So Vulnerable


Thoughts on a page

Words from my heart

Fear trembles when life is in the balance

Should I stay or should I leave

Go where I am loved or loved more

Watch over me while I sleep

Eyes move rapidly, thoughts behind your mind

What is it you see in the movie that plays

You can’t be so vulnerable

And your patience was teetering

I saw the bubbles of anxiety rising higher


Filling space

It is only a matter of time

And words you have never spoken

Would never speak

Start on your lips

And almost make it to the air

But something stops you

Something does not allow you to let it pass

But then the release that would have been there is gone in a fleeting moment

And boiling emotion is flying out of your pores

You can’t hold back

You let it fly

You let it out and the earth shakes

Your pressure is relieved but then your mind takes over and there is regret


For you would NEVER do that

Embarrassment takes over and there is shame

But it was real

And it was needed and necessary

It was a moment in time

And a moment gone

A moment remembered only if you want to

A moment forgotten if you need to




Written 5/16/14



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11 thoughts on “So Vulnerable

    1. Thanks Louise!! Yes…I guess that is part of forgiveness. ..isn’t it?
      I read your post today…I took the links to the newspaper article…and then the day got away and I never got back to leave you a message…so I hope you don’t mind if I do it here. I am so proud of you! What a lovely article…they captured your beautiful, loving spirit. I wish we lived closer because I would always attend wherever you were speaking …or showing art! 😉

  1. It is beautiful Lorrie!! 🙂 I am little tired today, so I am sliently enjoying your poetry. Thank you! Lots and lots of Love to you! 🙂

  2. Thank you dear Line! Sounds like you made it home after your travels from Singapore…I can imagine that you must be tired! Glad you made it home safely! Glad you are home and we will hear your sweet voice again! Rest up…much love to you!

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