love. 🙂 I’m so happy you had a special day with your sister, highlighted with the messengers of play and joy. And I love both of your paintings. Your joyful words and energy do my spirit good. Thanks for blessing my life Lorrie! <3

    1. Oh, Brad! I wish I had been able to respond to you immediately today. I just read your response and my heart shot out love and tears came to my eyes! Thank you so much for your kind, compassionate friendship. I am so happy we have connected. And I am also happy you enjoyed the dolphins…it was truly a special time. Have a super weekend! <3

  5. Lorrie, You are such a blessing to us all!! You have made such an impact within 300 posts. You can tell you put your heart and soul out there and it resonates with so many . (by the way, I LOVE the art work!)

    1. Thank you so much, Kim! There was a time I was afraid to ‘show’ myself but I think I have that conquered!! 🙂 I appreciate you so very much. And thanks for the kudos on the art…I have always admired how you share your art so willingly. Much love for a super weekend!

  6. Congratulations on your 300th post, dear Lorrie, and what a wonderful post it is! You constantly enrich my life with your profound words and illustrations. And amazing that the dolphins blessed your special day with their visit. Love and blessings always ♥

    1. Hi IsabellaRose!! Thank you so much for the incredibly beautiful sentiments. Ah! I am Blessitude…so lucky and graced to have such wonderful souls like you in my life! The dolphins were such a gift…anyone within a few blocks could hear us…and see us pointing…and jumping up and down 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend dear friend <3

    1. Well…now that she probably read this…HaHaHa! Just kidding! Thank you, Hariod. Somehow I know that you know just how special a day it was 😉 My sister and I live so far apart but I can feel her energy no matter how far. I hope that you are well <3

  7. This is beautiful! Dolphins are truly amazing and intelligent mammals. Awesome sight for you and your sister to have witnessed! Congratulations on 300th post. Keep going. Blessings and peace.✌

    1. Hi Ms. Vee!! Oh…I’m so happy to see you! And thank you for your kind words. Yes, I have seen dolphins several times in my life…but NEVER THERE! And it was such a special day 🙂 I hope you are well and that you have an awesome weekend <3

      1. Hello! Thank you for such a warm greeting. It was meant to be a lasting memory for you and your sister. I am well. Blessings and peace. Have a great weekend too Lorrie.😃✌

  8. Soooooo Beautiful! Like you. I love you so much, my sis and best friend. As always, you brought me to happy tears <3 How bout a new description of our love and friendship… Loud laughs and happy tears!! LLHT 🙂

    1. Ahhhhhh!!!! NOW I GET IT!! HeHe!! I love you so much…and I LOVE LLHT!!! Here’s to many of them. You inspire me on a daily basis and I can honestly tell you that I would not be me…if you weren’t in my life!!! I LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3

  9. Woohoo! Another creative endeavour by the lovely Lorrie. It’s great, my friend. And what a great experience to get to witness a sight as such with someone you love and haven’t seen for a year. I’m sure you’ll remember that day for a long time.
    Hope you are doing well otherwise Lorrie.
    Please have an amazing and creative weekend.
    🙂 <3

    1. Thank you so so much, Staci!! 🙂 You would love my sister…I KNOW IT! We really did have a special day and the dolphins were such a gift! For sure…we will always remember it! Thank you for the nod on my art…it is a fun art form…and very strange that I like it so much because I REALLY like color! But then again…for many years I only saw things in black and white 😉
      I hope you are well and that your book is going super! Have a wonderful weekend my friend…much love and many blessings! <3

      1. Hi Lorrie, you’re more than welcome. I’m sure it is fun. Thanks for mentioning the book. It’s coming along, although I won’t have it done by the time I travel to Canada, like I had planned/hoped. It’s all good though. I’ve decided to take my time and try my best at it instead of rushing.
        Have a lovely week, my friend.
        🙂 <3

        1. I think that’s a good choice, Staci. I sometimes set deadlines in my head and I think it’s important to be flexible and change it for the sake of quality. Have a blessed week dear friend ♡♡

              1. Oh yes, that’s right. I’m sure you’re probably in the think of it right now. I’ve seen it on the news, and all the disaster it’s caused in Haiti.
                I hope and pray that all is well with you and all of Florida Lorrie. Please do give an update to let us know that all is ok once things simmer down a bit.
                🙂 <3

              2. Thanks dear Staci!! We were so lucky the storm took a tiny turn to the east before it got to us which made all the difference in the world! We we spared the eye of the cat 4 hurricane making landfall on us. We had to evacuate but are home now and all we had was downed trees and debri…so BLESSED! I am heartbroken over the lives lost in Haiti and as I woke this morning I see how Matthew is wreaking havoc all up the east coast. Thank you for your thoughts and love…this storm was frightening…mother nature releasing power of incredible strength!!

              3. Oh that’s great news Lorrie. Good thing for you guys. Haiti, on the other hand, has really had it bad, to say the least. I have a friend that just got back from there. She was with a mission’s team, helping to build a school.
                At any rate, I hope things are getting back to normal.
                Please have a wonderful week Lorrie.
                🙂 <3

  10. Dolphins are magic and so is your drawing. I’d love to color it. If you made a coloring book of pictures like this, I would <buy one, or three! I'm serious. <3

    1. HaHa…JoAnna! I just responded to the earlier comment that it is funny I like this art form because I really love color!! Well, there you go…I can color between the lines 🙂 🙂 Happy smiles…hope all is super in your world…have a super weekend <3

  11. Congratulations. That’s no easy feat. I’m heading into my 5th year and still have not posted that many. Be proud of yourself for that accomplishment. Your zen-tangle is amazing! I think the dolphins heard you laughing and wanted to join the party. Everyone and everything is drawn to the sound of laughter. It’s so good for the soul. Have a wonderfilled weekend.

    1. Hi Marlene! Thank you for your support…I never in a million years expected to love blogging! And I know it is only a number but it seemed like a whole lot to me. I’m happy you liked the drawing. It is such a fun art form, I find it so relaxing and get lost in the wonderful world of creation while doing it. It’s funny you mention how the dolphins were attracted to our laughter…the more I think about it the more I love that idea 😉
      I hope you are well and that you are busy creating something 🙂 Much love to you <3

  12. First of all, Lorrie, I think your talent as an artist (and inn so many mediums) you are so amazingly talented. It really is a delight and an honour to be able to experience it first hand. Now secondly, what a beautiful, uplifting post, and that’s what life is like right? We may have our struggles and posts that reflect it, then we have our victories and our posts that celebrate them. This is the line I love the most:
    “…the surprise visiy
    and the message that ALL
    is exactly as it should be”
    Wonderful, and as you express it, I can connect to it, whereas I may have not otherwise, my brain could have latched onto something else, but my mind is quite happy in this moment and in that thought.
    Love, Harlon

    1. Hello my dear friend! I’m so happy that you could connect to something so meaningful in this post…it truly was a magical day and like you said we have ebbs and flows in life and that is because it is LIFE!! It was never meant to just suddenly get to a place of nirvana…it is to feel it…to breath it…to love it…ALL OF IT!! Ah! You have inspired me in this moment dear Harlon. I know that we are connected and this kind of connection will cause giant light bulbs to go off and to permeate our minds with light! Much love to you…and thank you so much for your kind words about my art 😉 I am gently settling into my creative jaunts! Much love my friend <3 <3

  13. Wow, you are talented ~ an intricate and fun drawing, made even better with the words you have written. There is nothing finer than enjoying time with a sibling, reconnecting and feeling the love. Wishing you a great day Lorrie… Let’er Buck! 🙂

    1. Hi Tiny!! Thank you so much!! Yes…I am so thankful. We had a mandatory evacuation and the storm could have been MUCH different had it not moved just that little bit east!! The eye did not make landfall here…big winds…lots of rain…trees down/debri. My heart goes out to others who were not as fortunate. I am BLESSITUDE ♡♡♡

  14. I loved your zentangled dolphins and your sharing here, Lorrie. And I marvel at your resurrection, that most sublime act which is perhaps the true mark of our humanity. The ability to forgive…


    1. Hi Michael!! Thank you my friend…Forgiveness…I know it is a huge key to life and exploring the beauty that is offered. When we can’t forgive we can’t see with eyes of beauty…only of pain. There is so much pain in the world and I have had my share but I wouldn’t trade one aspect of my life…it has taught me so much! Much love and beautiful blessings for a peaceful weekend ♡

  15. Your art is stunning. I always enjoy reading your posts, Lorrie. I’m sorry for the absence lately – I’ve been needed elsewhere. It’s good to be back. Wishing you a beautiful week.

    1. Oh…no worries Noora!! I hope whatever needed your attention has been resolved favorably 🙂 Thanks so much for your compliment and support! Best wishes for a wonderful week also ♡

    1. What an exceptional day you had with your sister Lorrie and then to cap it all off your wonderful views of the Dolphins who had come to add their blessings to your day..
      And I so love your creativity in your fabulous drawing.. Wonderful artwork dear Lorrie..
      And congratulations upon your 300th post my friend..
      I loved your poem and dedication to you sister..
      Love and Hugs xxx Sue <3

      1. Thank you, Sue!! I can feel your energy through your words and I am blessed by it!! Just this little reminder of what I felt that day has brought me a shift in my energy 🙂
        I hope you are well and that the blessings of light and love will stand paramount in your world!!,♡♡♡

        1. Thank you dear Lorrie.. I am well, very well thank you and have just returned from a vacation in Scotland, so catching up with my comments and blogs today..
          Keep that shift of energy my friend.. Know all is as it should be, even if we do not see the greater plan.. We know one exists.. 🙂 and we are all of us parts of the giant jigsaw puzzle awaiting our piece to slot into the grand scheme of things 🙂

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