7 thoughts on “Haiku ~ 6/6/14

  1. Oh, Lorrie, my goodness, first what a goregous and meaningful Haiku!! I love it! Second, I just, like 2 hours ago, wrote a poem with “my shadow” in it!! I will post it later. We must be tuned in to the same channel 🙂 🙂 Hihi! 🙂 🙂 How extraordinary!!! 🙂

    1. Wow!!! I had many choices of what I would post today. And like any other day I let spirit lead me…I never question it…I just post what “feels” right. The fact that you wrote a post with your shadow …well…I’m not sure what to say!! Who are we to question something that is so divinely guided! ♡♡♡ It would seem that we truly are soulsisters…connected…together. And I couldn’t think of a lovelier soul to be connected to!!! We are so far away in distance…but there is no space between souls. You have your side of the world covered and I have mine! Shall we spread our love and compassion that will meet in the middle..and spill over!!

      You are probably in sweet slumber having a dream of fairies right now. I wish I had read your comment sooner today…but we are driving to New Jersey..1200 miles…and I just finished my driving and checked my phone. When you awake it will be my turn to sleep…and then I will wake and see your shadow!! 🙂
      Maybe we are each other’s shadow!!!
      Much love to you!!

      1. Dearest Lorrie, I will send you the poem, I decided not to post it on my blog. But I thought I would let you read it 🙂 Happy Saturday to you!! 🙂

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