Placed in your heart
Just a seed
Do they have a chance
To see the light of day?
Will you decide to bring them
Into this world…
Or will you leave them alone
In a dark closet
Lying dormant
In the waiting room
Swirling in the ether
Of dreams that only
Stay a dream.

Give me a high five if you’ve ever had an idea, a dream, that you left in the waiting room. A dream that wished to become a reality but could not do so on its own. An idea that that was planted as a seed but needed to be tended to so as to grow into what it would become.

I have left many of these pseudo-creations in THE WAITING ROOM OF DREAMS! I could write a book (and maybe one day I will 😉 ) about why. It is a complicated explanation, but today I would like to share one of these little buggers that actually made it out of the waiting room; that burst out of the cocoon that held them so safely, and have been birthed into a tangible, hold them in your hands, consult them and receive an intuitive reading to help you – any time you want or need!

WELCOME to the launch of my brand new, IF THEN AMEN CARD DECK! They are here, and they are ready to ship! I can’t begin to describe the feeling I had when I opened the box and there they were!!


The more I work with these cards, the more I see just how helpful they can be! I am excited to offer these cards to you for the next week (10/30/2022-11/06/2022) at a 20% discount.

The cards are regularly priced at $39.95 (which includes shipping to the contiguous United States) but for the next week they will be priced at $31.95. If you live outside the contiguous United States, please CONTACT ME HERE and I will send you an invoice that includes shipping.

Here is the PayPal link to purchase this special offer:



A 78-card personal, private, self-help system. Use the cards to gain insight and possible solutions to problems and the emotions caused by them. The deck consists of 25 IF cards, 25 THEN cards, 25 AMEN cards, and 3 info cards. ASK for a little help…and receive intuitive wisdom to help you change the energy…change the situation!


So many people have struggles right now, and I do believe that this card deck can be a useful tool to offer a little guidance to help lighten the load.

Here is a reading that I pulled to go along with this post…


AH! You are NOT making a mistake! Whatever you are pondering, is a valid enterprise and you should move forward. There are many reasons why your mind can be playing tricks on you, one of the most obvious being that you feel fear surrounding this situation. Fear will always create doubt, and that is what you are feeling. To move out of fear you have to move yourself into love energy. Once there, look at every possibility and you will see the truth of the situation. The AMEN card adds a nice touch to the end of this reading. What this card tells me is that it is okay that you thought it was a mistake because that got you to not only shift your energy towards love, but it made you look at all the possibilities – which is never a bad thing. I would guess that something came up that needed your attention! Go on…live your life with wonder and excitement and watch as everything falls into place <3


I want to thank you for all of your love and support through the years – it has truly meant so much as I walked on this healing journey. This dream never would have come to fruition without a lot of soul searching and the wonderful conversations we have had here. If this card deck speaks to you and you would like to purchase it, I say a giant THANK YOU in advance. And if this card deck does not speak to you and you would not like to purchase it, I still say a giant THANK YOU!! I cherish our connection with the utmost sincerity <3

Thanks for always being there…and if you have a dream that is in the waiting room…maybe this post will nudge you in the direction of birthing it!! 🙂


Lorrie <3


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    1. Hi Ka 😀 Yes…always live with wonder and excitement! I hope that your waiting room is just a short holding place and that you realize all of the dreams that come from your soul!! Have a super wonderful week 💜

      1. That’s the kindest and sweetest wish for me! Same for you, Lorrie 💗💗💗 I do have a whole, whole lot in my waiting room. It’s a busy place. It’s been that way for a long time because I’ve always had so many ideas and plans. I finish my doctorate coursework in a couple of weeks, so that should hopefully open up a lot more time and attention to move stuff out of the waiting room! Plus, I mean, the metaphor connection there is just too funny. 😂 my soul did store up a lot from previous lifetimes… can’t wait to see what’s next! Hoping your cards find themselves in so many different hands 🙌🏻 love xoxo Ka

        1. HaHaHa!!! I LOVE IT!!! Yes…in the waiting room…DOCTOR!!! Congrats, Ka!! What a HUGE HUGE accomplishment. I am certain that your time will free up once your coursework is done…and then watch out waiting room!! I am proud of you, Ka!!
          And thanks for the wish for my cards <3 That is my wish also. I am not a "marketer" or "salesperson"…I just hope they find their way organically 😉
          Make it a great week <3

    1. Hi Kristen 😀 Thank you so much! I am so excited…what a feeling to have a thought in my head…and then to see it…and hold it!!! And they came out exactly as I wished them to!!
      I hope all is going well on your side of the world. And I hope you always realize your dreams, dear friend 💜

    1. Maybe all they need is a little light…?
      Is there something, in particular, that kind of haunts you? If the answer is yes…then maybe it needs exploration. Just saying…😉😉

  1. A HUGE congratulations to you Lorrie. I can feel your excitement, it’s palpable in your words and I’m so very proud of you. It takes courage and perseverance to go after your dreams. So wonderful and the cards look absolutely gorgeous, no wonder you’re thrilled. Enjoy all the good that will come from this and moving forward with achieving many other life dreams. There’s indeed so much wonder and magic out there but we have to be open to receiving. Much love, big hugs and once again big congrats my friend. 💫💗 xx

    1. Thank you, Miriam 😊😊 Giant smiles here as I receive your good wishes…I, too, can feel your excitement for me – and that makes my heart sing! It is exciting to create something…there was nothing…and then with hard work and perseverance the idea in your mind becomes a real thing that you can hold in your hands!! This must be how you feel every time you see an article and your lovely photos publishes.
      Hope things are going well! Here’s to always feeling the magic…and always going for your dreams!!

      1. Amen Lorrie! That’s exactly how I feel when I see my finished work become creations in print. It’s always a thrill, so I know exactly how you feel. Enjoy! 💗

        1. Thanks, friend 😘 It is an amazing feeling…not of the ego…but just a good feeling deep down that something passed through and came into existence!…Creation!
          Have a great week 💜

  2. This is so exciting, Lorrie!! Just your title “The Waiting Room of Dreams” is incredibly compelling. I strongly believe in acknowledging dreams and following them – that is exactly how I see myself living in the present. What a difference, compared to my “former life!” I know you understand that all too well.
    I wish you magic and wonder with your amazing deck. Just seeing the sample was inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing with us and I feel blessed that we connected!

    1. Thank you so much, Judy😊😊 What beautiful words of love and inspiration! I know you live that way..and what a blessing it is! “Magic and wonder”…yes! Life can be full of all that and so much more when we get out of our own way and live by the truth of our soul!!!
      Thank you for sharing from your soul…and thank you ALWAYS, for your love and support 💜 Hope you have a brilliant week!!

  3. What an achievement! Lorrie, look what you did by taking out one of those dreams in the waiting room. I’m so happy for you! You shall have every success for the Universe sees and acknowledges this Gift you are offering the world and It will assist you. Believe it, Know it. And so it is!! Much love to you!

    1. Awwww…Amy!!! Thank you dear heart. Your words touched me so deeply and yes! I do believe in the gift and I am doing everything I can to spread it to the world. I know that I was just the person who helped this card deck to be birthed…it truly felt like I was taking dictation when I heard the words in my soul.
      I hope you are well, friend. Sending lots of love and light 💜

    1. Hi Carol 😊 Thank you so much! It was a labor of love and really exciting to see how the cards are sort of taking on a life of their own! And yes…people who buy them are coming back to buy more for gifts…how serendipitous that they are ready in time for the holidays (I did not plan that!!)
      I enjoyed your horse post today and it brought back so many memories as I grew up with horses. I, too, had one who would use every tree to try to knock you off…and have had biters!!! And nothing hurts worse than a horse bite!!!
      Hope all is well and the week ahead is filled with lovely moments! 💜

      1. It must be so exciting to see your project finally materialize! Wishing you all the best! (I’m thinking of ordering a pack for my daughter…)

        And thank you for letting me know people who know and love horses face similar challenges. 💜

        1. Thanks, Carol! It is so exciting…and my creative heart just keeps wanting to make more things now!!
          I have not taken down the link on that post for the sale on the cards…if you do want to purchase please use that link to get 20% off!
          And…believe me…I LOVED our horses…but being around them all the time…there are way more crazy stories!!! I almost lost the ring finger on my right hand when I was six!! I thought I was so cool riding on my own…and the horse wouldn’t listen…he took off into a neighbor’s back yard and I was trying to pull the reigns back so hard. Well, there was a metal leader line they used for their dogs to run while on a chain…my finger got caught and it pulled me right off the back of the horse!! It was quite traumatic and my finger is very scarred to this day!

    1. It does not surprise me that you have dreams in the waiting room, Inese! But I also know that you use your creativity on a daily basis, and you never let them stay there for too long! The days are very short…although yesterday…I had the strangest experience! The day felt like two days combined into one…every time I looked at the clock and expected it to be two hours later, it was less than an hour! I have no idea why that happened, or what it means…but it was very strange!
      Hope you are really well, Inese! <3

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