CONSEQUENCES ~ The Continuum of Light


If indeed there is a piece of softness that I can find

A piece of softness that can foster movement of my thoughts

To a place inside my soul

Where perfect love resides

It would be that I honor the rights of all people

To be

And think

And act

The way they need to

Just because what they do appears to affect me and the way I think and act and feel

Doesn’t negate their rights as an individual in this world

I can only control my little piece of real estate in the cosmic Universe

And if I find it too difficult to control my thoughts, feelings, and actions

Then all I need to do is to stay away from those

That I could NEVER come to a place of compromise

Because the way we think

And the things we believe

And the actions we take

Are at complete opposite ends

Of the Continuum of Light


Lorrie ❤



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THE COPPER CORE OF STARS ~ Collaboration with F.G.M.




Riding atop a moonlit wave

reality appeared in a flash

that lit up the night sky


sudden illumination

moment of creation

in the pure light of love


it touched a place deep within

where I sensed trace elements

assemble and conceive


and I saw the face of my soul

in the birth of perfection

reflecting in a mirror of fire,


the copper core of stars.



Lorrie & Fre’de’ric ❤ ❤


My soul is forever connected with this dear man, Fre’de’ric, from Words In The Light.  From the first moment we met we knew that our souls had made a contract to find each other…no matter how far away our physical bodies could stray.  We come together in spirit and our words are our gifts.  I hope you enjoy!!

Connected in Silence


I’m not sure I have ever

heard that kind of silence before

I stood and I looked over

God’s creations

And I felt love

the purest kind of love

And the sounds



entered my ears

And it reached into my soul

And it pulled on strings

that were attached to my heart

And I knew


Every wonder

Every person

Every thought

Every hope

Every dream

I felt creation move in my soul

And I knew

we all come from one

And I felt connected

at the base of my very being

And I felt



Lorrie ❤


Sometimes, we don’t know what we are missing until we don’t hear it!  I am beginning to understand the importance of silence in my life right now. A deafening silence spoke to my heart on a recent trip to Arizona.  It seemed so loud…if that is possible.  I am exploring with this silence.  It seems when I turn down the noise from the outside world, my insides…my heart…my soul…are easier to hear.

I wish you all much love and many blessings on this beautiful Sunday morning.  ~Blessitude



My mind plays a time when we were young and carefree

We chased our dreams into the deadend that became my life

The hollow abyss

With no emotions

No yearnings

No feelings

No thoughts of a better time

Deeper and deeper I dug a hole in the consciousness of my evolution

The deeper you fall the harder you land

The longer the ride to the top

Drive forward…raise up

Don’t slip back

Like a roller coaster catching gears

The fear grips me

To know that there is the magnificent life I have missed

Brings a tear of sadness

That permeates my soul

I cry for the lost time

I weep for the lost child

But I don’t stay there long

Climb the ladder of the day

Of my life

I was cradled in His love the whole time

For how could I know who I was until I knew who I wasn’t?

That is what these days are for

That is what the ladder rungs of misery were there for

They showed me the depth of my soul

They showed me who I am

Who I have always been

Who I have always wanted to be

So I rise and I climb higher

To my purpose

Which is to know me

Really really know me

And to connect to my universal soul

The soul of all creation

The soul of all humanity

The soul of God




Written 5/30/14

I Am Who I Am

Sunset on a Plane
Sunset on a Plane

If I yell as loud as I can and I only get laughed at – is that a reason to shut up?

If my voice isn’t heard because you can’t hear – is that a reason to quit trying?

If I tell you exactly what I am and you think I’m someone different – does that mean that I’m not who I think I am?

I am who I am, who I’ve been, who I’ll be,

I am who I am and that’s good enough for me

I walk these dusty roads and I’ve seen it all before

I meet the same people different towns, different names

They move their lips, same words come out nothing much has changed

They are who they are, who they’ve been, who they’ll be,

They are who they are and that’s good enough for me

The long journey home many miles many trials

Is it the same for every soul?

Learning to crawl, digging deeper, unleashing the truth, discarding the worthless, coming closer to perfect love

The road has been covered with ice, my heart has melted and the way home is clear

It’s warm, and toasty, and safe, and real.  Wish I had worked harder, sooner

We are who we are, who we’ve been, who we’ll be,

We are who we are…our destiny.



Written 8/31/12

A Shout out to “The Momma” –  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!   You are so loved!