The Way of Peace

The way of peace is to know that every soul on the planet is connected
When one is abused
We all have pain
When one is torn
We all are fractured
When one is exiled
We all lose our home
The way of peace is to believe that we all matter…
No one is higher than another
When one is oppressed
We all are held down
When one is excluded
We all stand alone
When on is dominated
We all lose our power
For the way of peace is not to turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering
of souls who are in the middle of war
The way of peace is to stand together…
to know we are stronger when we join forces…
to rise together in love and light
to drown out the darkness
For when one tries to rule the world
We are all in danger.

Eleven days into this invasion of Ukraine, my heart goes out to the dear people who have been misplaced from their homes and worse, killed by bombs of war.

I see videos of people trying to flee to save their lives and it makes my heart cry. I don’t know what will become of them. I don’t know how they will be able to go on and start a new life in a new land. But I pray for each and every soul to know love and to be able to believe in hope.

War is not new. The pain and suffering of its innocent people are also not new. I don’t know what it would take for all humans to finally understand that the wars we wage in the name of progress only keep us locked in the past.

What would it take for us to remember our connection, to forget the separation…to remember love?

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. ~Mother Teresa

I send you all wishes of love, light, and peace in your world. Maybe we can add so much light that we negate the darkness…


Lorrie <3


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26 thoughts on “THE WAY OF PEACE

  1. Thank you Lorrie for the beautiful and heartfelt tribute to peace. Remembering our connection and that we belong to each other is a great way to start. May peace and love prevail. 🙏

    1. Thank you, Brad. I feel a bit helpless…like I wish there was something more I could be doing to add love and light into the world!
      Thank you for your connection…and for your kind heart and words and I know that you FEEL it too!
      Here’s to peace…and love <3

      1. I understand and appreciate your compassion Lorrie. 💕There are things we can do; donate money, send love and light, and keep working toward cooperative living for all. 🙏

        1. I agree, Brad. I think even the smallest gesture of kindness is not wasted! I know it feels so much better to give love than to monger hate and anger. Maybe the feelings will catch on! 😉
          Hope you have a great week ahead!

    1. Hi John. It’s nice to know that we are raising this vibration of love together! Do you think it will ever change? Do you think that we can tip the scales in favor of peace and love? I wonder all the time…

  2. My heart aches also, Lorrie. I love how you put into words my exact sentiments. Thank you for your beautiful poem. If prayers and wishes could only stop the madness. . .

    1. Thanks for adding your beautiful energy here, Judy <3 I so want to believe that we can raise the power of love to such a level that it covers everything and everyone…and that that translates into PEACE FOR ALL!!
      Blessitude, my friend!

    1. Thank you, Linda. It is a heartfelt message that I had to get out. It feels like we are powerless…and yet I have to believe that our prayers and good energy HAVE to help!
      I hope you are well and that life is full of light for you <3

      1. I feel helpless too Lorrie. But I agree with you, that our prayers have to matter somehow. Maybe we just need more people praying! Your wonderful post brings it all into perspective and maybe some more people will do that now. Every little piece of added energy and love is so much more sweet right now.

        1. Bless your soul, Linda <3 Thank you. I didn't realize how much I needed confirmation that others feel the same way. And confirmation that we can…WE DO…make a difference!
          Yes, together we are so much stronger than when we are alone and isolated. I know some would argue that it is easy for us to be this way when we are not fleeing for our lives amidst bombs dropping from the sky. But I see that as precisely the reason that WE ARE ABLE to be this way…and if we are able then we need to do our part.
          Sending so much love and light!

  3. Thank you for your tribute to peace. I send you so much love Lorrie. Keep peace, hope, love and strength in your heart my friend. Focus on all that you want to see and let the light dispel the darkness. Yes to all of us being united in faith and not fear. It’s love that conquers all. ❤️🙏

    1. What a wonderful day it was when we crossed paths, Miriam! I am so grateful for our connection because you always hold me (EVERYONE!) in a place of great love and kindness. We can drive out the darkness!!
      I know that my life has changed and that is because for all the years I’ve been reading about how to make these changes, something clicked and I have been able to implement the changes that had to occur in my mind! Many blessings to you, Miriam…for you are a shining light for peace!!
      Hope your travels continue to be an incredible adventure!!

      1. I’m so happy for you Lorrie. It can often take a lifetime to make those changes, and for some people they never come at all, so you should be so proud of yourself for that shift. Thank you my friend, for your beautiful kind words and wishes. I’m also so glad for our connection. Much love. xx

    1. Hi Cynthia! Thank you! I just had to share.
      Wow, it’s been a while. I sure hope things are going well in your part of the world. I will be over to check 😉

  4. There really is this connection you write so eloquently about the world in general, and it has come to life over the past month and it is beautiful to see… even amid this absolutely unspeakable tragedy of the Ukraine invasion. Your opening line is simply perfect: “The way of peace is to know that every soul on the planet is connected…” This has been proven with the strong support around the globe, and with such hope and inspiration from the Ukrainian people show love & peace is the natural state of the world. Wonderful post, Lorrie.

    1. Thanks Randall! It is amazing how incredible it is when a mass of people get this truth and come together!! It seems like when it happens that more and more people would realize this truth and discard the notion that it is a dog eat dog…everyone out for themselves…world mentality. If only we could tip the scales in favor of love and connection to each other!! I know it is powerful and that it can take a force just as powerful to bring us all together. I await the day we do tip the scales and it becomes second nature…instead a rare response to huge adversity.
      All my best to you!!

    1. It is horrible, Inese. Truly heartbreaking 💔
      I have thought about you often and hope that you will feel all settled after your move and get back creating your beautiful work!! Stay well my friend 😊💜

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