Not Necessarily Out of Reach!

I Can Do It!
I Can Do It!

I saw this giraffe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom last weekend. He was reaching so high his neck muscles were strained. When he couldn’t get what he wanted he took the longest black tongue I have ever seen in my life, and stretched it as far as it would go.

I am vertically challenged so I have spent a lifetime jumping on counters to reach in cabinets, straining my neck to see over a crowd, learning a super overhead in tennis because most people want to lob over me.

I commented that the poor giraffe, nature’s tallest land animal, must be so disappointed to be so tall and still not be able to reach what he wants. But he NEVER gave up. He reached that neck and extended that black tongue, and he held that pose forever. He was not discouraged and it appeared that he BELIEVED he would REACH his destination.

Then I thought about my comment where I made a distinction about the height of the animal – like it should be easier for him to reach his goal because he was taller. It made me think about how we make distinctions, or excuses, in our lives. “I could do that if I had more money.” “I could move faster if I was lighter.” “I’d have a better job if I had been able to go to college.” “I could do it if I had more time.”

But that giraffe didn’t think he “should” be able to reach whatever he wanted because of his height, he just DID IT! He wanted something so he went after it. He had no preconceived notion of what he should or shouldn’t be able to do.

And things looked bleak for him. From my point of view he would not reach those leaves anytime soon. And I would venture to guess that Mr. Giraffe had tried the day before with the same gusto. And probably the day before that. And he would try again tomorrow.

And guess what? Eventually the leaves on the tree were going to grow enough to actually be within his reach. And on that day he would stretch his neck, extend that huge black tongue and BINGO! One sweet tasty morsel will have been tasted by that giraffe, and that would be enough for him to try again tomorrow. And the day after that.

I challenge you to be steadfast like that giraffe. Don’t make distinctions, or excuses, about why you can’t reach a goal. Just because you can’t reach the leaves today doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Because they may just grow enough overnight for you to reach them tomorrow. Reach, reach higher!


Do We Look That Different When We Are Wet?

Mister "Wet"
Mister “Wet”


Mister "Dry"
Mister “Dry”

Okay…I know…it’s shameful to use such a cute little guy just to get you to look at my post!  It is hard to believe that I have a new puppy!  Seriously, I am still in denial (kind of) and we have had him for 3 weeks!

I have been dying to write about him, but just like always, life can get in the way.  I got the puppy right before I had to travel up north to see my sister and her family because they are moving to the middle of the country, and I wonder if I will ever see them.

I was supposed to be in town for one day, but then my Dad almost died so I intentionally did not get on my friends plane, and that left us stranded in the north in ANOTHER snow storm.  Oh, and then there was that nasty business of finding out I was betrayed by someone (once again…she never disappoints) and a huge blow up with my partner.  But that’s all over now….whew…weathered the perfect storm much better than any other time in my life.

Then I sat down the beginning of this week to write about him.  I wanted to use the “wet” and “dry” photos and that prompted an unexpected writing that I posted earlier this week titled, “Cover Me With Love.”  It just came flying out of me, like many of my poems.  I just love when the divine powers take over and there is nothing you can, or would want to, do about it.

So here I sit and when I look at his photos, I find it so hard to believe he is the same doggie!  But he is.  Then I thought about the different “photos” we all have.  And yes, even though it is hard to believe we can be the same person, we are.

I have at times tried to run away from who I am, or who I was.  I am the same person, but with more understanding.  I have walked on a long road and I have learned many things.  I am grateful for the lessons I have been taught, and yes I am grateful for the person that I was at every stage of understanding.  If I deny who I was then how can I possibly rejoice in who I’ve become.

It is all part of a master plan that I have come to enjoy not knowing exactly what will be.  But I have full faith that whatever it is, it will be right.  So, I may not look the same when I am wet, but I love and honor who I am, who I was, and who I will be…which is the same person with more understanding.

Oh….and just to brag a little…Melo or Mister or Monkey Face or Corey or Puppy Wuppy ….is the best little doggie in the whole wide world.  He is so smart and so beautiful….you get my drift! 😉

Cover Me With Love

Cover Me
Cover Me

Are we different when we are wet

Do our colors run and bleed into one another

Am I wet with water

Or is it blood running down my face

Dripping from my eyes

The life line that courses through my soul

I want to live with freedom

Freedom of choice

To choose love in all cases

My blood runs through my body carrying the secrets of my purpose

Carrying the keys to unlock my heart

Which allows me to see the places where my love can touch the souls of others

Touch the souls of the brokenhearted – the lost – out of place

Cover me with love

I am wet with the beauty of its essence

Dripping drops of acceptance

Allowing the life force to flow through me

To cover me

I am wet

I am wonder

I am love

I am pure

Cover me

Do You Live in the Moment?


So today I am reminded of how important it is to “be in the moment.”  I hear this all the time and I often ponder exactly what it means.  And I try, oh so hard, to do just that.  To recognize what is going on and to be fully aware of all the moments that make a day.

I recently started to take swimming lessons (a previous post “I Swim Like a Manatee) because I have always had great fear in the water.  It has been going really well and I have a new found confidence when I enter the water.  I have been gliding through the water, with perhaps not perfect strokes, but I get from one end of the pool to the other and it looks and feels pretty good.

The hardest part for me has always been turning my head and breathing.  This is the first time that I have been able to accomplish this rhythmical coordination.  That is until today.  I think I started feeling a little cocky…yes…not confident…cocky.

Push off the pool…arms extended…flutter kick…turn head…breathe OUT…face back in the water….breathe IN!!!   Noooooooo! 

I inhaled a gallon of water deep into my lungs!!  I coughed and hacked and spit up water for 10 minutes.  My girlfriend (instructor) looked at me with a “what the heck happened” expression on her face.  It only took a moment to realize what I had done…and I was never more sure of what being in the moment really means.  It made me wonder how many moments go by in a day that could turn really bad if we are not fully present….?

My girlfriend suggested the backstroke and I knew what she was doing.  She thought she wanted me to continue to swim and that it would be easier to do it without my face in the water…no chance to drink the pool.  I did two laps of elementary backstroke, and then pushed off…arms extended…breathe OUT…turn head….breath IN.  Yes!!  At this stage in the game…I had to get back on the horse.

But I will always be in the moment when I swim…now I just have to work on the rest of the day!!





In This Moment…I Have a Choice


In this moment

I have a choice

I can be happy or sad

If it’s all the same I choose to happy

I have a choice

I can be loving and kind or I can be mean

I choose to be loving and kind

I can be creative and explore or I can be stagnant and static

I choose to be creative and to explore

In this moment

I have a choice

I can be honest and forth coming

Or I can lie and close myself from you

I choose to tell you everything that is real to me in the time I think it…feel it


In this moment

I have a choice

I can view my life from love or I can see it from fear

I choose to examine everything through the love that lives within me and I choose to banish the fear

The love ignites the beautiful possibilities that exist throughout eternity

The fear puts shackles on my mind and prevents my soul from exploring the blessings that have been designed for me


Come with me

You have a choice

There is always a choice in every moment of every day

Be conscious of the moments that present in your world

Be conscious of the choices that are yours to make



Paint a Sky With Colors


Paint me with your Beauty

I remain in your love

A place to live

A place to grow

I gain from your love


I watch as love grows stronger and my wish for you is this

To paint a sky with colors that speak to your soul

A wish for love to hold you and never let you go


Grow with me in beauty

Walk with me in hope

Dig inside…expose the truth

that lives inside your soul


For we are all together

Whether near to you or far

And we create a place of love

Under our painted sky




Wherever I Go

Happy Spring
Happy Spring

I am so grateful for where I am.  I commented on another blog yesterday that what I read was perfect for me…that the universe had perfect timing.  Then I said I would practice what he preached this weekend because I was stranded some place that I did not want to be.   The blog owner responded that the universe not only has perfect timing, but perfect placement as well…does it not?  To which I thought…ABSOLUTELY!!  But then he wrote back…”Wherever you go…There you are.”

I have sat in quiet solitude with that statement and I have explored the many possible reasons I was meant to hear that at this time.  I am always amazed when I am shown that even though I believe I am living a conscious life,  I still have more to learn.

I was reminded of a Clint Black song:

Wherever you go there you are

You can run from yourself

But you won’t get far

You can dive to the bottom of the medicine jar

But wherever you go….There you are!

My first thought about those words came from my past and this brought up memories of a time when I did whatever I could do to not have a connection with myself. Memories that are painful yet comforting because I no longer run from the things I am feeling.  I no longer try to numb myself by “diving into the medicine jar!”

So the lesson I learned is that we can make a decision about how we think about things.  It is up to us the spin we put on something.  In this case I remembered something negative and therefore questioned this man’s motive…”Why would he say that to me?  Look at all the work I’ve done and he wants to shine a light on my negative past!  He wants me to know that I can’t escape who I am…can’t run away from myself!”

But what if that was not his intention at all?  What if he meant, “yes…it does not matter where you are because you are there in all your beautiful glory and you can choose to see the good in every situation, in every person, in every place.  Love.  Just love…it does not matter where you are in the world…it matters where you are in your heart!”


I can’t say for sure what he meant, but I know for sure that given the choice of the two I choose the latter.  And I am so grateful because even though there was a momentary slip and my first thought went THERE…I had the ability to recognize it very quickly and I had the vision to make the other choice!  I am a work in progress…and I see progress! Yayy!!

So my original reason for not being happy about where I was “stuck” this weekend was because I had to leave beautiful, sunny, warm Florida for the northeast with temperatures in the teens and 50 mph winds.  And the reason I am grateful, besides for this understanding, is I got to see these beautiful crocus’!