The Things I Take For Granted


His eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning.

Better than any wrapped present under a tree,

the rolling ocean, on a gray day,

looked thirteen shades of green

against a back drop of

deep purple clouds full of rain.


He was not child,

perhaps a man in middle age

and his excitement at seeing

something he had never seen in his entire life

had a child-like vulnerability

that was easy to fall into.


Strangers connected in nature’s beauty and wonder,

humans offering love

in a heart-shaped stone

passed on for remembrance.


The hard and the soft,

the remembered and the forgotten,

the future and the past,

all captured in a moment.

A Yellow Feather fell into my life!


I don’t think that I have ever thought about how many people in the world have never seen the ocean.  Thinking about it now I see that it may be possible that there are more people who have never seen it than people who have!  The things I take for granted!

I’ll never forget this chance meeting and the sharing of our souls in that moment.  And I will always love how the universe offers us gifts when we least expect it.

The perfectly heart-shaped stone that seemed to be surrounded in light, caught my eye as I walked on the beach that morning.  I walked past it because it didn’t measure up to the “incredible shell” status I have limited my beach finds to, as I have limited space in which to display them.

But then I heard a voice from my chest area (the place I know I should pay attention to) and it said, “But it’s a perfect HEART!”  Obediently, with full agreement, I turned and walked the three steps back to the stone, just as a wave was coming; possibly to take it back to the depths of the sea, never to be seen again.

I set the stone on the railing as I turned to wash the sand off my feet.  That is when I met the two gentlemen.  The one man couldn’t wait to tell us that this was the first time his friend had ever seen the ocean!

I was so excited to be able to share this experience with them.  I took their photos and tried to sum up the power of the sea and what it means to me.  I heard myself say, “It speaks to my soul.  And when I am here I can hear my soul speak to me, the connection is so clear.  There is healing power here…”

We turned to leave and when I was about three steps away I heard the voice of my soul say, “Wait!  You forgot your heart of stone!”

I promptly turned and grabbed it off the railing and immediately walked to the man and handed the heart to him.  There was a brief second where both our hands were connected by the heart, which directly connected our souls!  No words were spoken, but everything was said…

I thanked God for this very special meeting as tears welled up and gently slid down my face.  I AM Blessitude that my awareness is so open, and my connection to my soul continues to strengthen.

My dear friends, the gift of this moment was greater than any wrapped present under the tree!


Lorrie <3


(Oh…the image is mine!)

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48 thoughts on “The Things I Take For Granted

  1. What a beautiful thing to read first thing in the morning! Don’t you just love being in the moment fully? I love those brief, “chance” encounters that mean so much.
    I took my really good friend to the ocean for her first time. She kept looking at rocks on the path leading to the sea, and just over the ridge, I said, “Judy, look up!” The expression on her face was priceless.
    Enjoy your feather, and have a wonderful Saturday, Lorrie. Your love shines through!

    1. Hi Mary! Yes!! These beautiful moments of connection are so tender and kind hearted. Just writing this to you, the emotion of it wells up through my whole body and I know that this is how we are supposed to connect to our fellow beings. People can look, near and far, high and low, and outside of themselves for happiness. I wish everyone could feel THIS kind of happiness!! Much love, Mary…I hope all is well ♡

  2. Several years ago my husband found a pinkish colored heart shaped rock on the beach and gave it to me. I still have it, it’s one of my treasures. I love the ocean and feel so bad for those who have never seen it….they don’t know what they’re missing!

    1. Hi Lorrie 😉 I so love that you have a heart rock!! And that you treasure it so. I have a feeling the man I gave it to may treasure his also as it will always be a reminder of the first time he saw the ocean. I’m with you…I wish everyone could be near the ocean! Oh…and you might like that I woke up to a Giraffe in the yard this morning!! (Hehe…Disney’s Animal Kingdom…he was supposed to be there 🙂

  3. Birds of feather flock together 😉 ♥♥♥
    -Wonderful poem, wonderful lesson as usual… your friend, Fre’de’ric

    1. Thank you my dearest!! 😉 Yes…I was surprised at first…and then I knew that I should never be as we ALWAYS are connected…vibrating at the same level!! Much love ♡♡♡ And your piem is so beautiful ♡

  4. What a wonderful and touching encounter you had Lorrie. Thanks for listening to your heart, sharing the love, and setting a good example for me. I bet you made his day on many levels. Kindness rocks! XD

    1. Kindness does rock, Brad!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind hearted response. I won’t forget the encounter any time soon. It was so cool to see it through his eyes. Hope all is going really well for you, Brad! Lots 9f live ♡

        1. 🙂 🙂 Thanks, Brad!! The funny thing about the art is I made it months ago and then thought about it and decided it would go nicely with this post…meant to be! Have a great week ♡

  5. Lorrie this is a real gem.
    “Strangers connected in nature’s beauty and wonder,
    humans offering love
    in a heart-shaped stone
    passed on for remembrance.”
    So powerful and an experience that I can relate to – which makes it all the more authentic.
    And then:
    “There was a brief second where both our hands were connected by the heart, which directly connected our souls! No words were spoken, but everything was said…”
    My endorphins are kicking in, my mind is feeling easy and excited, my heart, my mind, my body are connected. I feel joy. That’s what you do!

    1. Hi Harlon! Wow!! I adore how you express yourself my friend…I got so happy reading your comment😄 Thanks for your beautiful compliment…if that is what I do it is because I am so blessed to have it happen to me!!! But thank you for saying such wonderful things here. I love when you leave your footprint at my home 😊 Hope all is well with you, Harlon. Have a super duper week💜

  6. I felt this too, like I was right there with you and wanted to dance or skip down the beach at the end. You are a loving ambassador for the ocean, welcoming those who’s awe you affirm. I take her for granted, too, but not as much after reading this story. <3

    1. I can see you twirling in the san, waves lapping at your feet, JoAnna! And it makes me smile from ear to ear 😃 I love the title “ambassador for the ocean!” One of the things I work on daily is to really be aware and to be grateful for all the gifts in my life. I hope no one tires seeing and reading about the sea…because I have a feeling I will write about again…(and again…) 😀 Have a beautiful week 💜

  7. Oh, Lorrie, I can so relate to this gift! We take so many beautiful things for granted that the universe needs to remind us every so often. Wonderful, inspiring post <3

    1. Hi Helen 😃 and yes…the universe has a way of reminding us, doesn’t it? I’m happy this post was uplifting for you. It was so amazing in person, it seems I was able to share a bit of the magic here and for that I am Blessitude 💙 Have a wonderful week, Tiny!

  8. Lorrie, your words so touched my heart.. And It has taken a while for my blurred vision to clear as I welled up too..
    The ocean is such a great healer and I so have missed not going, this year, but know of its wondrous healing gift, just like my woods bring their magic healing gifts to me..
    I can only image the delight from the gentleman who received your heart stone.. The Universe always has a plan, and is constantly nudging us forward when we take heart to listen..
    You listened and knew instinctively that is where they heart would go.. A memory that both will treasure.. And as your souls already knew were destined to meet..

    beautiful Artwork also dear Lorrie.. I feel your own energies constantly growing stronger and a new found inner peace is creeping around your own heart..

    Sending love and Blessings your way.. But Blessings is what you share..
    Love <3 Sue xxxx

    1. Now it’s my turn to wait until my eyes clear!!! Thank you, Sue – your energy made all the emotion well up for me again and I feel such incredible love bubbling from my soul 💜 I also understand the healing of your woods. When I was a child I was lucky to have many, many acres of woods that our home butted up to. I knew them like the back of my hand. I walked them, rode my horse through them, and even tried to ride my girlfriend’s mini-bike through them. It was a place of refuge for me and I unequivocally know that it was integral to my survival during those times!
      Here I go…the tears won’t stop now as I re-read your words about “the new found inner peace creeping around my heart!” I couldn’t have said it any better, Sue. Life has taken some strange twists and turns this past year and the most amazing part of it all is the opening I feel…and it seems the more open I am the more peace there is!!!
      I’m so happy you felt the connection of my experience with the heart stone and the wonderful man I believe I was destined to meet!
      So much love and Blessitude right back to you my friend 💚 Thank you for blessing my day with love and grace!!

      1. Lorrie you truly do not see your soul as I see it.. Sometimes dear friend these storms we pass through are our dark nights.. But Dawn is always going to break once we awaken up to our selves..
        Learning to let go of aspects of ourselves, relationships, and yes objects even. Show us that with each thing we detach from, draws us ever closer to that light which often got so buried deep within. It takes us often more than one life time to understand.
        Yet now dearest Lorrie, many of us need to shift our awareness and expand our hearts and minds to lift them ever higher within our vibration.
        Meaning often those lessons that open our hearts come in thicker and faster and are more acute in their piercing pain.
        But once we understand the Light from which they ALL came, we move into that zone of peaceful acceptance..
        Sometimes I slip back and think I am failing, yet I know they are just reminders telling me I have still a little further on my path yet to travel. But looking back I see how walking those lonely paths within my wood, brought me solace. As I know I am sure many a walk on the beach brought you inner peace my friend..
        Sometimes the Universe just lets us know how far our hearts have come.. And what a gift it gave to you both that day.. melting hearts of stone!…. <3 <3 <3 Love to you dear dear Lorrie.. I thank you for always helping me see truer my own path. xxx

  9. Ah! Thank you beautiful friend! I just love how I feel after reading your words 😃 You made me think that my heart has been wrapped up like a suitcase…locked…but I had the key all along. As I travel I learn I don’t need all the things I thought I needed so I lighten the load. Then other things happen that require me to take more stuff out. With all the opening and ditching of things I no longer need my heart and soul become lighter…and more visible. Visible not only to others…but visible to ME as well! And the more I am able to see the REAL me, untethered by all the STUFF weighing down the suitcase, the more my heart blossoms and the more comfortable I feel in my skin!!!
    Sometimes we need the help of beautiful love souls who have learned these lessons a little sooner. And because they understand the process and indeed are part of a larger whole and understand the significance to humanity, these beautiful love souls help people to see themselves as they really are. You, my wonderfull friend, are a BEAUTIFUL LOVE SOUL, and I thank you for holding my hand on this incredible journey 💜💜💜 I now will walk through this day with so much more love in my heart and I will be open to possibilities. BLESSITUDE 🌸

  10. What a wonder-filled encounter Lorrie. As we open to new beginnings and live in gratitude, I have found more and more soul encounters appear in our lives. And then I come back to the realization that we all have this ability to connect like this. After all, as Sue would say “We all share the same light”.
    Let it shine Lorrie ✨

    1. 🙂 Yes, Val! I love that you called it a ‘soul encounter’ because that is exactly what it felt like! And to have the knowledge that we ALL have this ability is like a super hero power!! Sending lots of love ♡♡

  11. I love how the discovery of the sea turned people back into children– gave them the excuse to share in the wonder of things. And I love how little hunches and heart prickles can tie us together and bring the experience of this wonder into being. I would say that seeing the ocean for the first time can be a game-changer, as well as discovering the beautiful people who live alongside it!


    1. Don’t you just love ‘game changers?’ It’s like every time I climb a rung on the spiritual ladder, every time I get to know more about myself to the point of every thing I knew before no longer makes sense, the game of life is changed for me. And yes, Michael, ‘hunches and heart prickles’ (I LOVE THAT!!) can be such beautiful moments for us. I look back and I know that when I was too busy living and listening to my ego I must have missed so many of those beautiful moments! Thank you my friend, for your kind words and for the light you shine in the world ♡♡

    1. Aw…thanks Inese! I know you have struggles…but I also know you are a very strong soul. And life is full of peaks and valleys. Thank you for offering your kindness here, I appreciate you! ♡

  12. What an incredibly special piece of writing! That story truly bought tears to my eyes as you are so right – I love the ocean and can’t imagine never having the opportunity to experience that sense of beauty, freedom and sounds.. Thank you for the reminder of how lucky I am! x

    1. Hi Wendy! I’m so happy that my story gave you a little reminder 🙂 We can so easily forget how special some things are to us because they just “are” and we can take them for granted. The beauty of the ocean has always been special to me, but to see it for the first time through that man’s eyes was such a huge reminder! Of course…Hurricane Matthew is making my beloved somewhat angry and is going to move dangerously close to my coast!! That is when the power of my magnificent beloved can become frightening!
      Thanks for your comment and have a wonderful day!!

      1. Gosh Lorrie.. That’s when you realise that no matter what we ‘humans’ do, we can’t really ever beat the wonderful force of nature.. even when it is scary! I hope you aren’t too badly affected.. Good luck!!! Hope you have a brilliant day that isn’t too worrying.. xx

  13. Beautiful thoughts within in this poem, “He was not child, perhaps a man in middle age and his excitement at seeing
    something he had never seen in his entire life…” ~ these are the little gifts that life will never tire of giving us. The key is perhaps to make sure we engage enough with the world to witness such gifts, and never take things for granted.

    1. Oh…that’s the key alright…wonderful! Yes…we must engage! As south Florida prepares for this Hurricane there are such mixed emotions…everyone is afraid…but everyone connects on a level that they just don’t normally do!! Hunkering down…expecting the best 😉

  14. Thank you Lorrie for sharing your beautiful heart touching experiences both with finding the Heart Stone and with offering it as a gift.

    God’s Creation has His Signature everywhere which is Love, perhaps Lorrie you would enjoy the Valentine messages I Posted which also shows His Love Signature in flowers and shells, I will leave the links in case you would.

    Flowers –

    Shells –

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

    1. Thank you, Anne! I so appreciate that you gave me these links and hope that others may see them here and click on them. I am so grateful to be able to share what is in my heart here on my blog! There was a time that I didn’t even know what a blog was…how my heart has opened since finding my place here. And I thank you for taking your precious time and sharing it here. Many beautiful blessings ♡

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