Providence…and Hurricane Matthew


I’ve felt this fear before.

It’s hard to tell if it is the fear of the people,

or the voice of my soul forewarning of impending disaster.

The force of the storm grows in intensity

and the level of fear rises right along with it.

Cars stacked along the highway waiting for pumps…

that no longer pump.

No fuel for those who waited,

no bottled water to be found for miles.

Hard to prepare when

everybody prepares at once.

I know better now how to handle my energy

so I stay calm and plan to weather the storm

holed up in my little condo,

knowing the sounds

and the windows breathing…

in and out…

will wear down my patience

to the point that I just can’t take

one minute longer!

But before that can happen

Matthew jogs west

and the order for

a mandatory evacuation

is issued.

But where can we go?

Fear rises in my throat

and I immediately question

my decision to stay calm for so long!

Did my newfound sense of peace and love

leave me stranded and completely


in the face of

a Cat 4 Hurricane?


Hello my friends.  It’s hard for me to write this as I watch the news and see how Haiti was obliterated by Hurricane Matthew.  He is moving up the coast and destroying all he comes in contact with.  I don’t know how these things are decided, a little jog to the east or west and some are spared…and some are not!

I have many feeling to deal with.  We waited so long to evacuate, it was almost too late.  You stay glued to the television watching a monster of a storm slowly get closer.  You look outside and it seems surreal because “The calm before the storm” doesn’t give you any indication of the fury that is about to be unleashed.

I am full of BLESSITUDE.  My family and friends all survived with minimal damage.  The storm took a little turn to the east which kept the eye wall from making landfall on us.  So many others were not as blessed and it makes me cry, huge tears from my heart.  It hurts so much I don’t know where to place these feelings.

Friday was a fog.  My body moved as I put my home back together.  When you evacuate and you look at what to pack you get a better sense of what is important to you.  The rest you leave behind and your mind works overtime as you try to secure them in ways that they might be protected, all the while trying to ignore the thought that a Cat 4 making a direct hit this close to the ocean I love, could mean there would be NOTHING LEFT!

I gently returned each belonging to its proper place as tears full of prayers dropped for those who did not have the same outcome.


Lorrie ❤



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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

74 thoughts on “Providence…and Hurricane Matthew

  1. Hi Lorrie,

    My oh my these storm and weather events bring up so many things in us. There’s just no way I can think of to try and find meaning in how a storm impacts one area and not another. If anything I think moments like this highlight the extent to which we are dependent on the environment, and one another. Still I believe everything happening can yield to grace, and that in the movement of these gripping events things are stirred up from the depths that might not otherwise have been seen. What response but Love makes sense in any situation? 🙂

    Peace and Love

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    1. That response, dear Michael, will always be correct…no matter what it is responding to!! Yes, I know what you mean about it bringing up things that might never have been seen. My life is back to normal and I am so grateful, but I can’t help think daily about those who are not. There really is no way to see through this other than responding with love.
      And I send much to you and best wishes that all is moving toward your goals and that there is understanding…always understanding! ❤

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  2. Hi Lorrie,
    During hurricane Matthew I found you on Twitter and was gladdened to know that you were/are okay. I’m touched by all your words in this post ~ and am still thinking of those who are still involved in repairing/healing from this event. I feel your beautiful heart in this post. With Peace and Gratitude for your safety,


    1. Oh, Ka, there is such peaceful beauty in your words…thank you! It seems there is conflict everywhere…weather…politics…natural and manmade diasters. I pray that the energy of light continues to strengthen and plays a role in creating more peace in the world. I know that certain things have to happen, and many times there does not seem to be a logical way to reconcile the path of destruction. I just hope that we can establish some kind of balance.
      Many blessings to you…very dear soul ♡♡

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    1. My sincerest apologies! I had a family emergency and could not respond to your comment at that time. And then I have to be honest and say that I forgot. But as soon as I reread your comment I remembered how touched I was by your sharing of your story!!
      You must have been so frightened…and I completely understand that you did not want to leave your animals behind! You made your choice and and you prayed…and the power of prayer is incredible.
      I am sorry you had to experience this…it is a very traumatic event that I am sure you will never forget. I am happy for your outcome and again, I share in the sorrow for those who did not have the same outcome.
      Again, please forgive me…I was touched by your response when I first read it…and I am happy that you reminded me that I did not respond to you. Blessings dear Anne. I hope you have a beautiful week!


      1. It is I who needs you forgiveness Lorrie, I have been very hurt by some of those I have shared with on Blogs, when they have ignored or deleted my Comments but mostly they were Cults or those deceived by them and yes I have found they can be very unloving.

        To be honest I was shocked when it seemed you had did the same Lorrie because I know your a very Loving and Caring Woman, so once again please forgive me for thinking you had done it deliberately, I will be more careful in how I respond in future when it happens and with others too who I value as faithful Blogging Friends.

        Blessings – Anne.


        1. No need for you to apologize, Anne! No need at all! In fact I want to say I am sorry again. You shared such a personal story that was so traumatic and I know when I read it on my phone, I just couldn’t respond the way I wanted to. And then I know I answered people after you (again…on my phone so it didn’t show the whole page and I didn’t see your response) so it must have looked even worse to you. I’m sending beautiful white light and loving hugs. I’m so grateful that you wrote to me…if you had not then your feelings would have stayed hurt…and I would never have known!! So that is a good lesson I think!! 😉
          Blessings to you ♡


  3. Thank God you are all safe and sound ❤ My little sister was in florida that week – we were quite scared, considering what we heard on the news! Glad that you are doing well – stay blessed dearest one ❤ PS. I am subscribed to your blog, but I never see it in my reader? Could there be some kind of glitch..?


    1. I’m so happy your sister survived Matthew! It must have been really scary for you waiting to hear what happened! Yes, our area was so very blessed and Matthew slowly recedes from the font of minds. I still say prayers every day for those who can’t say that.
      I wish I could help you with your question about showing up in your reader…I have no idea! I feel I am lucky that I can get my posts to go live! Maybe if you unsubcribe and then subscribe again…? I wish I could help more. But it’s so nice to see you! Have a wonderful weekend ♡

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      1. haha no worries – it is okay! I was just wondering. I will unsubscribe and subscribe again ❤ Bless you, it is always good and actually our responsibility to pray for all. Yeah It was very scary waiting for her. Have a blessed weekend ahead. ❤

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