You CAN Be Happy During the Holidays!


For some, the holidays are filled with stress and anxiety from a past filled with pain. The key to navigating the holidays is to remember that we have the power to change anything that does not serve us well. You can change the narrative and be happy during the holidays!

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During these difficult times I have to purposefully concentrate on what is right…what is good. It is too easy to fall prey to the negativity that we are exposed to incessantly. We are more alike than we are different and we are connected!

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Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream


Last night I dreamt about a person who is causing great difficulty in my life.  I was very upset by what this person did in my dream, which mirrored real-life situations, and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back (remember that game?). I said, “That’s it!  I’m done.  Do whatever you want to […]

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Haiku ~ & “Merry Christmas”

In life and in death You can not deny the truth Spirit moves your Soul!   On this Sunday, one week before we celebrate the birthday of Christ, I am solemn… This week I learned of a birth, and a death, in a matter of hours.  One tiny little human embarking on the most miraculous […]

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OH MY! ACCEPT LIFE FULLY PUT YOUR WHOLE HEART INTO IT MAKE PEACE WITH IT ALL * On the water’s beauty frolicking in the waves jumping over imaginary hoops made of crystal dear mammals of peace, love, and harmony an escort to the joyful side of life a symbol of protection through my resurrection a […]

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The Essence of Your Dreams


“In fertile soil may the essence of your dreams grow into magnificent blossoms.” ~ Blessitude Listen.  Listen to your heart. To the place inside that is yearning. Is there a dream not realized… Something that won’t go away? Listen.  Listen to the longing. Honor the truth And make a plan. Your destiny awaits.   I’m […]

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ALMOST PARADISE ~ Multiple Haiku

ALMOST PARADISE   When your dream depends On someone else to come true There is always risk * What someone else sees Is more likely THEIR vision What is best for them * Not meant to deceive They don’t even think about How it could hurt you * It’s better for you To do the […]

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