The Things I Take For Granted


His eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning.

Better than any wrapped present under a tree,

the rolling ocean, on a gray day,

looked thirteen shades of green

against a back drop of

deep purple clouds full of rain.


He was not child,

perhaps a man in middle age

and his excitement at seeing

something he had never seen in his entire life

had a child-like vulnerability

that was easy to fall into.


Strangers connected in nature’s beauty and wonder,

humans offering love

in a heart-shaped stone

passed on for remembrance.


The hard and the soft,

the remembered and the forgotten,

the future and the past,

all captured in a moment.

A Yellow Feather fell into my life!


I don’t think that I have ever thought about how many people in the world have never seen the ocean.  Thinking about it now I see that it may be possible that there are more people who have never seen it than people who have!  The things I take for granted!

I’ll never forget this chance meeting and the sharing of our souls in that moment.  And I will always love how the universe offers us gifts when we least expect it.

The perfectly heart-shaped stone that seemed to be surrounded in light, caught my eye as I walked on the beach that morning.  I walked past it because it didn’t measure up to the “incredible shell” status I have limited my beach finds to, as I have limited space in which to display them.

But then I heard a voice from my chest area (the place I know I should pay attention to) and it said, “But it’s a perfect HEART!”  Obediently, with full agreement, I turned and walked the three steps back to the stone, just as a wave was coming; possibly to take it back to the depths of the sea, never to be seen again.

I set the stone on the railing as I turned to wash the sand off my feet.  That is when I met the two gentlemen.  The one man couldn’t wait to tell us that this was the first time his friend had ever seen the ocean!

I was so excited to be able to share this experience with them.  I took their photos and tried to sum up the power of the sea and what it means to me.  I heard myself say, “It speaks to my soul.  And when I am here I can hear my soul speak to me, the connection is so clear.  There is healing power here…”

We turned to leave and when I was about three steps away I heard the voice of my soul say, “Wait!  You forgot your heart of stone!”

I promptly turned and grabbed it off the railing and immediately walked to the man and handed the heart to him.  There was a brief second where both our hands were connected by the heart, which directly connected our souls!  No words were spoken, but everything was said…

I thanked God for this very special meeting as tears welled up and gently slid down my face.  I AM Blessitude that my awareness is so open, and my connection to my soul continues to strengthen.

My dear friends, the gift of this moment was greater than any wrapped present under the tree!


Lorrie ❤


(Oh…the image is mine!)

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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

48 thoughts on “The Things I Take For Granted

  1. Very touching story and poem. I’m not in a poetic mood as your story is, but I certainly loved the scenes you painted with words and the one you attached to this post.


  2. What an incredibly special piece of writing! That story truly bought tears to my eyes as you are so right – I love the ocean and can’t imagine never having the opportunity to experience that sense of beauty, freedom and sounds.. Thank you for the reminder of how lucky I am! x


    1. Hi Wendy! I’m so happy that my story gave you a little reminder 🙂 We can so easily forget how special some things are to us because they just “are” and we can take them for granted. The beauty of the ocean has always been special to me, but to see it for the first time through that man’s eyes was such a huge reminder! Of course…Hurricane Matthew is making my beloved somewhat angry and is going to move dangerously close to my coast!! That is when the power of my magnificent beloved can become frightening!
      Thanks for your comment and have a wonderful day!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gosh Lorrie.. That’s when you realise that no matter what we ‘humans’ do, we can’t really ever beat the wonderful force of nature.. even when it is scary! I hope you aren’t too badly affected.. Good luck!!! Hope you have a brilliant day that isn’t too worrying.. xx


  3. Beautiful thoughts within in this poem, “He was not child, perhaps a man in middle age and his excitement at seeing
    something he had never seen in his entire life…” ~ these are the little gifts that life will never tire of giving us. The key is perhaps to make sure we engage enough with the world to witness such gifts, and never take things for granted.


    1. Oh…that’s the key alright…wonderful! Yes…we must engage! As south Florida prepares for this Hurricane there are such mixed emotions…everyone is afraid…but everyone connects on a level that they just don’t normally do!! Hunkering down…expecting the best 😉


  4. Thank you Lorrie for sharing your beautiful heart touching experiences both with finding the Heart Stone and with offering it as a gift.

    God’s Creation has His Signature everywhere which is Love, perhaps Lorrie you would enjoy the Valentine messages I Posted which also shows His Love Signature in flowers and shells, I will leave the links in case you would.

    Flowers –

    Shells –

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


    1. Thank you, Anne! I so appreciate that you gave me these links and hope that others may see them here and click on them. I am so grateful to be able to share what is in my heart here on my blog! There was a time that I didn’t even know what a blog was…how my heart has opened since finding my place here. And I thank you for taking your precious time and sharing it here. Many beautiful blessings ♡


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