Eons of Your Knowing


I pump it out

It bleeds through my skin

Rolls down my back

Like drops from a faucet

I lean in to hear a whisper and the words are scrambled

Drifting listlessly out into the universe

But the I stop and I realize I don’t need the words

The answer is in my heart

In my soul

Bleeding from my center

The knowing from eons

It is not new

And I have also known

But what is known is not always seen

Not always felt

Not always lived


Quiet your mind

A bird is heard in the distance

A fountain of water is running

Circulating over an over

Always moving but never going anywhere

The suns rays burn my skin

Makes it hard to breath

But I keep trying

Keep pushing farther

Leaning into the wind

Wishing for an escape

But it got too loud

So loud I couldn’t hear

And it got too hard to move

So I crawled

And then

I Cried


The beauty of life is revealed in an instant

One moment that miraculously becomes all moments

All the moments you’ve ever had

And all the moments you will have

The moment is now

And it can be replayed

Over and over again

Without you ever realizing it has changed

The mystery of life lies in the secrets revealed in the moments that you don’t pay attention

In the moments you spend in another time

Another place

Another thought

Come to the now

Bring your heart

Your soul

And listen to the words that seem to come from nowhere

But actually come from eons of

Your knowing

Your truth

Your spirit






Happy June!


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21 thoughts on “Eons of Your Knowing

  1. Oh, Lorrie, wonderful soulsister! This is amazing! You are such an inspiration! You are wonderful! Your poetry is healing and beautiful and full of love and understanding and wisdom! You are a gift to us! 🙂 I am so thankful for you, and you mean so much to me! 🙂 I love this poem Lorrie, you are an exellent poetess! 🙂 Truly gifted! Especially your empathy is exatrordinary! Keep blessing the world with your presence Lorrie, I am sure there are many of us who feel inspired because of you! 🙂 I so feel like packing a good bottle of chardonnay and flying over to see you now, we would have had such a wonderful chat!! 🙂

    1. And nothing would make me happier!! How awesome would it be if we could have a WordPress “convention” where we could all meet face to face!! I am so grateful for you…because YOU inspire ME!! So many people do here. My energy…and creativity has been so elevated since I started writing here. If what you say is true then I am “giving” myself…my words…and my healing. And nothing raises our vibration like “giving” does!! You are a part of my healing…A part of my inspired heart…and I couldn’t be more grateful. 🙂 🙂 ♡♡♡

  2. I agree with Line. Lorrie, this poem is a delightful journey to the mysterious, ebb and flow of living, searching, finding and connecting through our souls and hearts. That glorious instant when we feel at one with life. blessings, Brad

    1. Oh Brad! I am so honored to be a part of what we have here. I’m not certain I have ever been this understood in my entire life. To say something from my heart…to be heard…and to be understood. ..it truly brings tears to my eyes. Not sadness…immense happiness because we CONNECT…and I FEEL the energy!! Thank you so much 🙂 ♡♡
      P.S. I hope your Birthday was a blast!!

  3. I am with Line on this one. I think you tell such beautiful stories with your poetry and you have so much wisdom that you generously share here on your blog. I would love to sit around on comfy sofas and laugh, cry and share an evening away. You should compile your work into a book of poetry!! Light & love sweet thing.

    1. Thank you Lisa…I am so thankful we met…and how cool would it be to meet in person!! We all live so far away…but I have to tell you I feel I know you better than some people I see everyday. Thank you for the suggestion to publish a poetry book…you never know 🙂 I know (and have always known) I would write a book one day. Have the best week Lisa…live in love…and listen to those beautiful dragon flies!

      1. I will. And FYI , Line left a message on my dragonfly post that she was seeing lots of…turtles. You two have something special going on dear lady!! I feel like a beautiful piece of the puzzle and love the interconnectedness of it all. Have a beautiful day Lorrie

        1. Oh my gosh!!! I know….I read that too and it is so exciting!!! “I feel like a beautiful piece of the puzzle”….perfect…just perfect!! We are all connected and I think we will all help each other immensely on our journeys. If this isn’t all a living testament to the power of energy…I was just telling a girlfriend the other day how amazing it is…the connections here…the people who vibrate at the same level seem to connect! Love it!! Love you…so thankful …so grateful!! Blessitude 🙂

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