Welcome to the Hop…Meet My Friends!


Meet My Hop Friends
Meet My Hop Friends

Welcome to the Hop…oh baby, Welcome to the Hop!!! 

Alright, I’ll stop singing…..

I was invited to “The Blog Hop” by Mo Davies of The Crazy Crone blog.

Here are the links to her part of the “The Blog Hop”

Blog Hopping

My Companion Blog Hoppers Gifted Gorgeous Generous Gals


What can one say about a woman who names her blog “The Crazy Crone’s Arty-Farty Studio?”  I admit I was intrigued by the name but have come to really love the woman behind the studio!  She is a beautiful vivacious woman who lives life with gusto!  Her art is fantastic and she is as colorful as the photo you see below.  I strongly urge you to take a hop over and check out her eclectic mix of inspiring posts!

Mo & Stars

Mo Davies

I am Mo Davies, 66, and I live in North Cyprus with my husband and a menagerie of four dogs and three cats who somehow believed we were operating a pet motel and moved in. I am a digital artist, writer, photographer, Tarot reader and Tarot teacher. I operate two blogs, one which is my book as blog about my life, adventures and lessons learned. The second is devoted to my digital art. I take photos of nature – scenery, rocks, flowers, etc., – because I can tune into the energy fields of nature’s gifts and use these as a basis for my digital art.  I am in my crone years and enjoying – finally – being a misfit, a rebel, a revolutionista, a purple-wearing arty-farty drama queen, and a sacred warrior for fearlessness, feistiness and mad, mighty mojo.


The rules for the Blog Hop are to answer four (4) questions about your writing/projects that you are working on, and then to invite three (3) other people to the HOP!  I post all of this the weekend of 6/27 -6/29/14.  Then my invitees do the same…answer the 4 questions, invite 3 people, and they post the following weekend 7/4 -7/6/14.




What are you working on/writing? 


I am currently working on my blog which I started in Feb of this year.  This includes poems, haiku (a new love of mine) and anything else that makes it past my fingertips.  I also started an acrylic painting (my first) of an idea that has been in my head for a long time.  Oh…I also have a proposal finished for a book that came out of the physical and emotional healing journey I have been on.


How does your work/writing differ from others of its genre? 


I find this question to be a quirky one.  Of course the easy answer is that it is different because my point of view is unlike anybody else’s point of view – therefore, it must be different.  I wish I could come up with a really cool answer to this but …yeah…writer’s block???  I write from my heart and soul…but I’m sure you all do.  I write about things I am passionate about…but I’m sure you all do.  I write because I’m happy…I write because I’m sad…I write because I have something to say…I write because I want to help people…I write because I have to.


Why do you write/create what you do?


Looks like I got a little ahead of myself!  I believe that I suppressed the real me for so long that I am like a fine bottle of champagne.  My cork has been released and there’s no stopping me now!  I HAVE to write.  It is what is here for me right now.  I have denied myself so much through the years, and writing was one of those things.  I wish I knew why…but I don’t.  I have my first poems that I wrote when I was a teenager.  I even hand bound a book to write them in.  There I go always combining art with writing.   But way before that I wrote stories, and plays.  I always knew that I would write a book one day.

I have to “MAKE” something.  All the time.  I’m just not happy if I am not creating something.  My “art” projects are so varied and include so many medias it would be hard to cover them all here.  One thing I do love to do is to take something old and make it into something new.


How does your working/writing process work?


This is the fun part!  It works however it wants to work, whenever it wants to work, wherever it wants to work.  I have been in the shower many a times when I have to run out of it looking for a pen and paper dripping wet.  If I’m driving and someone is with me I make them write it down. ( I just purchased a voice recorder so I don’t bother my passengers!)  I have truly become a bit paranoid about having pencils and paper around.  I make sure I have something with me wherever I go!

Usually for a poem the first line comes into my head, either out of the blue or it can be sparked by some sense…something I see, hear, taste, touch, smell.  I now understand what it is and immediately pick up a writing instrument and then the poem just comes out of me.

The haiku are a little different.  I joked with someone that I am starting to think in that rhythm.  But a haiku is always inspired by something I see…and usually take a photograph of.  I am new to this art form and I just hope that I am not bastardizing it.  All I can say is it is something I “feel” so it is authentic to me.

All my other “projects” usually start as an idea that gets carried along with perfect timing, perfect order, divinely guided.  Just like my life!!!


The following ladies are my recommendations for the blog hop.  They have graciously agreed to participate:

Lisa, from Bloomlisa and Blazing Light of Glory, is well traveled – not just physically, but spiritually as well. I felt an immediate energy connection to this gal, and you can feel her exuberance and delightful spirit come through her words.  We first connected when Lisa very generously sent me a long detailed message about the significance of a baby turtle that showed up at my door.  I knew in that moment we would be friends.  Lisa is a Mom, an entrepreneur, a Certified Angel Card reader, student of A Course in Miracles, dynamo, and a wonderful friend.  I highly recommend that you check out what Lisa is up to at both of her sites … I’ve a feeling that you will feel her energy too!

Bloom Lisa (Lisa van Reeuwyk) is a consultant and spiritual coach who uses tarot & oracle cards to inspire and guide her clients. She began blogging in January 2013 to connect with souls around the globe and create a space of positivity, inspiration and spiritual growth. She has two blogs and writes a monthly column for the on-line magazine http://www.okinhealth.com. As a spiritual, working Mom of two, she writes about a variety of topics that foster a healthy heart-based life path. Lisa first discovered the ancient wisdom of the tarot almost 20 years ago and now does readings for clients around the globe thanks to the internet and technology. The Law of Attraction connects her with a lot of souls who are searching for their life purpose. Lisa has found herself living a life connecting with people & guiding them down their life path through her work in television, consulting and coaching. You can connect with Lisa on FacebookTwitterPinterestemail and her two blogs bloomlisa.com and Blazing Light of Glory (A resource for students of A Course in Miracles). Peace, grace & love!


Cher, from The Chicago Files, labels herself as a “Canadian expat living in Chicago with my American husband.”  Her blog is a fun, light hearted romp filled with history, trivia, and some really amazing photographs – all the while giving us an on the ground – in the trenches view of life in the windy city.  Cher also shares great artists, fun travels, and posts on important social issues .  What shines through her blog is the fun, huge hearted, loving and kind woman that she is.  She is a people person and valiantly stands up for those who need help.  Go to Cher’s home and feel like a pampered guest!

Cher Hair copy 5 may 23 2014

Cher grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada, but moved to the province of Manitoba many years ago. Cher received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Certificate in Human Resources Management from the University of Manitoba. After graduating, Cher spent ten years working with the University of Manitoba’s Human Resources Department, followed by the Office of the University Secretary, Board of Governors Office. She then went on to work for the Department of National Defence and later the Department of Justice Canada in their respective Human Resources Departments.

Cher is passionate about helping other people. She has volunteered in Chicago for 4 years, reading and assisting blind and low-vision folks. She is a strong advocate for ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity, compassion, and thoughtfulness.

In addition to her volunteering, Cher is equally as passionate about writing and creating words that resonate with others on many levels. Cher has an adoration for kindness, humor, sensitivity, and meaningful conversation. Cher has a great interest in the paranormal, and finds excitement in partaking in paranormal/ghost investigations.

Although she has no pets at this time, Cher and her husband adore all animals, and have a soft spot for every dog in the neighborhood. Cher and her husband love to take walks along Lake Michigan, and seem to find themselves stopping by the designated dog beach area quite often.



Louise Gallagher … published writer … speaker … TEDx Calgary presenter … artist … activist for the homeless … SURVIVOR!  I honestly don’t think that Louise sleeps at all because I find it really hard to keep up with all that does.   What you see is what you get from Louise.  She hides nothing as she bares her soul with beauty and honesty, all for the benefit of passing on her journey to try to make ours a little easier.  I am most fascinated by her raw and uncensored ability to portray truth in every post she writes.  This lady is the real deal.  She walks the talk, and if she stumbles she is the first person to recognize it and to be honest about it.  Take a walk with Louise … you won’t be sorry!


You can follow Louise’s journey in a number of ways.  Dare BoldlyLouise GallagherRecover Your JoyA Poetry Affair, and of course you must check out her book, The Dandelion Spirit.

(I apologize that I do not have Louise’s bio…she sent it to me and somehow I misplaced it in cyberworld.  And although I have exhausted every attempt to recover it….it remains unattainable!  Louise just suffered a devastating loss in her life and has taken some time off, so I was unable to get another copy.  I feel so bad I lost it, so please go check Louise out and read her words.)


This was a whole lot of fun and I am really happy that I have been able to introduce these three outstanding women.  I am grateful to be a part of this blogging world and I thank you for all the support and love.  Blessitude!!  Lorrie

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The Art of Surrender Day 16: Surrendering to Tears

It was as if Melanie and I decided to work on a topic together when we both posted today at roughly the same time…
I had to re-blog her Post of today ~ “Surrendering to Tears”


Crying is a secret sacred place, a place of solitude.

It’s not a space we navigate with much finesse; there are few maps on how to cry.

tear filled eye

Many conflicting feelings arise around tears.

Fear of looking weak.

Fear of being too emotional.

Guilt for making others feel bad.

Relief at sharing pent-up thoughts.

Or, joy at being seen in our truth.

To cry is to render your heart naked, undefended & utterly exposed to the world.

No wonder it is shrouded in so much terror, secrecy and shame.

Only human beings cry.

Other creatures do have tears, that is, their eyes release liquid in response to dust, wind & other irritants.

But only humans -with their unique ability to feel into what’s possible- can cry from actual emotions.

Why do we cry?

There are many ways to tell the history of tears.

Here’s one possible narrative that I completely invented…

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My Sacred Grounds


My heart was touched in a way that it never had been before

It felt sacred

The grounds told stories of souls who had gone before

There were many

It was not sadness

But tears fell down my face

First in a trickle

And then floodgates let loose the river that was cried

Near the river that carved the great canyon

The emotion was unlike any I had ever had before

Or have had since

Mere words can not describe the billowing raw emotion

that shook my heart

It was like my whole





Knew every other soul

In an instant

I knew their stories

I knew their hearts

I knew THEM

I accepted their love with open arms

And crying eyes

I was accepted the same

Because in an instant

I realized

we were

all the same


952     953







I just came across a journal that I had written this experience in.  I was traveling cross country by car to attend a national tennis tournament in Palm Springs.  The drive was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.  We went through all the national parks and on this particular day we visited the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

On the ride from the north rim on 89A around the east side of the canyon, something so emotional happened to me.  All of a sudden I felt this energy.  It surrounded me.  It felt like it came up from the deep recesses of the earth and it would not be denied.  It welled up in my chest and expanded out through every cell in my body.  Then it made its way to my eyes.  Tears started to fall and I did not know what was wrong with me.

Now I know nothing was wrong…everything was right!!!  I was at first embarrassed thinking my passenger would think I was crazy.  But then I knew that it would have been a monumental mistake to try to hold back what I was feeling.  I started crying…sobbing really.  My girlfriend was shocked and asked what was wrong.  I told her nothing was wrong but could not elaborate what was happening to me.  She usually would be one to laugh off something that made her feel uncomfortable, but that day she just sat quietly and let me cry.

When it was over I tried to articulate what had happened to me.  I didn’t, couldn’t, come up with the words that could give the proper meaning to what I had experienced.  When I saw the journal entry yesterday the above poem was written.  I think now, some eleven years after the experience (which was way before my healing and transformation) I have a better understanding of what it was.

Yet, I’m still rather sure that I don’t have the proper words for it.

Lorrie ❤



Haiku ~ 6/24/14 & Standing in My Blue


My blue waits behind

the huge expanse of darkness

waiting to be freed



Standing in my blue

This is where my power is

People spend a lifetime looking for meaning

Looking for approval and trying so hard to matter

I thought if I could control everything around me I could make things happen my way and I wouldn’t be left to experience the mayhem that surrounded me

I wouldn’t have to live in fear

But the truth is, I now realize, that I truly controlled nothing

The harder I held on to things

The more I strangled myself

The more I tried to control every aspect of my life

Every circumstance in my life

The harder they swirled around me in a cyclone of destruction

I was a victim

A victim of life

Things happened to me and I wanted control

I wanted to be able to make it stop

I just didn’t know how

Now I find it ironic that I have learned that the true power is letting go

Open your hands and set the madness free

Now I stand in my blue with the realization that the elusive control I tried so hard to hold onto

Was within my power the whole time

The only thing in this lifetime that we truly have control over is the thoughts we think

Yes – into the blue expanse of my mind the thoughts that float by like clouds on a windy day are the only things that I can control

So standing in my blue I work very hard to notice the drifting clouds of thought and I know that I attract what I think

Standing in my blue I direct the passing clouds

I take responsibility for my life and I am content…free from the swirling forces that I created

Standing in my blue I create what I want to see

And I am who I want to be

Standing in my blue ~ I take back my power