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backdrop of summer

days gone by

the lonely heart grieves

days gone by

a man in a tie

we point and laugh

I gasp in disbelief

swim to the last barrel

a member of the club

fear the size of the surf

7th avenue

it WAS heaven

a slice of my life

times that were free

talked about everything

that ever meant anything

dry my eyes

the pain taken away

never looked back

saw you swimming

in a hurricane

destructive storm

tore the landscape of our past

destructive life

ripped the heart out of your chest

never been more sorry

than the pain I felt from you…

I did not know

too much to

bare your soul

drowning in the loss

swimming out to sea

wishing the current

would just take you


my heart

and soul

have never left you

endless hours crying

and wishing I could hold you

My Dear friend


Oh, how we could sit for hours, baking in the sun. Talking never got old.

Do you know that you were my best friend?

You helped me through such a dark time in my life. It was like you knew that if you didn’t make me talk, every single day, that I just might have left…gone on to different pastures.

And I don’t even know if I ever thanked you.

And then there was a time when I could have done the same for you…and I didn’t.

I have forgiven myself for a lot of things, but no…not that one.

And it seems to just say I’m sorry to you wouldn’t be enough.

But I am.


Our chairs are now empty, as are parts of our hearts.

But know that in the landscape of my life you have always been right up there at the top!

The one with no secrets…

The one with so many answers…

The one who tried to talk sense into me…

But I never listened!

I wonder now if you caught on and started to tell me what you thought I SHOULDN’T do…?


I have always loved you.

And I have always known that you love me.

I miss you ❤


Lorrie ❤



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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

35 thoughts on “LONELY CHAIRS

  1. Our soul is the best reminder and timing of what we must do, painful and sad memories often bubble to the surface along with the happy. Timing of this is so important, I often ask why now and not before. Beautiful and always soulful words. Your memories of a beautiful soul. Whether here or in the Divine they will receive and see these words, thoughts and feelings. Blessings always with you.

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    1. Thank you for your heartfelt message that is full of compassion! Yes…I think you have something here about the timing…it is an important factor for understanding all that is being presented. And I also agree these words will he seen by those written for. Hope you have a beautiful day ♡

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  2. What a beautiful post…touched me as I thought back through the people God has put into my life at specific times for specific reasons…embrace that aspect and as Brad said…be gentle to yourself!! Best to you!!

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  3. This was written from deep within your heart dear Lorrie.. I know how special a deep friendship is and how a broken one breaks our hearts.. Know too that it is also a two way experience.. And lessons are not always as we see them upon the surface..
    We are all given the chance to heal from these second encounters.. ( reading more from your comments. ) And forgive me if I recount a personal experience here Lorrie… I know from my own experiences with my Mother who didn’t speak to me for 10 yrs.. In the months before her sudden death.. We bumped into each other around a corner in our Town.. I spoke, asking how she was, It was her choice to turn and almost run without speaking back in the opposite direction.. The Universe gave her that chance to heal wounds.. Sadly she turned away from it..
    But it also showed me that the Universe was also telling me.. Nothing I could do would change her stubborn streak.. And that it had given me a chance in my own way to know I had tried my best throughout the whole 10 yrs of reaching out..
    Knowing within ourselves the Love we have always held for our family and friends how ever Life twists us to part .. That Inner Knowing about doing our best, and you should not think any less of yourself for the emotional journey it took you through.
    For all things are for purpose as we expand and grow from each experience we set ourselves to encounter..
    And your friend will know on that Soul Level your true heart my friend..

    Love and Healing thoughts dear Lorrie..
    Sue xxx ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. First, dear Sue, please let me thank you for sharing something so personal and so poignant here on my blog. It is a very meaningful event in your life that has obviously caused great pain, but along with that – great healing. The fact that you share that kind of transformation helps all who read it. It is like a shining beacon that healing is possible for all! And you and I both know that that is TRUTH! The pain is an opening of our heart space that allows us blossom with LOVE!!
      You are also correct that this post was written from a very deep place in my heart. It was not planned…it was something that happened that day and I did not rest until I got it out. I am hopeful that my friend found it, but as you stated it does not matter if these actual words were read. We both know our place in each other’s lives and as you said, at the soul level-all is known!!
      Much love to you. Thank you for the beautiful energy you share. I am so very grateful for our connection ❤ ❤

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