The Lifting

Reach Higher
Reach Higher

I open my eyes and find myself at the bottom of a well
Surrounded by darkness
Cold and damp
Alone and bare
Time to contemplate the fall of the world I built from my heart

Tears fall from a face carved of stone
A heart that is broken
A body in pain
I wonder how long I can endure this torture
A life with no love
A soul with no purpose
How long will I stay in this self imposed exile
How long will I suffer at the fate of my own hand

I look straight up and I see the daylight
At first just a pin hole
Soon spreading to the circumference of my mind
The light exposes rungs that need only be reached for
My broken body lay just under
Just out of reach
I try to piece my world back together
Banish the darkness
Rise to the light
Reach for the rung
Ease the pain
Remember the beauty

My arm reaches up as my eyes are exposed to the light from heaven
And beautiful angels are flying above
They speak with no words
But I know what they’re saying
Come to us
Come to the light
You’ve seen both ways
And we know you belong here
We know you are a child of love
Use your mind, use your soul, use your heart, you will get here
Reach up and climb higher, come to the light
The pain that you feel, is there to protect you
To show you how much you can feel with your heart
You need to see that others are hurting
And what looks like betrayal is really their pain
They have no idea how to deal with their feelings
So they punish the ones on the road up ahead
They know not what they do to your psyche
They only know what they try not to feel
They strike like a cobra and point their fingers
It helps them preserve their place on the road
But dear you know better and are most able to help them
If you stay true to the love that exists in your soul
The road that they walk will be much better paved
By the love that you leave in the wake of your steps

Never look back and regret all your kindness
Remember your burden, your purpose, your soul
For better to be on the road to forgiveness
Than lain broken down in the bottomless hole
Dance to the light and the music within you
Skip on the path and sing like a dove
Live everyday that you have been given
And share the light always, coming from love
You can only teach what lives in your heart
They can only learn what is true
A mark on a heart, a print on a soul
That’s what you’re here to do
So rise from the darkness and give yourself love
Share it with all of your heart
The path that you light might just be the place
That shows them all where to start
Honor your vision honor your role
Live like you know what to do
The angels are here, and they will guide you
The light that lives inside of you


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7 thoughts on “The Lifting

  1. What a beautiful beautiful poem Lorrie! Full of healing and self-love!! And yes, I believe the angels are here for you, lifting you up on their wings of Love 🙂 You know Lorrie, I believe that everything we do and say has an impact on our life. If someone says anything mean to you, that has no effect on your soul, it is only themselves they can hurt, when you meet cruelty with Love you give yourself Love, you elevate your soul, you wrap your life in Love. So I think we should pity those who are mean and cruel, they can only create darkness in their own lives, and soon it will be so dark inside of them, that they will no longer recognize Love. That is sad. A beautiful soul like yours, that always gives, that always loves, that always cares, is something to rejoice in! 🙂 It is something to celebrate! 🙂 For what you give is yours forever, and you give Love Lorrie, that is all that matters 🙂

    1. Hi Line…Thank you for being beautiful YOU! You always GET me. And you always inspire me to do more. I was in a truly dark, frightening place and I am so grateful that I did not stay there long. It is because of the connections I have made with you and people like you who make my heart sing with love and compassion. I am grateful beyond words and I am humbled by your selfless giving. From a heart brimming with love…Lorrie

    1. Hi Di…I am so happy you could feel it! Every ounce of healing goes to the collective hurt in this world. Thank you for your connection to love. 🙂

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