You CAN Be Happy During the Holidays!


For some, the holidays are filled with stress and anxiety from a past filled with pain. The key to navigating the holidays is to remember that we have the power to change anything that does not serve us well. You can change the narrative and be happy during the holidays!

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When life feels like a (not so) fun house and you know you need to change your mind…

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Tethered to Chains


It’s hard to see through the fog But I know you are there. It’s more a feeling from the inside Than any true sense. I can feel you trying to hold on Fists closed Nails digging deep into flesh Administering pain Remembrance. I try to break free I tell myself that it is okay to […]

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This is the last post in the series titled, “Consequences.”  The following list depicts the other postings with links in chronological order: 1). Consequences ~ The Fishing Expedition 2). Consequences ~ The Fallout 3). Consequences ~ The Bottom Line 4). Consequences ~ The Continuum of Light 5). Consequences ~ I Am Not Completely Unscathed 6). […]

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It is a choice There is no other way that you can state it Calling it a choice Implies fault and condemnation For it truly is in your hands Whether you stay and take the hit Or if you keep yourself so far out of the inner circle of abusive energy That there would be […]

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CONSEQUENCES ~ I Am Not Completely Unscathed

I am not completely unscathed Try as I may to protect my heart The pounding insults start to leave their mark Is this a test to see how well I am doing? Bring back to back assaults from the original abusers to see how I would fare? And what exactly is it That doesn’t allow […]

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CONSEQUENCES ~ The Continuum of Light

If indeed there is a piece of softness that I can find A piece of softness that can foster movement of my thoughts To a place inside my soul Where perfect love resides It would be that I honor the rights of all people To be And think And act The way they need to […]

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