The light filters through as the leaves gently roll to the ground The time for harvest  the time to prepare for the season of hibernation The long sleep of winter is beckoning drawing near Now I lay me down to dream Dream of all that is possible… Creation… Blessitude! Lorrie <3 10/23/17 As we move […]

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Eons of Your Knowing

I pump it out It bleeds through my skin Rolls down my back Like drops from a faucet I lean in to hear a whisper and the words are scrambled Drifting listlessly out into the universe But the I stop and I realize I don’t need the words The answer is in my heart In […]

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Into the Blue

In the shadows and beyond is blue Life waits for you to decide to live it There may be struggle but you need to know that there is always a better place you can go to Go inside and listen intently for the answers are there – not hidden – you just need to decide […]

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