Wherever I Go

Happy Spring
Happy Spring

I am so grateful for where I am.  I commented on another blog yesterday that what I read was perfect for me…that the universe had perfect timing.  Then I said I would practice what he preached this weekend because I was stranded some place that I did not want to be.   The blog owner responded that the universe not only has perfect timing, but perfect placement as well…does it not?  To which I thought…ABSOLUTELY!!  But then he wrote back…”Wherever you go…There you are.”

I have sat in quiet solitude with that statement and I have explored the many possible reasons I was meant to hear that at this time.  I am always amazed when I am shown that even though I believe I am living a conscious life,  I still have more to learn.

I was reminded of a Clint Black song:

Wherever you go there you are

You can run from yourself

But you won’t get far

You can dive to the bottom of the medicine jar

But wherever you go….There you are!

My first thought about those words came from my past and this brought up memories of a time when I did whatever I could do to not have a connection with myself. Memories that are painful yet comforting because I no longer run from the things I am feeling.  I no longer try to numb myself by “diving into the medicine jar!”

So the lesson I learned is that we can make a decision about how we think about things.  It is up to us the spin we put on something.  In this case I remembered something negative and therefore questioned this man’s motive…”Why would he say that to me?  Look at all the work I’ve done and he wants to shine a light on my negative past!  He wants me to know that I can’t escape who I am…can’t run away from myself!”

But what if that was not his intention at all?  What if he meant, “yes…it does not matter where you are because you are there in all your beautiful glory and you can choose to see the good in every situation, in every person, in every place.  Love.  Just love…it does not matter where you are in the world…it matters where you are in your heart!”


I can’t say for sure what he meant, but I know for sure that given the choice of the two I choose the latter.  And I am so grateful because even though there was a momentary slip and my first thought went THERE…I had the ability to recognize it very quickly and I had the vision to make the other choice!  I am a work in progress…and I see progress! Yayy!!

So my original reason for not being happy about where I was “stuck” this weekend was because I had to leave beautiful, sunny, warm Florida for the northeast with temperatures in the teens and 50 mph winds.  And the reason I am grateful, besides for this understanding, is I got to see these beautiful crocus’!


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9 thoughts on “Wherever I Go

  1. I just know you are right Lorrie, everything we need in order to be happy and see joy is right there inside of us, if we are just open and tuned into it. Doesn’t mean we should feel guilty about being sad, not at all, but just seek comfort so that you can be healed from the sadness. The world is a good place with lot of loving souls that will be there for you if you let them, and if not, then you have your soul to comfort you, for your soul is Love and Joy. Can I just share this quote with you from a lovely book by Eva Ibbotson: “Despair was a sin she knew that; turning one’s face away from the created world. And resolutely she forced herself not just to look at, but really to see the beauty of the world around her.” – A company of swans. I don’t like the word sin so much, but I let it be there since it is a quote. But I think the meaning is correct. Sometimes we need to just sit down and really see the world, a bird taking flight, the pitter-patter of raindrops, a new flower blooming, a cloud looking like a castle, a perfectly round moon, a deep blue ocean, all that beauty which is there for us, for you, to marvel in and rejoice in. 🙂 Have a beautiful blessed and joyful weekend Lorrie! You are beautiful and so is the world, celebrate this beauty, for you are definitely something to celebrate! (and if you have time I would love for you to read the most recent post on my blog) 🙂 Lots of Love to you!

    1. Oh Line…it is rare that I am speechless…but I truly feel that we could communicate WITHOUT words….but that would make me sad because I so look forward to reading the symbols you put on a page. Thank you for being able to go straight to my heart.

      I did go and read your latest post and it is remarkably beautiful and so perfectly stated! I keep looking for a way to receive emails when you have a new post on your blog…but I don’t think you have one. I have fear that I will miss something but I will change that to LOVE and rest secure in the knowledge that I will receive your messages exactly when I am supposed to! Much love to you for a blessed Sunday 🙂

  2. As a fellow work in progress, I cheer you on! I love this post.
    “It is up to us the spin we put on something.” Powerful words there.
    I love how you quickly noticed that you went THERE and gently, quickly, brought your attention to what supports you. Love it! I too am progressing, and love when I can observe my growth. Thanks for sharing this excellent example of how we alone have the choice of how we will interpret, or let in, something. With deep gratitude, Gina xo

    1. Hi Gina! I feel so blessed to have “caught” myself so quickly and I attribute that to the wonderful support, love, and honesty that I have found here from people like you!! It is true that the energy we surround ourselves with will determine the energy we put out. I am honored to be included in this wonderful world of words and I am so thankful for you and the mark you leave on this world…and on me! Blessitude 🙂

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