My Sacred Grounds


My heart was touched in a way that it never had been before

It felt sacred

The grounds told stories of souls who had gone before

There were many

It was not sadness

But tears fell down my face

First in a trickle

And then floodgates let loose the river that was cried

Near the river that carved the great canyon

The emotion was unlike any I had ever had before

Or have had since

Mere words can not describe the billowing raw emotion

that shook my heart

It was like my whole





Knew every other soul

In an instant

I knew their stories

I knew their hearts

I knew THEM

I accepted their love with open arms

And crying eyes

I was accepted the same

Because in an instant

I realized

we were

all the same


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I just came across a journal that I had written this experience in.  I was traveling cross country by car to attend a national tennis tournament in Palm Springs.  The drive was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.  We went through all the national parks and on this particular day we visited the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

On the ride from the north rim on 89A around the east side of the canyon, something so emotional happened to me.  All of a sudden I felt this energy.  It surrounded me.  It felt like it came up from the deep recesses of the earth and it would not be denied.  It welled up in my chest and expanded out through every cell in my body.  Then it made its way to my eyes.  Tears started to fall and I did not know what was wrong with me.

Now I know nothing was wrong…everything was right!!!  I was at first embarrassed thinking my passenger would think I was crazy.  But then I knew that it would have been a monumental mistake to try to hold back what I was feeling.  I started crying…sobbing really.  My girlfriend was shocked and asked what was wrong.  I told her nothing was wrong but could not elaborate what was happening to me.  She usually would be one to laugh off something that made her feel uncomfortable, but that day she just sat quietly and let me cry.

When it was over I tried to articulate what had happened to me.  I didn’t, couldn’t, come up with the words that could give the proper meaning to what I had experienced.  When I saw the journal entry yesterday the above poem was written.  I think now, some eleven years after the experience (which was way before my healing and transformation) I have a better understanding of what it was.

Yet, I’m still rather sure that I don’t have the proper words for it.

Lorrie <3



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29 thoughts on “My Sacred Grounds

  1. Dearest Lorrie, wow, this is very touching! <3 Do you know if anything happened in that place in history, like som big battle or something? I don't know much about American history. Could it have been that many people had died there? You must have picked up some very powerful energy! It is good that you say that it was not sad. I experienced something similar when I was little, in an ancient church in Norway where the old kings are buried. But that was horrible, I became nausious, and ill, and almost fainted, I had to run out of there, but I was only 10. I am so glad that you just let yourself cry, and that your friend let you cry as well, and I am also so happy to know that it did not frighten you. You are strong Lorrie! Much stronger than you realize I think! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this experience, it is very powerful! <3 <3 <3

    1. I don’t know LIne. I thought about looking it up after I got home, but I never did. I have thought about it at odd times since, but yesterday I saw the journal entry and the poem came out…so I decided to share. Thank you for your kind words about my strength…I am taking back my personal power (as I see you doing also) and I don’t have fear of who I am…I guess that is what personal power is. I didn’t share that experience with too many people…but now I have!!! Just as you shared today. This is a good thing….a very good thing. Much love to you…:) 🙂

    1. Thank you for adding Kanzen. It was amazing. I did not get the chance to hike to the bottom of the canyon…YET! But I want to. Many blessings to you 🙂

  2. WOW…I just posted my blog, and in doing so I saw yours. How beautiful that we both wrote about the power of tears and how they can create such closeness between two people.
    What a beautiful blog you blessed us with today!
    Where I live, there is a desert and it has a place known as the wedge. It is a small version of the Grand canyon. It is a beautiful place that I often go to pray.
    Look it up on the internet.
    It is the Wedge Overlook, Emery County, Utah.
    God bless you Lorrie.

    1. God Bless you too Melanie!!! I was just at your blog commenting how we have posted very similar things…now I read this…and you are probably reading my comment!! Yes…that is a beautiful thing! I just love the connection of this 🙂 Oh…Utah!! I almost included something about Utah…because on that drive I thought Utah was one of the most beautiful places in the WORLD!! I will look up your Wedge Overlook…I am so happy that you have such a powerful place to connect to nature…to God!!! So much love and many blessings to you!! 🙂

  3. Wonderful Lorrie. Beautiful description of what is hard to explain in words. I”ve had openings out in nature that felt so full of awe, connection, beauty and peace that I had no words, only feelings. Thanks for sharing your sacred journey. blessings, <3

    1. Thank you Brad. I had hoped that people would understand what happened because they had similar experiences…I am so glad that you did…and that you shared it here! When I couldn’t explain it that day…the only word I kept saying was “Sacred!” Beautiful…much love to you Brad 🙂

  4. The Grand Canyon is ancient, wise, and wonderful. I do believe that if everyone spent time gazing at the wonders of nature in such sacred places……….we would witness a beautiful sea of tears and a brightening of the Light of Joy. Love your photo.

  5. Oh your words make me feel really good inside!! Yes I agree with all you said…my wish would be for all people to be able to experience that!! Thank you for adding 🙂

  6. Lovely post, Lorrie. Much of North America is sacred ground. It is easier, maybe, to sense the sacred in the beautiful. Yet, our ancestors are buried everywhere and they are still here with us. This is, I think, difficult for Europeans to understand. Still, for us it is lived experience and deeply and profoundly true. If we recognize the sacred as everywhere, perhaps we would treat the land with more care and respect.

    1. Amen to that Michael. I love what you added here…for the sacred is “everywhere”…we would do well to honor that!! Thanks for reading and many blessings to you!! <3

  7. Lorrie, it’s such a beautiful poem, and an amazing “testimony”. I think you’d been enligthened… ”
    “Because in an instant
    I realized
    we were
    all the same”
    yes, it’s so true, and a very clear explanation… I remember while a hike in Switzerland, I was in front of a huge mountain with a pure blue sky; and I was just STUNNED by the absolute REALITY of our EXISTENCE – a spiritual exprience that was really thrilling…
    And as you say at the beginning of your poem
    “My heart was touched in a way that it never had been before
    It felt sacred”
    yes, it is sacred because we are made of sacred light, it shines, lives, hopes, waits within… many people are unaware, some are, like you, and can then share this light.
    Yes, we are all the same… it’s the reason why for example poems and poetry touch the heart of different persons. We are separated, we live in distants continents, and we are NOT separated, your lines touch me, mine touch you, it would be impossible if souls were not connected with each others. Well, another wonderful post dear Lorrie. Ah, and Arizona, Palm Spring… I remember in 1994 I had a great tour of the California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah, and remember the first time I saw the Grand Canyon… WOW, something like a revelation, a breathtaking gaze at infinity… yes, a real religious feelling. So I understand you 100%. Much love to you & take care 🙂

    1. I love you dear Fre’de’ric!! I love everything you wrote here…I love everything you make me “feel!” I am so happy you have experienced this feeling…I wish we could package it up and give it to those who would read this and think we are crazy! Thank you for always adding such beauty to my site…to my life!! We are connected…we have never met in the flesh but our souls have had a dance or two!!! Dearest Fre’de’ric…Thank You!! I leave you with a heart that has been warmed to its core!! <3 <3

      1. They may think we are crazy, but on the day they feel the same, they we will remember of us and will think “oh, those were right!!” yes, sure our have had “a dance or two” as you said. 🙂 love to you!

  8. Lorrie, sometimes the Spirit takes us to profound places that no words can fully express. We feel it in our hearts, our bones, our core, our tears. I think when that happens, we are so filled with our Creator’s love, we are simply awestruck with the manifestation of how great and full that love is.

  9. Hi Susan….I am so happy!! Remembering this time in my life yesterday brought with it such wonderful emotion. Sharing it here and having you all comment has kept me in that super charged place of love and compassion. I Thank you for what you have added….you get this feeling and that is sooooo good! And when we all recognize this feeling together…oh…the power of this love!!!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Melanie!! I just re-blogged your post on my site!! It is amazing how beautifully they fit together. Thank you always for the beauty of your words 🙂 <3

  10. Sounds like 7th Heaven to me, Lorrie. I cry easily, still;
    tears of sorrow, and joy, and everything in-between.
    Sorta embarrassing at times, but not usually. I’m human.
    Your human. We do that. We belong here. Thus is life.

    The sacred is personal! Who wood want transcend that?
    Sacred places can do that to people. Not all the time, no.
    Timing is everything, and when our time comes to synch,
    we are overwhelmed in the best possible sense of the word.

    You are part of the club, girl! Welcome to World 1! 😉 UT

    1. I knew you would appreciate that post. And it is personal…and it is pretty much indescribable. ..As it probably should be. Thank you for the huge welcome to the club…There is a nice feeling when someone understands what you are talking about. 🙂
      Lead me to the next post you believe I should read…if u don’t mind <3

    1. What a wonderful thought… I think it would change the landscape of our world!! Thank you for taking the time to visit this post, I felt compelled to lead you here 😉 Have a blessed Sunday.

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