Paint a Sky With Colors


Paint me with your Beauty

I remain in your love

A place to live

A place to grow

I gain from your love

I watch as love grows stronger and my wish for you is this

To paint a sky with colors that speak to your soul

A wish for love to hold you and never let you go

Grow with me in beauty

Walk with me in hope

Dig inside…expose the truth

that lives inside your soul

For we are all together

Whether near to you or far

And we create a place of love

Under our painted sky



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13 thoughts on “Paint a Sky With Colors

  1. Oh, this is beautiful Lorrie! So gentle and soft and heartwarming! It fills me with so much joy! It is full of hope and faith! Thank you wonderful Lorrie! I love this poem! 🙂

    1. Dear Line…I am so happy to be able to give you joy…for you are so full of joy and you extend it so selflessly!!! Thank you for all that you are 🙂

  2. Lorrie, this is stunning – both the painting and the poem — is it a painting that you created, or is it a photograph — the beauty of the colours and the softness of the horizon are uplifting. and, when mirrored by your words, my soul feels comforted and joyful. thanks!

    1. Hi Louise! Thank you…Thank you. With your joy and comfort you give it back to me tenfold!! I was so inspired by this photo I took with my phone…someone else might have thought it to be a mistake…but the moment I saw it it spoke to me. I have not painted in a very long time… 40 years in fact…but I have to tell you that I WANT TO PAINT THIS !! Maybe today…?
      Thank you for your kind heart and for inspiring me! Blessitude 🙂

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