What’s the Worst Thing that Can Happen?


Q.  What’s the worst thing that can happen?



Nothing is the worst thing that can happen…

Not Doing

Not Trying


Standing in the center of nothing and being swallowed whole

As the vortex chokes

And I sob with the memory of all my nothings

When I look back over my life

I realize the times I did “NOTHING”

and I can feel hands tighten on my neck

and I struggle to breathe


it’s always the culprit!

I have been conditioned to stand in the center of NOTHING

Gripped with the fear that if I do SOMETHING

it won’t be enough;

It won’t be the right SOMETHING,

therefore, it’s better to do NOTHING

and stand like a cement pillar

and watch my life move by!



That is my word for 2018.

That is my plan for “ACTION.”

I am going to do SOMETHING!

In fact, I plan to do a lot of “SOMETHINGS!”

Will the fear raise its ugly head and reach with taloned fingers for my throat?




As we begin this new year, I wish you all the strength and courage to put your doubts to rest and to make a commitment to do ALL OF THE SOMETHINGS that live in your soul!



Lorrie <3



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52 thoughts on “What’s the Worst Thing that Can Happen?

    1. Ah! Thanks, Lisa 🙂 (Giant smile!)
      I think that is a great way to view it!
      The opposite of fear is love…yes? So this makes perfect sense.
      Thank you for the beautiful blessings. I know that 2018 will hold some remarkable moments…and I wish the same for you!!
      Sweet blessings <3

    1. Thanks!! It seems so silly to have fear and yet it comes at the most unexpected times. I am taking action…and I think…no matter what it won’t be as fearful as doing NOTHING!!
      <3 <3

  1. Congrats on your commitment to making changes and taking action in spite of fear. I have very similar patterns and am intending to live differently this year. The quandary is whether I need more action or more surrender to life. 🙂
    May courage and commitment keep you moving forward. Big hugs and blessings for 2018 Lorrie!

    1. And that is a quandary, Brad! I think, at least for me, that if I stay true to what I hear from my soul then those are the actions I should take. It gets messy when we allow judgments from others to interfere with what we know is truth.
      Here’s to being able to take action when we know it is truth…and surrendering when we’ve done what we can!
      Happy New Year!!

  2. Oh dear Lorri, your words I know exactly about because I live with one who lives in fear of doing something wrong opting to do nothing. There have been periods in my life I have done nothing as well. But… I feel very strongly those e were meant for me to do nothing. It’s all in perception, interpretation, and the wisdom to understand what really is going on. Once you jump into action you will never regret it that I do promise you! Much Love to you this day! 💕🎉💕

    1. Thanks, Amy! You brought me back to another thing that I truly believe…and that is that everything happens exactly when it is supposed to! So for all the times I did NOTHING was when I was supposed to do NOTHING! And now is the perfect time to do SOMETHING 😉
      Lots of love 💜💜

      1. Since my triple Loss a few months back, Lorrie, I came to halting screech at one point, just doing NOTHING. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t function, and then the shocks kept on coming with what all my “family” did. I was brought up “Don’t waste God’s precious time” so for me to not do anything, goes against most of who I am today. I learned by slowing down, doing nothing, and allowing what IS just to unfold, I had the chance to recover and slowly come back to life again. Now that the “time” has come for me to do something , I have as my reality a raging blizzard with frigid temperatures. So, again here I am just itching to do something and nope, still not the time. *sighs* I catch up on my cleaning and talk to my friends in the meantime. (smile) There you go! We MUST stop feeling guilty when we do nothing. And we MUST have the Wisdom to again start to do something when the time arrives. (((HUGS))) Amy

        1. Thanks, Amy! Don’t get me wrong…I can be a fan of doing NOTHING…in fact I just had a small vacation where I did just that!
          I think my post was more to the point of when I get a particular project in mind and then I let self-doubt and fear…and years of being conditioned to think what I do is not worthwhile…and then instead of DOING IT…I do NOTHING!
          It never feels good to be talked out of following your life purpose because, as you put it “family” needs you to believe you are something other than what you truly are (phew…i take a breath!) 😉
          I’m pretty sure you know what I mean!!
          Much love dear one…remember that you can still plan…even if you can’t execute 😉

          1. I get you, Lorrie. I understand about doing nothing because of fear. Been there too. No worries. We all get the hang of this thing we call life eventually. Or at least I hope we do. 😉

    1. Thanks, Kim! How freaking wonderful would it be if everyone could ignore their fear and just do it…whatever the “it” may be!!
      Blessings for a super 2018!!

    1. Ah! I love it, Lilka😁 It seems rather silly to listen to doubt when the opposite thoughts would see us creating our heart’s desire!!
      Many blessings to you in all that you do…and if you ever need a nudge…LET ME KNOW!! 😉

  3. Profound and thought-provoking words, dear Lorrie. I particularly love the excellent advice to “make a commitment to do ALL OF THE SOMETHINGS that live in your soul!”. Thank you, Lorrie. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Isabella!! 😁 I’m so happy you found those particular words spoke to your soul!! It reminds me of the saying not to let your music die inside you!
      Thank you for adding your energy here. I hope this first week of the new year is a great one for you!

  4. So many want to change or are stuck as you say conditioned there is nothing we can do. I have been stuck many times with that noose at my neck or knife in my back. I have always had the attitude do not push me into a corner because I will come out fighting for my survival. It is a must try different approaches, ask for good people to be brought in who may be in a better position to help with the issues. Keep striving to succeed do not give up as this is what those who wish you ill want. The more you wish to take action the more you will see the truth in people who were trusted friends fall by the wayside. Many blessings to you Lorrie for 2018 this year is a good one for those who have strived.

    1. So happy to see your new space…I tried to sign up and leave a message…but I am not receiving the verification link and it won’t let me respond with out it. It is a redirected email from WP…so sometimes it takes a while to get through.
      Many blessings to you on your new venture…I should receive your posts…and can’t wait to read <3

  5. Dear Lorrie, this post came at a time when it gave me the power and strength that I needed. I think that is what you are able to do for others, and I hope the light stays strong, and you experience the inner-power and inner- strength that you evoke. Love, always, Harlon

    1. Touch my heart…and my soul, Harlon! My dear friend, nothing makes me happier than to know that I could help you 💜
      I know the struggles you face, and I also know that sometimes it is just necessary to check out…and do NOTHING. And that is okay because I believe, ultimately, we have to take care of ourselves…even when we don’t know WHY we must do a certain thing.
      I am sending so much love your way…a giant hug…the kind where I don’t let go until you are ready to let go 😉

  6. Oh Lorrie, I so agree with you that the fear is always the culprit. I remember writing a poem some 15 years ago about standing by the side of the road watching life rush by…without participating in it in “the now”. I love your plan of Action and wish that 2018 will bring you love and contentment. Many hugs. Helen

    1. Wow Helen! Amazing you can remember sitting and writing that poem so many years ago! Powerful emotion that fear is!
      If I sit and analyze fear I realize how ridiculous it is. I hooe to stay in the energy of belief and to keep moving forward.
      Sending you sweet blessings my friend. 💜

  7. Stupid old fear. Yes, it keeps us safe sometimes, but sometimes it gets too full of itself. I’m seeing those old bony fear fingers being brushed away by shimmering angel wings. Angels there to lift you up when you are ready to take those steps to freedom.

    1. Ah! Yes…on the wings of Angels 😁😁
      Thanks for adding your energy here and thanks for the support, Joanna! I hope you soar and do all the things that your heart desires!

    1. Hi Ka!!! Thank you my friend. I’m so happy this resonates with you and I wish this new year, 2018, is full of adventures of love and light!! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your footprint here <3

    1. Hi Sue! Thanks my friend 😁 I appreciate your support so much. And I take your words to heart. I hope that you are well and busy knocking things off your own to do list!! Many blessings 💜

      1. Yes, trying to get my intentions into order Lorrie, which is why WP has been taking more of a back seat recently.. Good to hear from you and hope all is well with your too xxx <3 Hugs

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