A Loud Booming Bellow


In the darkness

I sit alone


No sounds

No movement

Just a direct connection to my spirit…to my soul

A time to take solace

A time to examine

Look hard at the questions

Sit still and wait for enlightenment




I come away with the idea that the break was needed

That there wasn’t enough of a connection to the things that matter

That I was caught up in the wheel of life and I didn’t honor the path

The Way

The life that I am creating

The life that I want to live


So a self imposed exile was in order

A defined time out

A body that took control and said, “Hey, pay attention!”

With the little signs ignored

It had no choice but to make me sit up and take notice


No…it would not allow me to go back to old established patterns

Years of neglect

Unbelievable abuse

My body took the brunt of the emotional turmoil for years

It felt the pain that my mind couldn’t handle

It had its fill of silently suffering

Playing the martyr

Once strong and healthy it had a voice


One that could not be ignored


It has been a tough week

But I am starting my walk to the light that I see

Step by step

I cleanse my heart

My Mind

My Soul

My Body

I lay gratitude at my feet

I am filled with love and respect

I honor the relationship of mind, spirit, body

That even though tested

Will never be broken


A triumvirate connected




I has been a very tough, painful week.  A massive sinus infection persisted through two doctors and two medications and eventually landed me in the emergency room begging for relief from the pain.

A very dear friend…my Soul Mate…wrote to me and said, “Imagine it is a ‘test’ to verify your ‘inner’ sun is able to shine even when the weather is bad.”

The next morning I woke early and walked up to the ocean.  I thought the morning birth of my outer sun would spark my inner rays to reach out and cover my heart.  For once stimulated…gently nudged…the hearts vibrations can not be stopped.


The peaceful lapping of the waves reflecting the colors of the sky washed over my soul.  I could feel my inner child being held safe in the arms of love.


I thought about life.  I looked around, in fact did a complete turn to take the whole morning in.  And to my surprise, standing behind me was the waning gibbous moon that had been full of blood just the day before.


And in that moment I connected to the moon, to the earth, to the ocean, to the tides.  I felt the rhythm of life inside me and I wanted to dance. 


Yes…and somehow in the daybreak, what was broken started to repair.

❤ Lorrie

Thank you my friends.  Your well wishes and support during this painful time is appreciated more than I can possibly put into words.  So I send you a message from my heart ❤

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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

81 thoughts on “A Loud Booming Bellow

  1. A gorgeous happening to share, Lorrie! I knew you were feeling better, but I was looking back in your posts and found this as something I had missed. Glad I read it. It’s very life-affirming and shows a natural connection between our emotional make-up and the wondrous earth and all the things God has put in it for us to enjoy!

    Have a great day…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad to hear from you as always, Lorrie! Hope you will have some time to write soon. Enjoy your sister’s visit and the rest of your day!

        God’s love and comfort to you and yours,
        TTL 🙂


    1. Hi Kim….the fact that you thought of me makes me so happy!! Because I have less time to devote to my blog that I love….I have decided not to participate in awards any longer 😦 But I thank you so much for nominating me!! 🙂 ❤


  2. I hope you have recovered now from the worst. Well, I’m not that poetic with medical matters since I have to deal with medical histories of different patients very often, and whatever you do, please pay attention to signs your body gives you. While pain is a big suffering and we are seeing it as such, it’s also one of the strongest protective mechanisms of our body. Any pain indicates you should pay attention because it contains message for further action. I believe you are out of the worst stage, it is time to strengthen the immune system more than ever not to get some recurrent condition. If you were taking strong antibiotics you could consider some probiotics at the moment, like fermented milk, etc. Simple herbal tea is very good, too, especially the old chamomile, rose hips, dried apples and things like echinacea tincture. Your writing is always thoughtful, and in order to keep writing like that you probably have to pamper and take better care of your body since it is a house for our souls.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Inese…Thank you so much for your thoughtful suggestions. ..and for your advice about listening to my body! Yes…everything you said is true and I need to “listen” better. 🙂 I am working on my immune system…taking probiotics…and love your suggestion of echinacea ticture. I loved seeing your latest posts…and do wish we lived near each other…I would love to go to your studio!! Much love ❤


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