The Art of Surrender Day 16: Surrendering to Tears

It was as if Melanie and I decided to work on a topic together when we both posted today at roughly the same time…
I had to re-blog her Post of today ~ “Surrendering to Tears”


Crying is a secret sacred place, a place of solitude.

It’s not a space we navigate with much finesse; there are few maps on how to cry.

tear filled eye

Many conflicting feelings arise around tears.

Fear of looking weak.

Fear of being too emotional.

Guilt for making others feel bad.

Relief at sharing pent-up thoughts.

Or, joy at being seen in our truth.

To cry is to render your heart naked, undefended & utterly exposed to the world.

No wonder it is shrouded in so much terror, secrecy and shame.

Only human beings cry.

Other creatures do have tears, that is, their eyes release liquid in response to dust, wind & other irritants.

But only humans -with their unique ability to feel into what’s possible- can cry from actual emotions.

Why do we cry?

There are many ways to tell the history of tears.

Here’s one possible narrative that I completely invented…

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