I find it so hard to breathe.

Like quicksand my lungs are filled and I fall deeper, unable to rise to the surface.

My chest expands but the air is cement and they fill with bricks the size of caverns.

How do I stop the death of me?

How do I reach inside and pull out the monster who tries to steal my soul?

I know there is a place where flowers bloom and life goes on like a beautiful ride on a carousel.  Horses bob up and down while music is played.  Run from one to the next – forever turning, forever singing, forever in love and loved.

I walk to the water’s edge and when the rings of time settle and reach the shore line, I know that every breath I have taken, every breath I take, every single deep inhalation breathes love into my soul.  I shall not ever labor my breathing – not ever again.

The smile and a kiss from a rainbow in the sky touches me and I remember what I must do – breathe.  Breathe in my life – accept the love, do the remarkable and move closer.  Walk forward in love and honor my strength knowing that all good things will collide in my heart’s soul.

Blessitude   9/12/12

I wrote this a year and a half ago.  I like to look back over my writings as they can serve as a reminder of how to stay on track.  I saw “Breathe” and I want to make sure that I inhale the beauty of life that surrounds me everywhere I look today.  I wish you all the clearness of mind that comes from breathing in your life!  Happy Sunday.  Lorrie

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9 thoughts on “BREATHE

  1. Beautiful Lorrie! I am so glad you found your way back into love and started breathing Light and Beauty again, a Light and Beauty you share so wonderfully with us! 🙂 Thank you for sharing! We all go through dark times, because life is not easy, at least not for most of us, and even though we are beautiful souls underneath, we also have a body, a mind, emotions that get bruised by living through tough times. But mooring ourselves to our beautiful loving souls makes the journey so much easier! 🙂

    1. Good morning Line. Your last sentence says it all…and I will try to always remember it. It is true that we do get side tracked by life…but I have really tried, and will continue to try, to keep a very keen awareness of my energy. Here’s to the light and love that always surrounds it. Lorrie

  2. I love when we look back and are in a much better place today.
    Thank you for sharing. It helps to know that sometimes the strongest people have weak moments. But isn’t it grand to see that by not just lying down there, we had opportunities to grow that we might not have had?
    I LOVE your writing♥

    1. Thank you! Thank you for such a beautiful compliment and for sharing your thoughts. It is really good to go back and see that struggles can be viewed as opportunities. Even better when you know you took advantage of the learning possibilities. I so appreciate you! Blessitude

  3. What a beautiful post…again! I am so happy to have discovered your blog today. I can feel the pain you walked in when you wrote it, it bleeds from your words. It feels like this pain made you strong and cracked you open into a more loving sweet soul with blessitude. Peace, grace & love.

    1. And I am so happy you did as well! Yes Lisa, there were times of crazy deep pain. Just love the phrase, “It bleeds from your words.” All of my words come from my soul…and I am grateful for all I have experienced because without the dark times I would not be aware of the light ones. I can’t get over to see you until later tonight…I CAN’T WAIT! Blessitude 🙂

  4. I look at your past and present writings and always find so much talent! God has gifted you with this ability to express some beautiful thoughts in which we all can share!

    Have a super day,


    1. Thank you! I feel very humbled by your beautiful words. I do believe that God wants me to write…I feel so much closer to spirit when these words express through me! 🙂 Thanks for bringing a smile to my heart!

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