Cover Me With Love

Cover Me
Cover Me

Are we different when we are wet

Do our colors run and bleed into one another

Am I wet with water

Or is it blood running down my face

Dripping from my eyes

The life line that courses through my soul

I want to live with freedom

Freedom of choice

To choose love in all cases

My blood runs through my body carrying the secrets of my purpose

Carrying the keys to unlock my heart

Which allows me to see the places where my love can touch the souls of others

Touch the souls of the brokenhearted – the lost – out of place

Cover me with love

I am wet with the beauty of its essence

Dripping drops of acceptance

Allowing the life force to flow through me

To cover me

I am wet

I am wonder

I am love

I am pure

Cover me

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19 thoughts on “Cover Me With Love

  1. Wondrous writing here, overflowing with the nourishing waters of spirit. Thank you for sharing your brightness with us here Lorrie, and every visit adds brightness to my heart! xo Gina


    1. Your words are so meaningful Gina! Thank you for lifting my heart and for being the kind, caring, beautiful person that I feel I have known for a long time. It makes me very happy to hear that your heart is brightened. Oh, if we were able to reach the world, one person at a time, how magnificent to brighten their hearts! Blessitude 🙂


      1. Oh I too feel happily connected with you, as if I’ve known you always. Sisters we are, doing what we can to brighten hearts. And you certainly do my friend!


  2. I am just packing up here, but I just had to make time to comment on this post! It is so extraordinarily beautiful Lorrie! Simply amazing! You are such a beautiful soul! 🙂 Lots of Love to you!


    1. Line, you are so sweet to take the time to write to me! I so appreciate you and I wish you a smooth transition in your move. I will also send you good energy for safe travels…I will miss you!! Get connected soon…There will be a vacancy of love and light without you!!! Blessitude!


  3. Love. Love. Love this.

    And I believe we are reaching the world, one heart at a time. As I look at how many people I have connected with who share my desire to light up the world with love, to shine with grace, I believe we are changing the energy all around us. We are creating a world of ‘Blessitude’ — and in our connection — the darkness lightens up!


    1. Yayy!!! Louise how wonderfully put! Yes we can reach the world one person at a time…The more people who do the “reaching” the more people who are reached. You always inspire me and make me want to stay vibrating at your level. Here’s to committing to the light!! ♡


      1. Lorrie, I apologize to you. I didn’t see this comment until today.

        I love the term “backpacking” through your blog. I may use that one myself in the future. It’s obvious you have the gift of loving and nurturing others.

        Never be afraid to use it in abundance. Everyone needs encouragement.

        The True Light


          1. See, that’s what I mean! A comment like this would put a smile on anyone’s face. It certainly is a gift!

            The True Light


              1. You would feel humbled…I’m beginning to believe that’s just the kind of person you are. It’s nice to know people with your uplifting personality.

                The True Light

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              2. I’ll wish you the same, but you have already decided that you will have a fantastic day! It’s in your “DNA.”

                The True Light

                Liked by 1 person

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