Take My Hand


The sun is shining so brightly

Take my hand and walk to the beauty

Dance to the music that lives in your heart

Life is here for the taking

Take my hand and we can explore all that you are meant to be

Take your dreams and make them reality

Your reality – your wishes – your secret desires

Take my hand and listen to your heart

It is there – it speaks to you – it always tells you what is true and kind

Take my hand and dare to believe

Believe in your shining soul –  a beautiful magnificent creature of the universe

Take my hand – I will travel with you

To the light – to the sacred – to your destiny.

Blessitude 2/21/14

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Intuitive | Author | Creator | Change Maker | Good Animal

16 thoughts on “Take My Hand

    1. I love the way you worded that, becwillmylife, living with a committed heart. That’s so powerful. I must write that down.


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