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I have a very dear friend, Fre’de’ric, whom I’ve known since I started my blog more than a decade ago. He is an amazing soul with some of the most beautiful creations I have ever experienced. You can find his work at @lecoeurimmense (on Twitter). Every so often, we decide to marry our creative energies and we write a poem together.

It is an amazing process that is full of giving and receiving, and I am always blown away by how it works.

Working together with another soul shines a light on how much better we are when we connect with our fellow humans. The energy of creation, when shared, is like a beautifully choregraphed dance with each person sometimes leading – and therefore, sometimes following.

I think when we join forces, we create something more powerful and we also fulfill the desire from our Creator that we recognize no man is an island – and we need each other.

My wish for you all is to recognize the importance of connection…to share yourself with others in the most vulnerable way…to touch that sweet spot of creation with another and to feel the energy of perfect love.

I am so excited to share our collaborative poem with you all! Anahit! The goddess of fertility and healing. Fre’de’ric said, “She lives inside every mother in the world.”

And as every mother would never want for her child to feel pain, she is a symbol of peace for our fractured world. May the rising feminine energy blanket our world with the memory of what it means to love unconditionally and may peace reign supreme.

I present to you:



Sending you all the best energy for the week ahead. May you connect with others in ways that touch your soul!


Lorrie <3


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    1. Hi Inese! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes…It is amazing to create a poem with another soul…I wonder how it could work with a painting…and have you ever heard of someone doing so?
      Hope you are well <3

  1. This is so beautiful in all ways!! I always have loved Fre’de’ric’s poetry! I didn’t know it was pronounced that way! I think it used be the blog was called “Words of Light” and then there was a second blog. Is he only posting on twitter now. Regardless, it’s so amazing that you two are connected and continue to work together. This poem is incredible! <3 Xoxoxo

    1. Hi Ka!! Yes…of course you know Fre’de’ric!! And his soul is just, if not more beautiful as it was then. I believe it was “Words in the Light” and he is currently only on Twitter (although he has published several books on Amazon…look him up!)
      I adore working with him…I can remember the first time we wrote together…I was so afraid!! Now it is like coming home after a long trip and just being happy to be home!
      Thanks for your beautiful words, Ka. I hope all is well and that you connect with incredible people!! <3

    1. Hi Brad…thank you friend! I had to look up the word “fallow,” Brad, and I find it interesting that you used it here. You didn’t say that you are leaving your connections behind (at least the way I understand it) but more like you are leaving them settle for a bit, “in order to restore its fertility.”
      I’m not exactly sure what that means…or if you had that in mind when you used the word…but I would add that YES…we need our connections. Maybe you are just taking a little break for your own future production!
      Sending lots of good energy!

  2. Such a beautiful poem and such an amazing collaboration Lorrie. I share your sentiments that creativity is doubled when we come together in purpose and sharing a passion. A few years ago I collaborated with a fellow blogger, she wrote the words and I turned it into a song (Planting Dreams) and I sang it with my guitar. We did it a few times, backwards and forwards with poems being turned into songs. It was so much fun and so satisfying. Our connections are so important, whether it’s here or in real time. Have a wonderful week ahead my clever and creative friend. ❤️

    1. I love that, Miriam💜 Did you happen to post any of it on your blogs? Is there a place I could go to hear them?
      You know EXACTLY what I mean…and how it feels! THAT is the feeling we need to strive for with our fellow humans. We can enter that place where we become one in creation and recognize the importance of our connection!
      Thanks so much for your kind words, your understanding, and OUR connection! 😉💜 Hope you are entering this new phase in life with peace…and balance! Have a super week!

      1. Hi Lorrie, yes to everything you said my friend! Connection is priceless and yes, Planting Dreams is on my blog. Try and do a search for the title. Also Music, Miracles and Meditation, I think that’s what I called one of my posts, it’s been a while! But all my music and our collaborations (there’s about six songs) are on the home page of my blog. Off to take hubby to hospital now for a day procedure. Hugs dear friend. 🙏💗

  3. This is so inspiring, Lorrie. I had no idea you collaborated with another poet. And look at this result! An exquisite poem that will forever be treasured!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. I love the theme of connection, which is how grateful I feel about us. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, my friend!

    1. Hi Judy…thank you so much!! I am Blessitude! Frédéric used to have a blog on WP…and what an incredibly beautiful blog it was. I wish you were able to see it…but I think he took it down. It is so much fun to create with him and I am always amazed at how the process works.
      He is on Twitter now and posts his work there…I for sure would check him out…I know you will love him!
      Sorry I missed you last night. The time change has my internal clock on the fritz…and I’ve been so tired!
      Hope all is well and that you have a super new week! 😊💜

      1. I will look for him, Lorrie. No worries about last night, because I know how late it is where you are. But it’s great to hear from you and I love what you are creating. Keep going and I’m sending you lots of love! ❤️❤️❤️

        1. Thanks, Judy 💜 I have so many things I want to move on to…my challenge now is picking ONE and following through with it (now that I have actually finished one!! 😉😉) Sending many blessings your way!

          1. How fantastic that you have so many things to choose from, Lorrie!!
            And congratulations with following through on one of your numerous endeavors. If you’ve done it once, you can do it again. You will definitely rise to this challenge!

            1. Ranks, Judy 😊😊 I love your support and encouragement! And it was much needed in this moment! I had one of those days that no matter what I tried to do…nothing worked! UGH! At one point I just started to cry!! I know better…and realize that with kind of energy it is easy to perpetuate it. I wish I had just stopped and taken a break. Oh well…hopefully next time I will remember. But your words give me new energy and excitement…and I thank you for that!!
              All good things, Judy😊💜

              1. I sure understand your frustration and I’m sorry you cried today, Lorrie. But those tears were watering your “garden of blessitude!”
                You will grow something even more magnificent as a result. One of my biggest lessons has been patience. Keep taking those breaks, and know that your endeavors will bloom when they are ready.

              2. Thank you, beautiful friend😊💜 You brought a huge smile to my face and I hear you. It was so uncharacteristic of how have been living lately…It didn’t feel good. But I also know that it was temporary. I put a little pressure on myself to meet a self-imposed deadline…and when all electronics went wonky…there was nothing I could do!
                Sure hope you are having a great week, Judy…and thanks again!! 😊💜

    1. Aww…thanks Ann! The process, although a little scary to me when we start…worried that I won’t have anything to say…always blows me away! It is a beautiful creative space to play in 😊

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