A Pleasant Surprise


I need to thank you, the truly caring, wonderful people who have visited my blog and left a footprint.  I just spent the last half hour reading comments from a new follower which made me revisit my own writing and comments that others have left.

I started this blog for reasons other than self expression and connecting with like minded people.  I also dipped my toe in the shallow waters with a bit of reticence, not completely on board that this forum was for me.

What a stupendously beautiful surprise that I feel so happy to be a part of this caring, nurturing community.  This is a place that has magical corridors that weave intricately to a place where everyone can find the place they are supposed to be.  I want to dive into deep waters because I will see more, learn more, experience more,  with you.

I feel so blessed to connect with what others would call complete strangers, and yet what I would call dear friends.  I have never met you in the physical realm,  yet I know you.  I know you better than some people who have been in my life for half a century.

A pleasant surprise, yes.  That is what I feel.  And when we have those moments in life, where we are pleasantly surprised, we need to stop and take notice.  And we need to be aware that sometimes the very things in life that we shy away from, the things that we are not so sure about, are the very things that have been presented to us as a gift.

Explore the gifts in your life.  I plan to read about your adventures and to leave my footprint in your world.



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22 thoughts on “A Pleasant Surprise

  1. Wonderful post Lorrie!! I have always had a tough time finding kindred spirits and have always felt a little lonely because of it, I don’t have many spiritual friends, and my family is not spiritual at all. I have been laughed at and mocked even, for my belief in angels and in the spiritual realm, so for me, finding so many kindred spirits, like you, has been such a beautiful blessing! i think that is why many of us really feel that we can be ourselves here, because we know we will be accepted and appreciated, we are amongst like-minded friends. So then, there is no need to hold back or feel shy, we can pour our hearts and souls out, and receive Love and Beauty back 🙂 So, in many ways, I think many of us, at least this goes for me, are more ourselves here, then we are in real life, because the world can be cruel and sometimes make us hold back a lot for fear of getting hurt 🙂 Thank you for this lovely post! 🙂

    1. Hi Line…I understand exactly how you feel. I have often been made fun of for my beliefs and I also do not have many spiritual friends. And yet, even through my darkest times I have felt the presence of Angels in my life…guiding me, protecting me. It seems that they held me in their arms until I woke from my temporary slumber. I so appreciate you and I am so grateful that we have traveled many miles to meet one another. Many good things Line! …Lorrie

    1. Hi Teela…We have walked on a similar path so I want you to know that your footprints can lead you every wonderful place your heart wants to go! You have been in my thoughts and I send you all positive light energy. Take good care of yourself…Blessitude!

  2. I too love this post — it mirrors my own feelings around my presence in this cyber-space as well. I feel ‘known’ to the people I interact with and in turn, I feel as if I have known them for a long, long time and that we are old friends sharing a cup of tea.– if only we could!

    Hugs to you dear one — while we’ve only just recently encountered each other here, I am so grateful and feel blessed. As you say, blesstitudes!

    1. Hi Louise…I raise my cup of tea to you…and to all the other people we have and will connect with in this world of words we use to express our hearts desire. It is a wonderful feeling to “connect” without a physical touch…it reminds us that our souls “touch” in the realm of all creation! Many blessings to you…Thank you for “being” in my world! Lorrie

  3. what a blessing you are. and what a footprint to leave on so many. thanks for being beautiful inside. such blessings really do make us grateful. I know I AM……;)

    1. Thank you so much Erica!! My world is a better place everyday because of souls like you! I love the shout out to “I am” and the wink…thank you for your light and the love you spread to the world!
      Lorrie 🙂

        1. I am sending you all good thoughts. I can tell something is laying heavy on your mind and I want you to know that you are not alone. All these beautiful people are with you, beside you. Listen with your heart Erica….In Blessitude and love…Lorrie

          1. That’s one of the tricks of the enemy. To make you feel that you are alone. It’s good to be reassured that I’m not. And you’re right. … there is something very heavy on my heart. Yet, I know that God has me.

  4. What a beautiful way to express the relationships many of us have made in this blogging world. It is a blessing to be able to connect and leave footprints, as you so aptly stated, as well as to have someone leave footprints upon our own hearts. You are a gracious and light-filled writer, Lorrie, and that grace and light spills over onto your readers. I am grateful for you and the footprints you have left inside of me.

    1. Susan….THANK YOU!! The love from your world pumped from my heart and created such a beautifully powerful response throughout my body. It ended with tears of joy…I so appreciate your gift!!! Lorrie 🙂

  5. I agree with you Lorrie.
    I started my blog as a way of storing my writing. And then slowly as I wandered around reading other blogs, I found a wonderful community of likeminded friends. It was a wonderful surprise to connect with people who shared the same passion. It is kind of like getting to show up at a Writer’s
    Circle at a local coffee shop every time we sign on!
    Finding writers like you are an added bonus♡

    1. Yes Di…I agree. And I really appreciate you. I wrote to you on Keri’s site today…it is amazing how many things we have in common! Have a super wonderful Sunday! Lorrie

  6. Lorrie, I was drawn to your site this morning, cranky from another broken sleep, reading about your smile, how grateful you are, well lady that just jump started my mood for the better. Leaving my big foot print of thanks:) with a happier heart, Kim

    1. Hi Kim! Thank you for your words…WOW! Like attracts like…and just keeps giving. I am so grateful that you got the jump start you needed today…and you pay it forward to me. How beautiful this life is when we can touch each other with our words and create a space of love and encouragement! 🙂
      Thank you for brightening my Sunday morning! Blessitude ~ Lorrie

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