Angels in the Surf

Rough Waters
Rough Waters

I drive by the beach to be consoled by mother nature

to see her beauty

and to feel her rhythm of life

I am sad to see lights litter the landscape

flashing an emergency

for a soul

who thought he could become one with the waves

the currents were strong

and they ripped him out to sea

it was swift

and it was clean

not too much to think about

from wence he came he returned

and the boats searched till darkness


Morning arises and he has not been found

I pray for his soul

I pray for those he left behind

I pray he understands heaven


In a moment – any moment

there are choices to be made

we live in a life with free will

I’m just not sure that we all understand the significance of tiny moments

seemingly innocuous decisions that can alter a life –

end a life


As I walk on in my journey here

I pray to be aware of all moments

to be present in my life and to notice the really important times.


I walked up to the beach to take photos of the rough surf that claimed this man’s life to include in this post.  I did have a little fear because his body had not yet been found.  The beach was deserted, except for a woman walking with her toddler who asked me to take their photo.

When I got home and looked at the photos, I noticed little lights in the surf in one of the pictures.  I zoomed in and there were so many.

Dancing Lights
Dancing Lights

I couldn’t imagine what they were…specks on the camera lens…?  The sun was not out so I didn’t think it was a reflection of the sun.  So I zoomed in again on what appeared to be the largest one….

An Angel

And I saw an angel!!!  I am so utterly full of joy!

I was afraid to go to the beach for fear that I might see the poor man’s body, but I went and I got to see his soul.  I believe this is a miracle.  And it once again shows me that I should not live in fear…love is where I want to come from.

Angels in the surf

come to take him home

tell him he is safe

he is loved





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25 thoughts on “Angels in the Surf

  1. What a beautiful angel!! 🙂 I am so happy they came to embrace that man, and to let you know that you did not need to worry! 🙂 The angels are always there, taking care of us 🙂 I am so thrilled that you got to see one 🙂

    1. Oh thank you Line! (I am pronouncing your name correctly as I write it!!! I think!!…We have a pond out of our back door…it’s actually the picture in my 2nd Haiku…and fish jump out of it all the time. We have named them all…”Leaping Leena” so whenever a fish jumps we yell “Leena” so our pronunciation of the second syllable may be a little off…?

      This is not what I was going to post today…but we saw all of the emergency vehicles and search and recovery teams in the ocean last night on our way home and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The poem came out…as many do…and then I knew I wanted to get a photo of the rough ocean. It really was a miracle for me…the photo has so many little lights in it…I hope it translates well on the computer. I can’t imagine what else they could have been. Doesn’t really matter I suppose, as long as I know what it was for me…
      Thanks for your light in this world!! Blessitude 🙂

  2. Ok, you succeeded in giving me the goosebumps….thank you very much for sharing. There are so many miracles around us daily that we either don’t recognize and/or did both..thank you!

    1. Oh Kirt…I know what you mean. Thanks so much for adding to the post (and for reading in the first place!) I do realize a life was lost and I have so much respect for that…but I really believe angels brought him home and that gives me comfort. It was a very miraculous experience for me! 🙂

  3. A small step in a good direction –
    You are king of the sea,
    Till you fall,
    Wipe out,
    Beat up to the shore.

    You are bruised,
    But you smile,
    For a taste of adventure,
    You want more.

  4. This stopped my breath. Your handling of that moment of awareness of the lights was awe-inspiring. Your way with words is simply amazing “a soul who thought he could become one with the waves.”

    1. Hi Kimberly. ..Thank you 🙂 I really appreciate the kind words. It was a very amazing experience that I am so grateful for. As of this morning, they still had not found him 🙁 I pray for his family. Blessing De 🙂

    1. Oh…Thank you. The little lights dancing in the surf truly gave comfort to my soul. Thank you so much for looking through the older posts 🙂 Much love to you! <3

        1. You are so sweet!! Thank you for the highest of compliments…I wish I could say, yes I am…but how about I say I am an Angel in training!! I believe that! Much love to you…have a blessed weekend! 🙂

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