My mind plays a time when we were young and carefree

We chased our dreams into the deadend that became my life

The hollow abyss

With no emotions

No yearnings

No feelings

No thoughts of a better time

Deeper and deeper I dug a hole in the consciousness of my evolution

The deeper you fall the harder you land

The longer the ride to the top

Drive forward…raise up

Don’t slip back

Like a roller coaster catching gears

The fear grips me

To know that there is the magnificent life I have missed

Brings a tear of sadness

That permeates my soul

I cry for the lost time

I weep for the lost child

But I don’t stay there long

Climb the ladder of the day

Of my life

I was cradled in His love the whole time

For how could I know who I was until I knew who I wasn’t?

That is what these days are for

That is what the ladder rungs of misery were there for

They showed me the depth of my soul

They showed me who I am

Who I have always been

Who I have always wanted to be

So I rise and I climb higher

To my purpose

Which is to know me

Really really know me

And to connect to my universal soul

The soul of all creation

The soul of all humanity

The soul of God




Written 5/30/14

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15 thoughts on “Climb

  1. So gorgeous Lorrie!! 🙂 I love your writing! I am so happy that you have connected to God through your divine soul, I do believe our soul is our bridge to heaven, and that heaven holds the Love that we are all a part of, The Love we have come from and going back to 🙂 If we can keep this channel open, make sure there is no disturbance or blockage, then we are living from our soul, and in that way we are living our puprose, and our whole life becomes a prayer, a devotion to Love 🙂

    1. Can I make a giant smile…and a giant heart here…? I will have to settle for normal size 🙂 ♡♡♡
      You have such wisdom in your soul and you are able to express it with gracious beauty. Sweet soulsister…Thank You!! You make my heart sing! Much love to you!! Blessitude ♡♡

  2. Wonderful. Love that line :”For how could I know who I was until I knew who I wasn’t?” So very wise. This has given me something to think and ponder on today. Thank you.

  3. Lovely Lorrie. Beautifully expressed, and great story, tribute and inspiration to keep on “climbing” up the ladder, which I feel is really a love story, falling in love with our essence and the oneness of life. blessings,

    1. Oh Brad! You are so connected…I could not have described it better. The place I was in…am in…When I wrote it..and now. It has been a long journey but love has been the key…and feeling our connection to each other!! Bravo…Thank You!!! ♡♡♡

  4. Such serenity through simplicity of your words which ooze into my soul like passion!! Absolutely love this:)
    Love Zara

    1. Thank you Laurie…I understand that because much of what you write feels so familiar to me!! The healing is a beautiful thing. I am happy we have each other to walk with!! (And THANK YOU..Writing this response I was inspired with three poems!) Much love and many blessings…Lorrie

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