To Tell The Truth

"When truth has come
it harbors in its wings
the gift of perfect constancy, and love
which does not falter
in the face of pain,
but looks beyond it,
steadily and sure."

~ A Course In Miracles
Lesson 107 5:1

In truth shall I stand
A gift delivered on wings
touch my soul with love

A remembrance of the spark of life
The point of creation
The light that was shining
And the soul that was singing
Hold me inside 
The energy of truth 
Till end of days
And darkest night
Protected from all thoughts
That don't come from love!

I speak this blessing over you all, my friends! The truth is that each and every one of us is born of LOVE. Anything from our environment that causes us to question this, and to think of anything different, is just background noise which only serves the purpose to help us stand strong in our belief…strong in our love…strong in the truth of our being!

May you feel perfect love from your soul and connect to the I Am presence that is always available to you.

Stay safe…be well…Blessitude!

Lorrie ❤


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29 thoughts on “To Tell The Truth

    1. Hi Kristen! Thank you…I had written a post that I thought I would put out today…but it wasn’t uplifting…and I thought I needed uplifting and that others could probably use it too!
      I hope you are well…stay strong!

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    1. Awwww…thanks Lisa! 😊 It is a process…yes? Some times it is so easy and then there are times that I didn’t even realize I had become so distant. Here’s to always coming back!
      I hope that you are your family are safe…and well! 💜

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    2. Dear Lorrie, this is lovely and a great reminder that we are all born from love and it is where we deserve to live. I particularly liked your perspective – “Anything from our environment that causes us to question this, and to think of anything different, is just background noise which only serves the purpose to help us stand strong in our belief…strong in our love…strong in the truth of our being!”
      I found that truly inspiring and helpful in me maintaining balance.
      Tons of love, Harlon

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      1. Hello my friend!! 🙂
        I think about you so often…and when I do there’s a little piece of me that thinks I might just have crossed your mind as well. What is it like by you? I know you have to be so careful with your immune system. I just hope that you are able to be connected with your friends…at least as much as you can be. This is such a strange time in our lives…I never thought we would see something like this. I hope that you can tune out the background noise and hear the beautiful language of love that lives in your center!!
        Much love…and continued good health. Take good care of yourself, Harlon!! ❤

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    1. Thanks, Ka!! The flow is good😊 I just got back from a paddle board excursion…so great. Later (cuz I just feel plain tired now) I will feel so strong…and so balanced!
      Sending good stuff 💜💜


  1. Beautifully said Lorrie.. May we all come to realise we have come here, Born out of Love, to experience Love, and BE that Love as we return to that LOVE..

    Sending love and well wishes Lorrie… Huge hugs my friend ❤

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    1. It’s all about love…and I LOVE your reaponse….because it is a circle that we are meant to complete. A circle with spokes that fly off and confuse us…but the base is always there…always available. It is up to us to return to it.
      I hope you are well, Sue. I hope your garden is producing a wonderful crop (or getting ready to?)
      Much love…Sweet Blessings💜💜

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      1. Dear Lorrie indeed life is a circle. The moment we are born we are already set to die. But when you understand there is no death. Just transformation, as we shift from one density to the next with the growth lessons learned or not! Then you see each come to this Earth School for their own particular purpose.
        Not all lessons are the same. Nor will we understand why some choose harsher ones than others. But all we create even though not always aware we do so.
        Love is our ultimate goal.
        And there are many routes home. Some smooth others rugged. The choices are ours to make depending upon what it is we came to learn.
        The sooner we choose love, both of others and ourselves the smoother our journey becomes.
        But it takes some doing, as we also have to learn to let go of judgement, anger, jealousy, being a victim, and lack.
        Opening our hearts to abundance in love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. I’m still learning too 😁 😉 in every moment
        Sending love and well wishes your way Lorrie 💕💗💕🙏


        1. Thanks for leaving this beautiful response here, Sue. I feel so connected to your energy and when you leave a response like this it feels like all the wisdom of the world is clearly defined and I know all I need to know. Hope that makes sense. There are so many times that I KNOW things but can’t necessarily express them. You express so beautifully and when you do I say “Yes!”
          All good things I wish for you…hope your week started well😁💜

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          1. Big smiles Lorrie…. Yes our Knowing knows no bounds when we allow it to flow.. And that is all I do.. 🙂 We each KNOW far more than we realise, and are guided by our internal knowing…. Keep trusting where it leads…
            Sending love and well wishes.. AND THANK YOU!! ❤

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    1. You said it, Inese! It all starts, revolves around, and comes back to love.
      I hope you are well and that you have received your art supplies that you have been waiting for!
      Stay well!


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