Haiku ~ & “Merry Christmas”


In life and in death

You can not deny the truth

Spirit moves your Soul!


On this Sunday, one week before we celebrate the birthday of Christ, I am solemn…

This week I learned of a birth, and a death, in a matter of hours.  One tiny little human embarking on the most miraculous journey, and one who didn’t appear finished with his, left abruptly.

I contemplate this process and the one thing I come up with is that Spirit moves our Soul and we can be a willing participant, or we can let the struggles of life drown out what we hear.  We can let fear pervade our being and go searching for comfort in every place It can never be found, or we can move to the tune of our hearts, orchestrated by the power of the Divine!

This week before Christmas, I offer these words as a gift, a reminder…

Listen to your Soul

It will never steer you wrong

Blessed love inside


Lorrie ❤



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The shame and condemnation I feel is real


This is about healing

And there is no greater tonic

No natural herb

No laying on of hands

That can affect a greater change than





We are not perfect

And though my first reaction after the fallout

Was to act with reproach and disgust for myself

I know in my soul

That is not how to heal

We can look to the Universe

And say, “Why Me?”

(I did)

Or we can look and say,

“Thank you for this opportunity to learn…

Thank you for this reminder of WHO I AM

and therefore,


I have made decisions for a lifetime

Based on how I thought I would feel in the future

And the funny thing is

That those decisions have caused me such grief in the NOW

The truth is

That the future is not guaranteed

And I have no possible idea of how I may feel at that time

As I write this

I know that it will be posted on Thanksgiving morning

And I feel a shift in my heart for which I am so grateful

There’s no rule that says

You have to stay in a person’s life

Just because you share the same blood

I respect each individual’s right

To be who they are

Even if I can’t respect who that is

I understand life experiences and circumstances

Helped to shape that

But I don’t have to agree

With the way they conduct themselves

Or the way they treat people…myself included

I just don’t feel comfortable

Sharing space and breathing the same air

Yes, on this day I give thanks

For finally understanding

That I can’t change other people

And if being in their world is abusive to me

Then I have the choice to not put myself there.


Lorrie ❤



Thank you all, beautiful people, for the love you show.  I am inspired by each and every single one of you!  Thanks for following “Consequences” and for the wonderful support you freely extend.  May we all realize the amazing things in our lives and have Thanksgiving…and Blessitude for it all!  ❤


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On My Way to Oz


As I walk along this road

I am reminded of Dorothy

and how she met her perfect companions

on her way to the

Wonderful Land of Oz


I think of the people

and the circumstances that appear in my life

and there is a comfort in knowing

that they all arrive exactly when they are supposed to

and they all carry a message that is

unwrapped as a gift

unraveled as a mystery

unknown as an entity


I walk and I gather the knowing

the things that determine the steps that I take

I walk and I pick up things and inspect them

to see if they will be useful along the way

I walk and I strategically lighten my load

by placing things that are no longer needed

no longer necessary parts of my journey

just so

on the side of the road

with the hope

that the person who needs the trinket most

will see it sparkle and pick it up


I meet strangers I have known my whole life

I meet blood relatives I don’t know at all

I commune with animals in nature

and they all reveal little parts of me

like a kaleidoscope that is turned

and the pieces meet and marry

and reveal a beautiful whole


Yes, this walk that seems haphazard

is choreographed perfectly

I meet my companions just so

and I experience events in Divine timing

On my way to

The Wonderful Land of Oz!



Lorrie ❤


*Photos were taken of a wonderful scrapbook paper product by:  Paper House Productions.com


The Same Tear


She walks her hallowed halls

Looks inside the empty room

A tear falls from her eye

Her work is very important

Very satisfying

She connects souls who need each other

from a bird’s-eye view

She cares about them all

She understand their struggles

She is able to offer them comfort

And it gives her great joy

She tried to live a life with no regrets

And she succeeded

With the exception of one

To take her job

She had to leave the earthly realm

And her baby boy

The essence of her heart

Faced with the decision

Which wasn’t really hers

She had to fulfill her purpose

She had to choose the job for which she had been groomed

The world needed her gentle love


Her first day on the job…her very first connection

She took care of her baby boy

She put every ounce of energy

And skill into this one

To make sure her baby would know love

To make sure he was protected

And to nurture the sweetest soul of her seed

It was the first time that tear fell


She keeps the empty room

Not for sadness

Not for regret

But just for a reminder of what she had to leave

To be able to create such happiness in the world

She reminds herself

That she only left him in bodily form

For she could never leave from her soul

She checks in on his life

She sends a barrier of love to surround him

She stands and wipes the tear from her eye

Walks out of the empty room

And gently closes the door behind her…



Lorrie ❤



Photo Credit: Http://adsoftheworld.com

Haiku ~ 5/23/15 ~ We All Return Home

Day of reckoning

unexpected visitor

comfort provided


I thought he was lost

but he was on a mission

sent to remind me


There’s nothing to fear

It’s all made up in my mind

time to release it


He carries his truth

Just like the shell on his back

and then returns home




Lorrie ❤


Ah!  Hello my friends.  I just read a post by my dear friend, Michael, from Embracing ForeverSo many times his writing is an arrow that goes directly to my heart. 

This post just capped off a beautiful week for me, one of trust, love and healing.  It reminded me of an encounter I had at my pool, the day prior to my surgery.  I was reminded I took photos of my visitor and of the feeling of peace and comfort my little friend provided.

When I read Michael’s post it all felt so synergistic!  I was inspired to write this multiple haiku and to share it all with you.  Do, please, check out Michael’s home if you have not already.  Enjoy!! 🙂

Much love…Namaste

Lorrie ❤

My Hurting Friend




I can feel the fear and it makes me want to fly through the air to reach you

I know you my friend, and it hurts my heart that your world has been turned upside down

I wish to offer you comfort

To hold you while you cry

I will tell you that everything is going to be okay

I don’t always understand the why of our struggles

But I know to the very core of my soul that God understands

And, my dear friend, I also know that your soul is a very good one

You understand this life and you strive every day to learn and to grow

I know that you will grow while you go through this

Know that though we are separated by a very cold ocean

Our hearts are connected by a very warm bond


I have seen you struggle in the past

And I have watched you soar like an eagle to the realm of possibility

I have seen you stretch your wings and face adversity and discomfort with incredible grace

You have a seed of brilliance that continues to grow

And light the path of your existence

The existence of a very true heart

A very dear soul

A very kind man

I am proud of you my friend

And I am always at your side

I will always be your cheerleader!





A dear friend is going through a very hard time.  These words came out on a page to offer him comfort.  I know many people are struggling at this time, it seems there is something in the air.  I hope these words also offer comfort to all of you who are navigating rough seas.  ❤ Lorrie

I Miss You My Friends


I miss you my friends

once there…ubiquitous

now gone

barely existent

It is not that I don’t want to see you

Life has a way of getting in the way

How I long for the comfort of knowing you are there for me

as much as I long to give you the comfort that my heart desires

I feel your pain like its my own

and I want to take it away

I want to make you feel better

feel happy

feel love

I miss you my friends

but I’ll be back soon

as soon as I unpack and tend to the humans I see in the flesh

the ones who missed me while I was gone

the ones who need so much right now

I miss you my friends

I knew that my schedule would change

but I will find a way to make it all work

because you all gave me something that is so important to my soul

that speaks to the divine light inside of me

I miss you my friends

and I thank you

for giving me the beautiful gift

that my soul desired




I have truly missed being here!  It feels as though something really important is missing.  I am adjusting to a new life and feel a little overwhelmed at the moment….doing things that need to be done vs. doing things that I WANT to do.  But it is all a balance and I will figure it out soon.  Much love to you all… ❤ Lorrie