Thy Grace sustains me and feeds my soul
I lay worries at your feet
and I lift my heart to sing with Angels
In all my travels may I spread the work
and depth of your passion
May I walk in quiet solitude
and notice the gifts you bestow
May I seek to raise my vibration
To ignore the longing of the ego
To feel the presence of perfect love
and to shine the light from within
as a beacon of truth

Sending all good thoughts of love and gratitude on this Thanksgiving Weekend, 2022.

As I ponder what it means to be thankful, I know that my life changed when I started to live in BLESSITUDE. (CLICK HERE to read how I chose the word to change my life.)

Did it suddenly become a problem-free, pie-in-the-sky existence where perfect outcomes and perfect love reigned supreme?


But what did change was the way I walked through struggles or difficulties. I kept my faith close to my heart and I knew that no matter what happened, I would have the strength and perseverance to make it through anything!

When you believe with all your heart and soul – NO MATTER WHAT YOU BELIEVE – the chances of experiencing that belief raise exponentially.

So, it makes really good sense to do an inventory of what we believe and ditch anything that we don’t want to experience. This process can be a lifetime project – one that requires constant attention.

But the one thing that you can do on a daily basis that will effect a huge change, is to implement a daily practice of gratitude!


I remember in the beginning I didn’t know how to do that because I was bogged down in negative energies and feeling my pain. I simply forgot what gratitude felt like.

But the more I practiced – and I mean PRACTICED – that whole 10,000 hours thing – the more I understood what it meant to not only feel alive and feel love, but to experience the grace to understand what forgiveness meant. And believe me, nothing will change your life more than practicing gratitude and forgiveness together!

As we wind down this year 2022, and take inventory of what was, may we look forward to a new year ahead WHILE we live in each moment and use gratitude as our guiding light!

Sending all good things!


Lorrie <3


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21 thoughts on “GIVING THANKS 2022

  1. Your “Blessitude theme” is incredibly profound, Lorrie. That word combination is perfect. So much of how we feel is a result of our attitude. Feeling gratitude is always an uplifting approach!
    And once again, there are such parallels to our lives. You found this concept at the age of 50 and your life changed. Well, I found my writing and opened my heart when I turned 50. It was miraculous how much my life changed after that. So much for both of us to be thankful for!

    1. I love, love LOVE this response, Judy!! I always felt it was so cliche that I would start my huge spiritual transformation on my 50th birthday weekend…but is seems I am not alone!!
      Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts and lovely feelings you add here on my home blog. I couldn’t be more thrilled that we have connected…and that is no mistake! I believe we are attracted to the people who are there to help us on our journey…and you have to know that your beautiful soul inspires me every day!!!
      We do create our reality…and Blessitude has been an incredible door opener for me.
      I wish you all good things…and send so much love and light! So happy to be connected!! <3

      1. Your words gave me such a smile, and I feel the same way about you, Lorrie. I agree about the cliché and transformation at age 50. So often it’s referred to as a midlife crisis. I see it as my renaissance, my turning point, and my rebirth. Wishing you a wonderful week, my friend and keep posting your inspirational words!

        1. Amen, Judy!! 🙏 Yes…to everything!!! EnJOY the rest of your day…what time is your event tonight? (Or is this your week off?) I am going to a show at our theatre tonight…can’t wait!! 😊💜

  2. I love your prayer, and your commitment to gratitude and faith Lorrie. I’ve been pretty casual with them both. Maybe it’s time to up my commitments to help me return to living fully. Blessitude is such a wonderful word!

  3. Hi Lorrie,
    Beautiful, beautiful post and I absolutely 100 per cent agree with you that thankfulness and your “blessitude” theme is the foundation for a peaceful loving, transformative life. For me personally, writing in my Gratitude Journal, something I’ve done for the past eight years, has enriched my life no end.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and heart. Sending you much love my friend. ❤️🙏

    1. I know you live it, Miriam! Every word you write shines with blessed energy. I remember when I was not vibrating at that level and the more I fought, the more people who were angry and toxic appeared in my life. It is truly amazing how when you change your energy, you also change the people in your orbit. Either the ones who stay change their vibration – or you make room for those who live in Blessitude. The thing is that you are better equipped to recognize the difference!
      Sending all good energy and love your way. I can imagine you are very busy…but I send wishes of comfort and fulfillment to you! 😊💜

  4. Wow, Lorrie!!! This is such a powerful post, every word dripping with wisdom and experience. Yes Gratitude is KEY to an existence that flows with love. The more you practice gratitude the more that gratitude expands and expands into every aspect of your life. How wonderful you are living like this ….. how Glorious!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with us. You are so precious and so very blessed!! xoxoxox

    1. Ah! Amy, thank you…YES! I know how very blessed I am!! I am so grateful to hear your words which compound the way I feel. When I did not live in gratitude it was like life was lived in black and white…different shades of gray. Now it feels like technicolor…just bursting with a wonderful kaleidoscope of colors that melt and change into one another!!
      I’m so happy you can find the gifts in my words…you beautiful soul shines through!
      Sweet Blessings, my friend 😊💜🌻

  5. I absolutely agree! Gratitude and forgiveness are the key to living our lives fully and happily. And like you, I believe that our faith doesn’t mean we won’t have troubles in our lives. Everyone has troubles, and some more than others. But our faith means that we never, ever, have to face those troubles alone. And that is huge!!!

    1. It is so HUGE!! 😊😊 I believe that feeling alone is probably one of the worst feelings in the world, Ann. And as you said, everyone has troubles, but to be able to lean on our faith and never feel alone is everything!!
      Here’s to knowing…and living in gratitude! Thanks, Ann…I love to hear your perspective 😊 Hope the rest of your holiday season is filled with love💜

  6. Hi Lorrie, I tried to follow your blog but I’ve been having quite a few problems with not being able to comment etc at other sites. Mind you, this is the first time I’ve had a ‘follow’ fail before. You must have the meaning of life on here somewhere and I’ve been judged ‘not ready’ yet 🤣❤️🙏🏽

      1. I SEE you!! And my blog told me it has a new follower! Whatever you tried apparently worked, and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for being persistent, and if the full meaning isn’t found here…I certainly hope that you will find wonderful tid bits. (Haha…I think the only time I used “tid bits” was when I used to eat them!! Remember those cheesy little logs?)

    1. Oh, no, Mark! That makes me so sad 😔 Or wait…maybe that makes me so happy that meaning could exist here…but then it makes me so worried that I have to find it!! Haha! From what I have read, you could not possibly be judged “not ready yet!”
      I am truly sorry that my website has given you trouble…and I have absolutely zero idea of what to do about it! But I am honored you stopped by and tried!

      I really enjoyed the discussion over at Amy’s blog…just WOW!! And I am happy that your website was kinder to me than mine was to you! I’ve a feeling we will be connected…and that’s a nice thing 😊 Hope the rest of your week is filled with wonder and excitement!

      1. For some strange reason I can be signed in, go to a blog site and try to comment or follow and it says I’m signed out. And without touching anything I can go to the next blog site and it will allow me to comment and says I’m signed in. And sometimes then it just refuses anything. It becomes very frustrating. Anyway, it no longer matters I am following and receiving your comments at least. When I receive your first post I can go sing in the rain 🤣And yes, Amy’s post triggered much discussion, it seemed to hit a pulse that needed a chat. It was great. Have a great day Lorrie 😀❤️🙏🏽

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