The Same Tear


She walks her hallowed halls

Looks inside the empty room

A tear falls from her eye

Her work is very important

Very satisfying

She connects souls who need each other

from a bird’s-eye view

She cares about them all

She understand their struggles

She is able to offer them comfort

And it gives her great joy

She tried to live a life with no regrets

And she succeeded

With the exception of one

To take her job

She had to leave the earthly realm

And her baby boy

The essence of her heart

Faced with the decision

Which wasn’t really hers

She had to fulfill her purpose

She had to choose the job for which she had been groomed

The world needed her gentle love


Her first day on the job…her very first connection

She took care of her baby boy

She put every ounce of energy

And skill into this one

To make sure her baby would know love

To make sure he was protected

And to nurture the sweetest soul of her seed

It was the first time that tear fell


She keeps the empty room

Not for sadness

Not for regret

But just for a reminder of what she had to leave

To be able to create such happiness in the world

She reminds herself

That she only left him in bodily form

For she could never leave from her soul

She checks in on his life

She sends a barrier of love to surround him

She stands and wipes the tear from her eye

Walks out of the empty room

And gently closes the door behind her…



Lorrie <3



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47 thoughts on “The Same Tear

  1. What a wonderful and touching poem Lorrie, I just love it… I’ll tell you more very soon, I know you have a busy day 😉 ♥♥♥

  2. Quite beautiful Lorrie, and so tenderly expressed. It seems the lot of the mother is one of sacrifice and giving, whether in this realm or others. H <3

    1. Hi Hariod! Thank you my friend. And yes, your words ring a bell of truth. Could you see the woman in the cloud? I hope you have a super beautiful day ♡♡

      1. I am always super duper. 🙂 I know about that kind of love. The highest form. I’m just no poet so I’m glad there are people like you in the world to verbalize it so beautifully.

  3. A touching journey, Lorrie. If I followed correctly, the mother was forced to make a difficult decision between a calling that resonated with the deepest fiber of her being, and remaining physically present to her little boy. It expresses the deep conflicts we sometimes experience in this life– the confusion and the apparent need for sacrifice… and the conundrums that occur when we are faced with either/or divergences that can literally tear us down the middle… For me this is the place where suffering and love seem to co-exist in our hearts, and it is all too familiar a position to find ourselves in as part of the “human experience”… One of the miracles of healing I think, is the eventual removal of the dimension of “sacrifice” from our deepest love… Realizing that everyone everywhere is held by the greatest Love we can imagine, and that it cannot be otherwise, and that no portion of Love is lost through the unfolding of ever-changing circumstances, our Love is freed to fly everywhere it is needed…


    1. Ah! Michael, I just love your response! This line reverberated to my soul, “and that no portion of Love is lost through the unfolding of ever-changing circumstances…” What a beautiful thought, a truly wonderful realization. You also brought up healing and I can attest to the fact that there is no healing without love, and there is no love without forgiveness. Thank you for adding the depth of your love here on my blog. Blessitude ♡

  4. Wow Lorrie! This rings with power and emotion, and feels as if you lived this. I was feeling tingles reading it. There must a message for me. to love and following our purpose…. <3

    1. I hope there is a message for you Brad! Thank you my friend. I am ever grateful for your support ♡ This one is very powerful to me also, Brad. I never met this woman in the flesh, but I know her!! Blessings 🙂

    1. Hi Julia! I’m so happy you saw this one…it is special to me! I can see her walking…and the way her hand lingers on the doorknob as the tear falls…ah! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thank you!!! You have been on my mind…thinking beautiful thoughts for you. Another week of getting settled here…and then whenever you can let’s get together!! ♡♡

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m happy this one resonated with you…I believe in this love with all my heart ♡♡ Hope everything is well in your world!

  5. I felt so sad reading this, but also inspired by the courage and strength of this woman Often, I have prayed a barrier around my children to protect them. After reading this, I will make sure the barrier holds an abundance of love around them. Abundant love to you, Lorrie! This is a beautiful tribute.

    1. Thank you my dear friend! I think the feelings I had when I wrote this and when I think about it are exactly what you said…a profound sadness and yet inspiration as well. As a mother to a son it is especially moving in my heart, and it makes me cherish every moment with him. Much inspiration and beautiful love to you JoAnne ♡♡

    1. It is based on information I know about this family…and it felt like this was their truth! It is sad and yet there is a peace that exists knowing that she will always live in his heart! Thank you dear Staci…your sweet soul shines ♡♡

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