My Home…Where is it?


I walk along this empty corridor.

Every door I pass closes and I am reminded of what I am looking for.

My home…where is it?  Where did it go?  It was here before…I must find it.

I walk along this dirt trail.

I walked here before, another time another place, and I knew where every trail led.

But today I find they are all dead ends with briar patches and I can’t find my way out.  I am scratched and bleeding.

My home…where is it?  Where did it go?  It was here before …I must find it.

I walk to the ocean’s edge and I feel the wonderful power of the waves to and fro.

I have walked here before and I have found what I was looking for.

But today is different because I have lost my home.  I have misplaced it – or maybe it was never really here- maybe it was my illusion.

I walk alone on this dark deserted street – no signs of life – no signs of death…no signs of home either.



What do you do when everything you counted on, everything you knew to be true gets ripped away from you.  You can see that it is coming and you are powerless to stop it.  You look at your hands that are still clenched but the life you knew is no longer inside them.  You did everything you could to preserve it, but things have changed. 

You cry.  And you cry some more.  You pull the covers over your head and you stay in bed until you think it might be possible to get up.  Then you decide that maybe you should eat something. ..drink something. ..take a shower.

And if you haven’t already, you pray.  You look for the lesson that you are meant to learn and you express gratitude for this opportunity to learn.  You realize that everything happens for a reason and you know that when one door closes another door (or window) opens.  You look for the good in your life and you connect with the people who are left who are good and kind and caring and decent.

You just go on.  One small step, then another.  BELIEVE!!  Just BELIEVE!

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6 thoughts on “My Home…Where is it?

  1. Oh, Lorrie! I am sending you Lots and lots of beautiful angelic Love 🙂 I know that everything will feel happy and joyful again for you, a beautiful soul like yours will always find a way to shine and bless others with its glorious rays 🙂 If there is anything I have, that I can give you, you need only ask and it is yours! 🙂 Take care of yourself sweet Lorrie and keep taking daily baths in that beautiful Light of yours 🙂

    1. Dear sweet soul Line…you have already given me the most important thing…you gave me a piece of your heart and I couldn’t be more grateful! Your words create an aura of love that surrounds me and that gives me the strength to move forward. Thank You…Thank You! 🙂 I understand the movement of energy…and your words have given me a much needed lift. You are beautiful in every way…Thank you for sharing your soul. Much love, Lorrie

  2. Incredible writing as always Lorrie. Touches the core of me, and it resonates with when I was ‘scratched and bleeding’ from an event in ’09 that ripped the very fabric of my reality. Took a long time to recover, and sometimes that’s just it. Time. And being blasted to our core. When there’s nothing left to do but pray.
    The incredible wisdom you share on your amazing blog shows how, like a precious gemstone, your trials have polished you beautifully, Bright One.
    With so much gratitude for you and all you share here,
    Gina xo

  3. Dear Gina,
    It is amazing how we can bend so far, and yet we don’t break. I pray that whatever shook your foundation in 2009 has been reconciled and that your peace has been restored. This life is a vast wonderland of learning and sometimes it is hard. Thank you for your kind words and your support. You give me the courage to show myself. And what girl wouldn’t be honored to be likened to a shining gemstone…
    🙂 With much love…Lorrie

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