Haiku ~ & “Merry Christmas”


In life and in death

You can not deny the truth

Spirit moves your Soul!


On this Sunday, one week before we celebrate the birthday of Christ, I am solemn…

This week I learned of a birth, and a death, in a matter of hours.  One tiny little human embarking on the most miraculous journey, and one who didn’t appear finished with his, left abruptly.

I contemplate this process and the one thing I come up with is that Spirit moves our Soul and we can be a willing participant, or we can let the struggles of life drown out what we hear.  We can let fear pervade our being and go searching for comfort in every place It can never be found, or we can move to the tune of our hearts, orchestrated by the power of the Divine!

This week before Christmas, I offer these words as a gift, a reminder…

Listen to your Soul

It will never steer you wrong

Blessed love inside


Lorrie ❤


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56 thoughts on “Haiku ~ & “Merry Christmas”

      1. I feel a bit gutted. The words came to me as sweet… But, I didn’t understand the reality that they sprang from. My response must have been somewhat confusing. I’m so sorry, Lorrie, for my insensitivity. I’ll remove one foot from my mouth so the other has room to get in…:(


        1. No need for that, my friend!! I appreciate your words and find them appropriate to the overall peace of the haiku! I used to fear death greatly, but something happened in my mind when I heard about the birth and death so close together. It made me feel at peace with the whole of life, of which birth and death, the beginning and end (at least here) are a part. In fact, I was comforted by your response, and think it is awesome that you wrote back so I could express these feelings too! Yes, the death is sad, and I will spend this whole day involved in the visitation, funeral, and celebration. I did not find you insensitive AT ALL, I belive you caught my internal feelings and if that took your breath away, I am honored!!!
          Peace, and love to you. May this week be filled with JOY!! ♡♡

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          1. Amazing. And – my next post is about the rawness of real life (this side of Heaven) and a kind of “dying” that feels like prep for the real thing.

            I have a prayer for you today, Lorrie, in light of what is transpiring for you this day: that you would “hear” what God’s heart is saying to you through this experience. If He knit us together in our mother’s womb, surely He is intricately involved in wooing and cooing over us every day…


    1. Hi Ka! Thank you my friend. I agree wholeheartedly with you…there is so much going on it is easy to disconnect. I miss being here and being connected but life has been taking much time 😉 I feel so blessed and wish to send Love…and Peace…out to you and to our fractured world. May we be the force for healing ❤ ❤ Aloha!

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    1. Hi Brad! Thank you my friend! Yes, there have been a few things going on in life that could snuff out a little light, but I have tried to be very aware of it all and embrace love in all situations. Merry Christmas to you…Peace, my friend ❤

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  1. I am sorry to hear of the passing of your male acquaintance, dear Lorrie; I imagine you must be experiencing conflicting emotions at this time, when good news has arrived alongside the unexpectedly bad. I know something myself of birth and death occurring in my presence simultaneously. H ❤


    1. Yes, Hariod. Thank you for the empathy during this time of joy and sorrow. I am sorry you speak from experience, but I am certain we are not the only ones who have gone through this conflict. It speaks to the circle of life and in a strange way helps me to not fear death.
      Tomorrow will be a day to honor him. You will love this…he is (was) the owner of our tennis club. After the service his family is hosting a “tennis party.” I know in my heart that this would make him so happy 🙂
      Blessings dear Hariod ♡

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  2. Beautiful post Lorrie. Thankyou for always sharing from your heart and soul. Have a wonderful Christmas, and I look forward to connecting with you in the New Year. Many blessings 💕🎄💕


  3. I hope your words reach these who have lost their soul and feel confused in the rushing world that has turned its back to them.
    Have nice Christmas and peace of mind, as well as the soothing and welcoming Christmas light in your heart!


    1. Ah! Thank you, dear Inese! I appreciate your kind words and wish you all good things in the coming new year…I know this past year was a tough one for you. Have a Merry Christmas! ♡


    1. Hi Cynthia! Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your condolences, and I’m so happy that even through this intense sadness I found a greater lesson and could convey it here. I wish you many blessings and a Joyful Christmas ♡

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  4. So understanding of your solemn thoughts dear Lorrie.. And I understand the loss of little souls .. Thank you dearest sister for your kindness and your healing energy upon your visit.. I too am emerging back into the light again.. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas dear Lorrie.. Enjoy each day.. Each moment..

    Love and Blessings.. Sending huge hugs your way.. Love Sue xxx ❤


    1. I send you a giant smile and hug, Sue. I had a feeling that you are working through something. We are stronger and wiser every time our souls deliver a lesson. Here’s to walking in the light for a bit, and honoring all that IS! Much love, Sue…I can feel your energy ♡♡

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  5. (((HUGS))) firstly for the sudden loss in your Life, Lorrie. Regardless if we understand how birth and death are but just a process in Life it still hurts when someone leaves this side of the veil. Your words spoke directly to my Heart and I do thank you for them. May this Christmas JOY and Love fill your every space in your Life. Merry Christmas, dear friend. Much Love, Amy ❤


  6. The cycle of life … no matter how much we accept and embrace it, will always bring some emotional highs and lows.
    Embrace it all Lorrie, and bring your awareness and loving kindness into the sphere of new beginnings.
    Happy Holidays can mean different things to different peeps.
    May the season find its home within your loving heart and others who believe 💛


    1. Ah! Thank you, Val. Your words are like a hot toddy being sipped by a warm fireplace while snow gently falls outside! (I remember what that is like…it’s still in the 80’s down here 😉 ) Thanks for the kindness of your soul…I am embracing all of life, Val. I think that is the bug key for me (all.) Many blessings for a loving season filled with peace…and most certainly JOY!! ♡♡

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