This is the last post in the series titled, “Consequences.”  The following list depicts the other postings with links in chronological order:

1). Consequences ~ The Fishing Expedition

2). Consequences ~ The Fallout

3). Consequences ~ The Bottom Line

4). Consequences ~ The Continuum of Light

5). Consequences ~ I Am Not Completely Unscathed

6). Consequences ~ Choices

7). Consequences ~ THANKSGIVING


The shame and condemnation I feel is real


This is about healing

And there is no greater tonic

No natural herb

No laying on of hands

That can affect a greater change than





We are not perfect

And though my first reaction after the fallout

Was to act with reproach and disgust for myself

I know in my soul

That is not how to heal

We can look to the Universe

And say, “Why Me?”

(I did)

Or we can look and say,

“Thank you for this opportunity to learn…

Thank you for this reminder of WHO I AM

and therefore,


I have made decisions for a lifetime

Based on how I thought I would feel in the future

And the funny thing is

That those decisions have caused me such grief in the NOW

The truth is

That the future is not guaranteed

And I have no possible idea of how I may feel at that time

As I write this

I know that it will be posted on Thanksgiving morning

And I feel a shift in my heart for which I am so grateful

There’s no rule that says

You have to stay in a person’s life

Just because you share the same blood

I respect each individual’s right

To be who they are

Even if I can’t respect who that is

I understand life experiences and circumstances

Helped to shape that

But I don’t have to agree

With the way they conduct themselves

Or the way they treat people…myself included

I just don’t feel comfortable

Sharing space and breathing the same air

Yes, on this day I give thanks

For finally understanding

That I can’t change other people

And if being in their world is abusive to me

Then I have the choice to not put myself there.


Lorrie <3



Thank you all, beautiful people, for the love you show.  I am inspired by each and every single one of you!  Thanks for following “Consequences” and for the wonderful support you freely extend.  May we all realize the amazing things in our lives and have Thanksgiving…and Blessitude for it all!  <3


(Links will become active after each writing is posted)

1). Consequences ~ The Fishing Expedition

2). Consequences ~ The Fallout

3). Consequences ~ The Bottom Line

4). Consequences ~ The Continuum of Light

5). Consequences ~ I Am Not Completely Unscathed

6). Consequences ~ Choices

7). Consequences ~ THANKSGIVING

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    1. Ah! Thank you dear Lorrie!! I’m so happy today 🙂 I appreciate that you stuck with me through this whole series and I am happy that you get to see that I walked through that darkness into the light 🙂
      Beautiful blessings to you on this day of Thanksgiving, my friend. I hope you are surrounded by light and love <3

  1. I feel the power in your words Lorrie, and am grateful that you choose love and forgiveness in the NOW. I know you will benefit from this wise and loving choice. And saying no and removing yourself from pain is also a loving choice. Giant hugs extending to you and yours on this day of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving my friend. <3

    1. Many jlessings I wish back to you, Brad! Thank you for witnessing the transformation from pain to love and forgiveness! It is such a worthwhile journey…and to be able to share it with beautiful souls like yourself, is a gift of the highest proportion! May you be surrounded by love and peace, dear friend ♡

  2. It’s good to see that you have learned to take care of yourself and know you deserve it. A great Thanksgiving Day for you indeed. Hope it’s a full and happy one. I’m spending it with just my daughter quietly away from those that bring nothing but their meanness to the table. We will play in the kitchen and watch happy movies and enjoy the peace of the day of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving Lorrie.

    1. Thank you so much, Marlene!! We seem like we will have the same kind of day my friend! And if we lived close we could do it together 😉 Thank you so much for being there and for witnessing and holding my hand and heart during the hard times. So much love I send to you♡♡♡

  3. Lorrie I have so enjoyed sharing your journey here, I hope you can see how much you have grown.. And posting this series I am sure will help many others understand we can not change others.. But we can change ourselves and take ourselves out their energy..
    Sending much Love to you and wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving xxx <3 xxx

    Now go on Fly!!!! you are Freeeeeeee……….. 🙂 Hugs xx <3

    1. Hehehe….yes, Sue! I took a very long walk on the beach I love and the smile never left my face!! Every person we came in contact with was so full of love and happiness…and that is the energy that feels right…that feels good!!! I thank you for your beautiful support during this transformation, as you knew what I was feeling at every turn in the road. Beautiful love and peace to you, dear, dear friend ♡♡♡

  4. It’s been an honor to walk through this with you and exciting to witness your growth . Stepping and staying away from toxic people with an attitude of love and forgiveness takes a special awareness and strength. I’m so proud of you and excited for you! <3

    1. Oh…thanks JoAnna! I’m so thrilled that you were here with me, watching this healing unfold. I went for a long walk on the beach this morning (it was beautiful! ) And every single person we saw was so happy and radiating light…I knew that my decision was the right one…but it was confirmed by how good I feel in my quiet solitude today. I was walking with a dear friend and we were discussing solutions to a problem I am facing. Then we ran into someone I met while standing on line to vote…and he said something that confirmed everything we had just been discussing!! Divine answers show up in the most amazing ways when we believe that they will!!! Beautiful blessings, dear JoAnna!! ♡♡

  5. I have also learned the lesson that we cannot change others. When we accept that in forgiveness and love, we are free to live our lives surrounded by good, nurturing energies. Happy for the healing this process has resulted in for you, Lorrie. Sending much love <3

    1. Hi Helen. I don’t know how I missed this comment…my apologies friend. Thank you for adding your beautiful energy here and for your wonderful support. I am ever grateful 🙂 Much love back to you ♡♡

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Learning to function with detachment in toxic situations and relationships is one of the hardest things to do in life. I have a mantra of sorts that I use when I need to remember that I have no control over another’s behavior but do have choices that can help me control my own. The mantra is: “Don’t feed the beast!,” the beast being both the toxic situation along with the reflexive temptation to respond in an unhealthy way. Thanks for sharing your journey and the reality that the walk into blessitude is not a walk in the park.

    1. No “cake” walk either (whatever that means 😉 ) I love your mantra…and hope you don’t mind if I borrow it!! I also read somewhere recently to “Respond…don’t react.” Simple, and yet full of wisdom.
      Thank you so much for your compassion, guidance, and love. Many blessings to yoy, Dennis.

  7. Feeling shame is imposed by others as well as from ourselves.
    Imagine shedding this burden and accepting that it is up to us to trust what it is that we want for ourselves … and to let go of dependence on what others may or may not grant us.
    That is true freedom.
    Welcome home Lorrie 💕

    1. Home feels like a really nice place…a place I remember, Val! Thank you so much. Your words always speak directly to my soul…Ah!
      Sending sweet blessings <3

  8. Hi Lorrie,

    I haven’t been on-line in a little while, but an advantage is being able to read your entire series here in one sitting. I can see how hard, how intense, how intimate this difficulty is. I have experienced just a little sliver of something similar I think, due to mental illness in my own family. It is so difficult when those we depend upon, those closest to us, are also a source of pain. I can think of little else so confusing and know that it takes great courage to navigate to the position you have found. One really must learn to stand upon the grace and beauty within, and cultivate the strength to know that taking care of ourselves is a good thing. I think it’s just hard, but we learn what love really is, and is not, and at last discover nothing can take from us the sovereign light within…

    Peace and Love, dear friend!

    1. Ah! Michael, thank you. You summed up the series, hence the actual life lesson, so beautifully. It is very confusing when the boundaries of one person’s idea of love is so completely skewed from all that I feel and all that I am learning. I have to say that I felt so much peace on Thanksgiving day that it was almost disconcerting! That’s the other thing I learned through this, that we sometimes become so accustomed to the way things are that it becomes a habit. And we don’t do anything to change that habit until we realize there is something different, something better, some other way entirely. I am very grateful for my life and, while at the present time I am finding it a little challenging to live in the moment due to big life decisions, I have never felt more involved in it. Thank you my friend, I hope that you are super wonderful and that you had an awesome Thanksgiving! ♡

  9. Forgiveness and Love are important in these turbulent situations. To forgive them and release yourself for the attachment to them. Import to forgive yourself for allowing this to continue perhaps longer than it should have. Put the Love back into you as you deserve to be filled with love and joy. The hard part is letting go especially when it is family as we are conditioned into accepting things we should not just because they are family. I hope and wish you start a new phase in your life as you have completed this one. Now is a time for closure so we can move on to do what we are here to do. Blessings as always to you.

    1. Aha! See…so funny I just addressed the fact about how long I allowed this to go on to another comment you made!! I think I am doing really well…being gentle with myself…understanding that things tend to happen when we are ready for them to happen and not putting added pressure of judgement in there. Thank you so much for your beautiful support. It helps so much to hear from one who has gone through a similar thing and come out the other end…maybe not completely unscathed…but ready and willing to move on 🙂 Sending you beautiful blessings and lots of love ♡

  10. I think part of thanksgiving is giving thanks to yourself. I hope you take a moment to celebrate the wonerful-ness of you and soar softly into a good night’s rest. xo Harlon

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Harlon! I am in the learning process and it is good to have a reminder…Thank You!! I’m so exhausted right now…I’ve been working non-stop since 7:30 this morning!! I believe I will soar into a deep sleep about 3 minutes head hits the pillow! Sweet dreams ♡

  11. Incredible series…thank you very much for sharing…love the art work!! In spite of all of it, each and everyone of us have a lot to be thankful for I choose to focus on that vs. the hurtful situations in life….thanks for sharing…Have A Blessed Christmas Season!!

    1. Ah! Kirt, thank you so much for reading through the series and commenting from your heart. Your choice is a very good choice! I, too, am learning to focus my energies this way, though sometimes I admit I fall off track. I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas Season as well 🙂

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