We Never Stand Alone

2014-11-22 09.11.56

And sometimes

all we can do is have Faith

Faith that what is happening will bring us to the place that we are supposed to be

Faith that no matter how much it hurts now

there was a reason

Faith that after the sun sets

it will rise again tomorrow


We never really stand alone





I Need Your Opinion…Please Vote for your Favorite

Hi everyone!  I need your help.  The following photos are groupings of decorative glass plates that will be hung on a wall.  They are quite large…approximately 6 feet wide by 4 feet high (the total grouping.)  I have moved these plates for a total of about 5 hours (and boy does my body know it!)

I have narrowed it down to the following four photos (down from the gazillion I looked at!) and would like to put it out there and see what grouping “talks” to you.  So…if you don’t mind…let me know which is your favorite.

And I can’t quite promise that I won’t put up the rest of the gazillion! :)

20141118_122827      Photo 1

20141118_123543      Photo 2

20141118_134548     Photo 3

20141118_140557     Photo 4

Thank you!!! <3




If Only…I Would


If only I could reach through the clouds and touch you

I would wrap my arms around you

And tell you I love you

I would tell you that you are going to be okay

I would tell you that your heart will heal and that you will learn so much more about yourself.  I would tell you that you stretched your heart and that has given it the capacity to grow.  I know it hurts but it will enable you to go just as far in the other direction.  I would tell you that your little reindeer nose is cute, but that it doesn’t suit you. :)

If only I could reach across the miles and touch you

I would wrap my arms around you

And tell you I love you

I would tell you that you are going to be okay

I would tell you that God has chosen you – you worker of light – you wonder of love.  And through your struggles you will become stronger.  You will reach new heights and fly through the galaxies of newborn truth and understanding.  I know you are hurting now but you are so strong.

If only I could reach across your mind and touch you

I would wrap my arms around you

And tell you I love you

I would tell you that you are going to be okay

I would tell you that your need to be loved and noticed is already fulfilled from those on the outside and from our heavenly Father.  The only person missing from this list is the one who peers out from behind your eyes.   When that heart softens it’s judgment, the truth will be seen and you can relax and get back to doing good deeds.

If only I could drive 50 miles and touch you

I would wrap my arms around you

And tell you I love you

I would tell you that you are going to be okay

I would offer the meaning of a life that was wracked with struggle and I would soften the heart that feels persecuted.  I would hold your hand and gently walk into the truth…walk towards the light…and watch as your soul reached full understanding and accepted the love it was missing for eons.

Yes, if only I could reach you all

If only I could take away all the pain and put a smile on your faces

If only…

I would




Merry Go Round


Merry go round

Until we go down

Spinning top

Boring a hole in the ground

Throwing pieces

Pieces that were me

But I’m not sure if they fit anymore

Ripped to the side

The side of reality

The side that was a dream

Or a nightmare

Merry go round

Until we go down

Spinning top

Boring a hole in my heart

Rip away the façade

The shell I used to protect me

But in reality

It only hid me from what’s good


Shoot me straight up


Burst into the stars


Flying free

Being me


Merry go round

Forever I’m bound

To the truth of my soul

To the beauty of my journey

To the peace in my heart






Photo Courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

No Animosity…Just Curiosity



Borrelia Burgdorferi – Lyme Disease Bacteria


Could my body be more broken?

I am not sure…

I have done everything I can think of to recover from the assault.

The muscles are tight and tired, the tendons stretched beyond capacity.

The bones are out of alignment and they hurt.

And all of this after I was so completely balanced there was no need for a reboot!


What are the lessons to be learned?

Surely, there is a reason for this physical pain…

There is a piece – a tiny sliver of something that has yet to be seen.

It is there, I can feel it now.

I can isolate it and possibly give it a name.

Time to work on the origin…

Time to acknowledge the pain and to free it from my soul.


The journey has been long and winding.

I have been shown so much.

I am receptive.

I ask for clarification.

I am so ready to meet this.

I will be gentle.

I have no animosity – just curiosity.

I am not afraid.

I have built a strong secure foundation and I recognize how much I do control.

But I also know the universe and the collective energy has an “impact.”

If only for the reason that we are one and the same.

I am creating an environment that is full of love.

That is secure.

I am open to the guides who will help me on this journey.


Just love and understanding.

White light and crystals.

Prismatic clarity.




This poem was written 10/3/12, just over two years ago.  I was in the midst of incredible healing…healing from a physical disease, and healing from emotional scars that I had never properly dealt with.  The two are so connected.

Two years later, I find myself in the midst of a set back.  When my emotional world goes so out of whack that I leave my beautiful state of AWARENESS, I allow my body to feel the stress of the disconnect.  When stress impacts my body, my disease which lies in a dormant state becomes an opportunistic invader and attacks every system in my body.

I have chronic Lyme’s Disease.  It was determined that I probably had it since I was a child…11 years old.  It was not diagnosed until I was 47 years old, when I was bitten by another tick who also carried the parasite Babesia – a malaria-like disease.  Babesiosis almost killed me.

I was treated for four years.  It was no picnic, but I grew in ways that were incredible.  April 2, 2013, was the last time I took medication…I was HEALED!

Until, November 3, 2014.  It is disturbing to admit that all the strange health occurrences I experienced of late is due to a reemergence of the Lyme bacteria in my body.  It is more disturbing to admit that emotional stress is the trigger which woke up the dormant buggers to rage war inside me.

I was shocked and maybe a bit embarrassed by the news.  Shocked because I believed I was completely healed of this horrific disease.  Embarrassed because in hindsight, it all made perfect sense and I couldn’t believe I didn’t recognize it myself.  Then we could discuss the ways I was tempted to abuse myself for allowing it all in the first place.  I say “tempted” because it is a delicate balance, teetering on the edge of love and hope – and shame and blame.

Most days I stay in love and believe that there is much offered here for me to learn.  And I will learn.  And I will heal.  And I pray that I can pass along something that helps others.  Namaste ~ <3 Lorrie


Photo courtesy of en.wikipedia.org