There is a sadness in the air.  Even the birds can sense that humanity is hurting, suffering.


I look and I see mourning, and if not mourning I see fear disguised as anger and prejudice.


The coming together eases it a bit, but I wish in time the souls who are here at any given moment could look in another’s being and recognize we are not very different at all…


We all have a place and a right to live our lives while traveling here together.


The ride would be so much nicer if we were surrounded by love and respect.


Stand and offer your hand to your fellow being.  Recognize that they have pain and struggle and they are just trying to get by.


Recognize that “your way” is right for you, just as “their way” is right for them.  Neither right…neither wrong…just different.


If we could honor that the differences we see make up a WHOLE…they fill the missing pieces, and one is not better without the other…rather we are strengthened when we allow and join…


Then we create THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY, rather than the HOLE IN HUMANITY!



Lorrie <3


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59 thoughts on “THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY

    1. Hi Dennis 🙂 Thank you…and yes…I did create the image. It is a new art form for me…and it is funny to feel vulnerable when I push the publish button because of it. Sending you thoughts of wide open spaces 🙂
      P.s. I love that you left space in your book for thoughts! I read your words and immediately they stimulate words from somewhere, that I am compelled to write down! Thank you for the gift ❤

      1. Thanks for the feedback on the book. I was wondering how all that open space would be received. I thought that image came from you. Would you be ok with me using it for a blog post, giving you credit naturally? If not, I certainly understand.

        1. I would be honored, Dennis 😍 Thank you so much! And yes, I use your book as a daily devotional…receiving your wisdom and being open to what it stirs inside me ❤

            1. And right back to you my friend! Off for a beautiful walk on the beach. On Friday the ocean was flat calm and a manatee followed me my whole walk south!! I went into the water to meet her…it was awesome!! Have a super day, Dennis!

  1. I love that – whole of humanity instead of a hole in humanity. I do think the birds sense our struggle, but we have also created a struggle for them, as their population plummets because of our ways.
    I love your message of love and respect, and reaching out our hands to others, Also that we all have different gifts – none wrong or right.
    Thanks Lorrie!
    Big blessings, love and respect,

    1. Thank you, Mary! I’m so happy to share this feeling with you. I love our community here…it feels so loving and kind. And you are right that we all have different gifts…And we all have different pain. The key I think is to honor and respect the differences…anyway…how boring would it be if we were all exactly the SAME!!
      Thank you for adding your beautiful spirit here …hope all is super in your world ❤

    1. Hi Brad…thanks so much for always offering kind words from your heart! I hope you are settling in and stretching around…and feeling good in the space you are in! Have a wonderful Sunday ❤

  2. Oh, Lorrie, I so agree with these sentiments. All of creation aches for unity, for compassion, for love. So beautifully written and punctuated with your work of art. <3

    1. Hi Susan 🙂 My heart smiles while reading your response. I wish the idea, which really is very simple, was easier for the masses to understand. Here’s to the energy of love expanding through the universe. Have a blessed day…and thank you ❤

    1. Hi Carol!! And because I know your heart and soul are so beautiful…I say a giant thank you!! Have a wonderful day blessed with love and connectedness ❤

  3. So beautiful Lorrie. and I believe that we who believe in ‘the whole’ and see our wholeness as One humanity, who recognize our same kind of differences are our sameness and our wholeness, we shine brighter, shine more fiercely and completely because, LOVE is the answer we share, love is the path we walk, love is our way. And in LOVE, nothing can survive except LOVE.

    Love and light to you my beautiful friend.

    1. Oh Louise…you are feeling it…and anyone who reads your words will feel it too!! Yes, it truly is that simple…I’m reminded of John Lennon’s words, “All you need is love!” The song was light on words but so very heavy in the message! Sending you a giant hug and a wish for your heart to see a place where you can make a difference in someone’s life today! ❤

  4. Sometimes, it seems as if this whole thing works on two levels at once, dear Lorrie, perhaps a bit like Classical and Modern theories of what constitutes the physical world? On the one hand, I see a world increasingly accentuating difference in a rigid polarisation of thought and deed – political, religious, economic – and on the other hand I see us all as incredibly similar, with the same essential motivations and impulses, alive together within a unified and rather beautiful collective. I think both are true within their own terms, and perhaps it is good to hold the two levels at once? That way, perhaps we can be practical in dealing with the very real divisions created in polarised thinking, as well retaining faith in our capacity to live in harmony with one another? H <3

    1. So we honor …everything…? We ALLOW everything to be what it will be and instead of having our head in the clouds of eternal bliss…not recognizing the struggles that are very real…we give love and respect to all? I agree, Hariod. I have been accused of NOT living “in the real world” before and my response used to be that I would rather live only thinking good thoughts and having faith in humanity. And in a way…I guess…that isn’t the real world because there are very real events taking place in many realms that seem to have very powerful energy in them. So like you said it is okay and possibly even beneficial to “hold the two levels at once,” rather than only try to live on the one side and ignore the other. It has been my experience that I don’t ignore things very well 😉 On the other hand I don’t have to DWELL in the other side because harmony feels so much nicer to me 🙂
      Have a beautiful Sunday, Hariod…and a week filled with light ❤

      1. Are you okay with my comment, Lorrie, or are you seeing it as deficient in some way I fail to appreciate myself? I can’t quite read the tone of what you’re saying, but then it is a Full Moon here and my brain is even less helpful than ever! o_O

        1. Ah! More than okay with it, Hariod!! I will have to read my response again…I just responded what I was thinking and did not edit my words…but without reading it over I can say that I agreed with you…that trying to keep myself in only one side has not proven to be helpful…that it is necessary to honor it all…because it all IS and as you said we would be better prepared if we could hold both levels. I will go back and read it…but please know I honor YOU…and even if I ever disagreed with your point of view I would still respect your right to have it 😉
          Oh…and maybe it is the moon 😉 ♡

  5. Yes! Excellent post! We are strengthened by diversity and unity. The picture reminds me of some roses I painted recently, but yours is much more colorful. The world needs all those colors!

    1. I LOVE colors, JoAnna! I think I may get a little carried away sometimes 😉 Thanks so much for your kind words…hope your Monday started with good things 😉 ♡

  6. Bravo! Sweet Lorrie this could have not been better written. How very true your words are. My wish and hope is that some day your words will actually be fact. Love, hugs and blessings dear friend.

    1. Oh, Maggie…ME TOO!!! Thank you so much for bringing your beautiful energy here. I have to believe that the more we all connect in this kind of energy…the more likely it is that we can change the world!! Much love ❤

    1. Yes, Tiny…yes! I’m happy you add your beautiful thoughts and energy here. So sad all the things happening in our neck of the country. Here’s to joy…and to peace…to accompany the love and respect! ❤

  7. It would be nicer, Lorrie… It would take the edge right off! May I suggest the insertion of a few words into one your lines– joyfully– as a rhapsody…: “The ride would be so much nicer if we were aware that we are surrounded by love and respect.” For I do feel that ultimately, we are, and that while on one level you are exactly correct we do not curry this experience or give it always to one another, on another level it is ripe for the plucking… which is to say I take your beautiful point for the experience it is and has been for so many tired souls, and also wish to hold the curtain open that hangs across the threshold between rooms, so we can mingle naturally as we cross from one world to the next… and find our seat at the table has already been placed, and our name etched upon it…

    Much Love

    1. I can see you standing there, Michael, holding the curtain…ushering beautiful souls to their place at the table. I think the sad part is that there are so many people who don’t even know they are invited to the party!! But one by one I see the realization of people coming together…realizing that they belong…understanding that love is the key…the answer…and that they need to start with themselves. Thank you my friend…your words always bless all who read them ♡

  8. Dear Lorrie, I have a feeling that this was inspired by the unfortunate event that happened in Florida? Am I right? At any rate, yes. We meed to respect each and every individual. Regardless of from where we came from, or what we believe. Each of us is worthy of dignity.
    You pretty art piece is a great representative of this writing piece. It just hit me after reading to the end that the art does seem to signify a hold, or even being whole.
    I hope you are well, my friend and having a lovely week so far.
    🙂 <3

    1. Thank you so much dear Staci! Yes…this post was inspired by the massacre in Orlando. Orlando had a tough week…first a girl who was a contestant on the TV show “The Voice” was shot and killed…then the mass shooting at the nightclub…and then a poor little boy was dragged into the lake and killed by an alligator at the Grand Floridian Resort at Disney World!!! Anyway…yes…I drew the art to hopefully resemble both…as you stated…so I am happy you could see that 🙂 Hope all is well with you dear friend! ♡♡

      1. Yes, it does look like Florida has been having a time of upheaval eh. I have seen coverage on the news here, although I did not hear about the little boy killed by the alligator. Wow.
        Yes, I could tell that the art was done to resemble both. I’m so happy that I was able to recognize that.
        Despite the recent happenings, I hope you are well Lorrie.
        Love and blessings, my friend.
        🙂 <3

  9. Powerful and extremely relevant post Lorrie. I just may borrow that “Hole of Humanity” reference. For me, there is more to this than just a senseless crime that stems from a lack of tolerance, there is also the culture of guns in America which continues to manifest itself in the loss of lives of innocent people (often children). Not only is it time to accept and love our differences, it’s also time to disarm hatred. Love, Harlon

    1. YES, Harlon!! DISARM HATRED…I love it 🙂 And once again our Senate just shot down 4 bills about gun control. I know it is a hot topic and very polarizing here in the states, but I personally don’t see a reason that an individual would EVER need an automatic assault weapon!! I personally do not like guns but can appreciate that some people feel the need to own one for protection. In South Florida I am probably one of the few who do not pack heat! I have a friend who was being carjacked and she pulled out her pistol and they backed off. I also borrowed a friend’s car and opened the center console and surprise…there was a giant handgun!! I was so relieved when I gave it back…had I been pulled over I’m sure I could have been arrested! I ramble on…jumping down off my horse…and wishing you a blessed day 😉 Hope you are better than well ♡

  10. There is so much wisdom in your words Lorrie. The image is perfect reflection of the whole.
    A surprising thing is happening for me. I see more goodness and kindness in the world than at any other time. Or course, I don’t listen to the news any more and surround myself with concerned and caring people. Or perhaps it is only a reflection of my inner reality.
    Keep sharing your light 💕

  11. Beautifully said dearest Lorrie.. we are all upon our path, our Earth Journey together and the sooner we understand what we do to others we do to ourselves the better we all move forward upon our pathway of discovery..
    Sending you huge amounts of Love my friend
    Sue xx

    1. Beautifully said, Sue!! A lot of people just don’t seem to get this. I think things turned around for me when I realized this truth…and the opposite also…how we treat OURSELVES is how we treat others…and the Divine!! Much love ❤

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